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Nando's Digital Personas

  1. 1. Nando’s Digital Personas By Blonde
  2. 2. Where are we now?Social technographics survey summary Personas Scenario design analysis & recommendationsKick-ass digital marketing
  3. 3. Meet the familyPresenting Ami, Jase, Vics, Adam, Mike and Elaine
  4. 4. Retail Assistant. @ Topshop. Manchester.Facebook Diva 19 years old. Lives at home. Facebook? “F***ing love it!” When she’s not out, she’s online: either on her Acer laptop or Samsung Jet. Browser history: ASOS, Top Shop, Facebook, YouTube, MSN Messenger, Spotify, iTunes Anything more heavyweight? Not really, Facebook is now the new TV Facebook profile: 343 friends. 51 photo albums: “Tagtastic”, including video clips from her mobile. 96 groups. 52 pages.
  5. 5. Student. 3rd yr Digital Arts. 21 years old. South London.Urban Analyst Shared flat. Has Gmail account & uses a variety of social tools to help manage his uni work. Works off his Macbook & iPhone. Browser history: eBay, Deviantart, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Liquidpoker, various gaming sites. Anything more heavyweight? BBC News,“new stuff” on Twitter. Online motivation: Uses Twitter & Facebook to track & share “cool sh*t” Spends most of his spare time on YouTube. Visits news sites if there’s something interesting, though also for research for uni.
  6. 6. Sales Manager. 24 years old. Leeds.Facebook Fox Shared flat. Vics has a Blackberry Curve and uses it for“pretty much everything”: Facebook, news, maps & email. Browser history: ASOS, Topshop, Facebook, Trip Advisor, eBay, easyjet & thetrainline (wknds away), iTunes. Anything more heavyweight? BBC, Guardian, various blogs. Online motivation: Keeping in touch with mates on Facebook, arranging nights out & wknds away. Tracks variety of news sites & spends a lot of time on blogs and forums for special offers & trends. Vics also has her own blog.
  7. 7. Business Analyst. 27 years old. Manchester. Just bought his ownWired Up flat. Spends much of his time in meetings, so works from a high spec Sony Vaio & his HTC Hero. Browser history: BBC; YouTube; Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn; Amazon; eBay; Manchester United; Guardian; Times; tech, bus & music blogs; sports; Trip Advisor; Gmail & Google Reader Online motivation: Simply everything. Adams does nothing without researching it online, checking reviews and then sharing it with his wide network of contacts. He prides himself on being the first to know / find out.
  8. 8. Graphic Designer. 29 years old. Brighton. Owns flat with Kate.The Collector Apple devotee, so MacBook & iPhone. Contemplating ordering iPad, but it’s just too much money right now. Browser history: Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, Guardian, BBC, iPlayer, Spotify, football, occasional health & fitness sites Online motivation: Mike has multiple social profiles online, but what really motivates him to log on is the tracking of beautiful things. He bookmarks a wide range of material to inspire his own work.
  9. 9. Domestic goddess & mother of Ben. 31 years old.Simple Life Edinburgh Owns flat with Chris Shares a Toshiba laptop (couple of years old) with Chris. Has a Nokia e71, but uses it only for text & picture messaging. Browser history: Facebook (keep in touch with friends Elaine can’t see), BBC, ASOS, Google (family research), Yahoo Mail, Gurgle, weather,, TripAdvisor, ScotRail. Online motivation: Typically functional; online banking, keeping in touch with friends and family, booking trouble, buying clothes for herself and the family. Planning weekends away and cheap holidays.
  10. 10. Where are we now?Social technographics survey summary Personas Scenario design analysis & recommendationsKick-ass digital marketing
  11. 11. See you very soon.