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Grandma guide


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How to Download Skype

Published in: Education
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Grandma guide

  1. 1. Grandma Guide: How to Download
  2. 2. Click
  3. 3. Use Facebook AccountClick to create Skype Account
  4. 4. 1Enter Email And password2 Press And Click 3 “Go to App”
  5. 5. Choose Allow Or Skip ( I’d Skip)Click
  6. 6. Deselect unless youwant to receive emails Click What your agreeing to Click if you want to read Next Page: Download for Windows Click
  7. 7. Click
  8. 8. Click ContinueDeselect If you Do Not Wish to Download
  9. 9. Deselect unless you want to make changes Click
  10. 10. Wait till it is finished installing
  11. 11. Is the Camera working? 1. Click Click to Hear test sound Say Somethingshould turn green 2. Click
  12. 12. SMILE!!!!Take Picture Choose one and continue
  13. 13. ClickYou’re Done!!!!