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Droidcon ppt


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Droidcon ppt

  1. 1. Move as I speakUnderstanding the development of a game that is controlled through voice commands
  2. 2. Agenda Voice recognition in androidImplementing Voice recognition in android Using Android speech input API Using IMEIntegrating Voice recognition in the GameControlling the Game through voice commandsLimitations
  3. 3. Voice Recognition in Android
  4. 4. Voice Recognition in Android Available in android since Android 1.5 . voice recognition can be used only when connected to the internet until Android 4.0.X(ICS) . Voice sent to the cloud which returns an array of results . Voice recognition is available in offline mode in Android 4.1(Jelly bean) . English(US) is given as default language and many other languages are available for download.
  5. 5. Google’s Speech RecognizerGoogle’s Speech Recognizer Google speech ser ver ! Japanese! US English! …! Acoustic Dictionar y! Acoustic Dictionar y! Model! Model! Search Dictation Search Dictation Language Language Language Language Model! Model! Model! Model!
  6. 6. Implementing VoiceRecognition in Android
  7. 7. Android Speech Input API Android’s open platform makes it simple to access Google’s speech recognizer programmatically from your application(or any other recognizer that registers for RecognizerIntent) Simple to Use the API to: • Prompt the user to start speaking, • Stream the audio Googles Servers, • Retrieve the recognition hypothesis
  8. 8. Example Code//called when someone clicks on a button in the app public void onClick(View v) {// create a recognition request Intent intent = new Intent(RecognizerIntent.ACTION_RECOGNIZE_SPEECH);// Set the language model intent.putExtra(RecognizerIntent.EXTRA_LANGUAGE_MODEL, RecognizerIntent.LANGUAGE_MODEL_FREE_FORM);// Send the request to display propmpt, record audio, and return a result intent.putExtra(RecognizerIntent.EXTRA_PROMPT, "Speech recognition demo"); startActivityForResult(intent, VOICE_RECOGNITION_REQUEST_CODE); } // Called when speech recognition is finished protected void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data) { //Get the n-best list ArrayList<String> matches = data.getStringArrayListExtra( RecognizerIntent.EXTRA_RESULTS);//Do something with best result DoSomething(matches.get(bestResult));}
  9. 9. Parameters Language(EXTRA_LANGUAGE), e.g• Ja_jp (Japanese)• en_us (US English) If not set ,then the phones default language is used. Language Model hints(EXTRA_LANGUAGE_MODEL)• Search - Good for short queries, business names, cities. The types of things people search for on Google.• Free Form - For dictation . Sending e-mail, SMS, etc.
  10. 10. Using IMEpublic void onCreate() {super.onCreate(); // Create the voice recognition trigger // The trigger has to unregistered, when the IME is destroyed.mVoiceRecognitionTrigger = new VoiceRecognitionTrigger(this); //register the listener. mVoiceRecognitionTrigger.register(new VoiceRecognitionTrigger.Listener() { @Override public void onVoiceImeEnabledStatusChange() { // The call back is done on the main thread. updateVoiceImeStatus(); } });}
  11. 11. Using IME// Use this method to start voice recognition.mVoiceRecognitionTrigger.startVoiceRecognition(“en_us”);public void onDestroy() { if (mVoiceRecognitionTrigger != null) { // To avoid service leak, the trigger has to be unregistered //when the IME is destroyed. mVoiceRecognitionTrigger.unregister(this); } super.onDestroy(); }
  12. 12. Integrating Voice recognition in the Game Google voice API can not be used for a game because an intent has to be fired every time to fetch the results for every voice command. IME has to be used which provides continuous feed back of the voice commands to the application.
  13. 13. Controlling the game through Voice commands// Called when speech recognition is finished protected void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data) { //Get the n-best list ArrayList<String> matches = data.getStringArrayListExtra(RecognizerIntent.EXTRA_RESULT); //store the best result into a variable which is used as acommand in the game voiceRecognizer.command=matches.get(bestResult));
  14. 14. Controlling the game through Voice commands// Method which is used to render . This method is calledcontinuously in the gamepublic void animRender(Canvas c){ String voiceCommand = voiceRecognizer.command; if(voiceCommand.equalsIgnoreCase("left")) { //do some action } else if(voiceCommand.equalsIgnoreCase("right")) { //do some action }}
  15. 15. Limitations Similar to other assistive technologies, voice recognition systems have their own limitations. The most significant limitation is that they can be inaccurate. You always have to make your voice clear and easy to understand. Lastly, not all persons with motor disabilities can use voice recognition systems.