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Question 3:
What have you learnt from your audience feedback?
Our Target Audience consists of females between the ages of ...
and Narrative so that we could gain feedback on some of our ideas from our classmates and
teachers. This really helped us ...
regards to the feedback, The Pitch and The Focus Group were the main sources of research that as a
group we gained the mos...
majority of the rest were helpful and positive with comments noting the incorporation of the blue
ribbon and the use of ch...
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Question 3 rachaelmcinerney


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Question 3 rachaelmcinerney

  1. 1. Question 3: What have you learnt from your audience feedback? Our Target Audience consists of females between the ages of 16-35. She’s a clued up female, being either in full time education or working. With a profession such as a primary school teacher, or even a hair stylist. She has an outgoing, confident and bubbly personality, a social butterfly who is always in contact or around her friends, whether just texting them or meeting up to see the latest horror movie, our target audience loves being around her girls. Her family and friends are her main priority; she also loves a night out to let her hair down with her friends or family, as well as a nice meal out with either her partner or friends. Her style is quirky and individual; she likes to stand out from the crowd, with clothes from various shops such as Zara, River Island, Urban Outfitters and Topshop. When choosing a film to watch her favourite would be a horror, she is not a big fan of all the Slasher films, but loves a supernatural/possession horror film. The genre of Supernatural intrigues her, as she is fixated with all things spiritual including Paranormal activities and supernatural experiences; her favourites include; Insidious, The Possession, The Conjuring and many others. She loves the thrill and adrenaline she gets from watching a spine chilling horror as it’s the fear of the unknown and what could actually happen that appeals to her when watching Horrors. When we as a group were first given the task of creating our promotional package, we had to undertake a lot of post-production research to find out as much as we possibly could about the our audience and what they liked and wanted with regards to the genre of Supernatural alongside the sub-genre of Possession. It was important for us as a group carrying out our research as we needed to know what the audience wanted and expected from a Possession horror film. The first thing that we as a group did was make a questionnaire for the basis of our research, this way we were able to distribute it to our Target Audience so we could find out as much about them as possible. Specific parts of the Questionnaire were an advantage learning point for us as we were able to identify for example how often our Target Audience watch horror films, whether they felt that watching the trailer for the film was essential and what parts of the trailer they thought was effective. All these elements helped us to gain an insight into what we needed to feature within our own trailer to engage our audience, leaving them satisfied and wanting to watch the film. After we had some basic information to build upon, we then used a Pitch to get some thoughts from some of our Target Audience; our classmates and teach, where we provided them with a PowerPoint presentation full of existing horror magazines, posters and trailers so we were able to find out which elements they thought was effective. The Pitch also included an introduction to our Target Audience
  2. 2. and Narrative so that we could gain feedback on some of our ideas from our classmates and teachers. This really helped us as a group as we had a few ideas and were stuck with which ones to go for, so by introducing them to others and listening to their thoughts on our ideas it helped us choose our final narrative idea as majority of the feedback was positive, however if there was an idea someone did not like they were honest and told us which also helped improve our ideas as we were then able to see some of our ideas in a different light and see how they were maybe not so effective to the audience’s eye. After allowing the audience to view each piece of media we then asked them particular questions which deepened and expanded our knowledge, these questions depended on the type of media we presented them with. For example when showing them an existing horror trailer representing the genre of Supernatural, we asked them particular questions like what parts they liked and found most effective, what they thought about the text used within the trailer, and also if the type of music that is commonly used within horror trailers are effective, again helping us to move forward with our initial ideas. Once we had gained all of this information, we felt that we were still missing some vital research. Therefore from this, we then decided that the best thing for us to do was to carry out another Questionnaire but this time primarily base the questions a lot more closely to the genre of horror alongside some aspects relating to the sub-genre of supernatural horror and possession. This Questionnaire differed to the previous one we carried out, as this Questionnaire focuses purely on what our Target Audience finds most effective about Horror Film Posters, what promotional methods they find most effective, and what horror fonts they felt were most scary and effective to use on a film poster and magazine; these fonts were provided on the questionnaire for the Target Audience to see and choose their favourite. We generally bases our post production research around the lower end of the Target Audience between the age ranges of 16-20, as seen in our pitch. The lower end of our Target Audience are primarily of the ages of 16-19 as this was the age bracket that were more knowledgeable of the genre of horror as well as eager to participate within our Questionnaires as well as more easily accessible as we ourselves are within that age bracket and felt that with this lower age bracket we were able to connect more easier with them. I found that through the use of thorough research we were able to gain a lot of ideas, and this formed some of our creativity. It also showed me that some ideas that I had already thought of were actually very creative and effective, which helped to build my confidence, but also helped me to try and experiment with new thoughts and ideas. With
  3. 3. regards to the feedback, The Pitch and The Focus Group were the main sources of research that as a group we gained the most confidence from as we were able to find out what was and wasn’t effective and build from it. I felt this was the most effective feedback as I was able to gain from it, realising that some of my ideas were not as well thought out as I thought they were. After we had completed all three promotional pieces, I then uploaded them onto social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to find out just how effective and creative our pieces were. I asked for representatives of our Target Audience to comment so I knew what we had done well and what they thought we should improve. Many of the comments received were very positive and they commented on how we has been able to capture the feel of a Possession film, but also that they felt they were very scary and persuaded them to watch the film. Through the Target Audience being shown our final media pieces, the comments and feedback that were extremely positive, apart from a few spelling mistakes that were noticed but quickly amended,
  4. 4. majority of the rest were helpful and positive with comments noting the incorporation of the blue ribbon and the use of children gave them an insight to the type of horror film we would be representing. The use of colour blue also gave the Target Audience a clear indication that children would be featured around the narrative. There were several comments made about the use of the blue ribbon and how effective it looked on both the film poster and the horror magazine displaying how this was a successful idea which we came up with as a group and incorporated in our narrative. The use of fonts scared some of the target audience as they commented how scary the typography looked as well as how effective it looked again on both on the film poster and horror film magazine. Through the positive feedback we all received it is evident to say that our target audience found our promotional packages extremely effective and would go on to see the film based on what they have seen so far. Elements that they had commented on were things such as the use of colours. Majority of the audience liked the blue coloured theme that we had to create a symbiotic link, they felt it was bod and made our pieces grab attention. The typography was also effective as it was rough and ragged giving off a creepy, scary feel to it. Other things such as the main images themselves were also mentioned as they gained a lot of praise as well as the use of effective editing with the eyes of the child blacked out adding effect to the theme of Possession. In addition to this, there was very little negative feedback, as mentioned previously there were only minor comments noting the spelling mistakes that were all corrected immediately. Some of the other comments suggested that the images were maybe a little too edited but were still extremely effective and engaged as well as persuaded the audience to watch the film, understanding the narrative. After going back and looking at the images again, we discussed as a group whether we should tone down the editing a little to give it a more realistic feel to it and after a discussion we did so, still leaving some edits there to give the feel of a realistic, yet possessed looking child. It was hard to find the balance so that the Poster did not look too over edited that it looked fake, but we felt we had the right balance in the end. Cannot add section about trailer as only done first draft – waiting to get feedback from you then show our target audience.