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My evaluation rach

  1. 1. Eval uationBefore starting my research and planning, I researched into many types ofmagazines so that I could familarise myself with common features used.Examples of magazines I looked at were Vibe and Cosmopolitan. I choseto look at these two as Vibe is an RnB music magazine which is the genreof music I chose to reflect my magazine upon, and Cosmopolitan becauseit’s a very successful women’s magazine so I looked at this in preparationfor my research and planning in order to give me ideas. By looking atthese magazines It gave me the knowledge of common conventions usedthroughout all types of magazines such as there is always a Masthead,which is the name of the magazine. This is always bold and big to createan eye-catching effect on the readers making it stand out. The main imageis always the model/artist on the front this being the main feature of themagazine, taking up almost the whole page of the front cover in amedium shot. Sometimes there is a strapline which will give readers theopportunity to win things, special offers available and many more. A bar
  2. 2. code is also another common convention on magazines in which I madesure I had when it came to creating my front cover.After I had got familiar with magazines, I decided the genre of music Iwould like to base my music magazine around in which it was RnB. Ichose this genre because I listen to this genre of music the most and havea keen interest in the artists of this genre. I felt also that as a listener ofthis genre I would know what fans would want in an RnB musicmagazine such as the artists that would feature within it. It also gave me aclearer understanding of what my target audience would want to see in amusic magazine.In what ways does your media product use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real media products?There are many features that have been used within my media products inwhich can be identified through my work. By doing the correct researchwithin the genre of RnB for my music magazine, I have been able to trulyidentify the features and conventions needed in order to achieve arepeated layout and design in all my media products, in order to create acontinued brand identity. On front covers of magazines there is usuallyalways the name of the artists that are going to appear within the issue aswell as other information however the information is minimal and notfeatured in a banner or puff but is just simply placed around the mainimage on the coloured background creating a sense of authority anddominance for the artist featuring on the front. This is also done increating a simple layout. An example of this is in the Vibe issue inOctober/November of 2012 of Kesha.
  3. 3. I have chosen to use all these features within my media products toportray to my chosen target audience that authority and dominance is abig part of the RnB industry of today. The readership acknowledges thatmen in the RnB music industry are portrayed as dominant characters andthe women are commonly presented as sex objects. Examples of frontcovers where women are displayed as sexual objects are shown below. Ihave chosen to present my model as a type of sex object in the poses thatshe carries out but also in the costume and make up such as the red lipsbeing the colour of passion, love and sex however I have not presentedmy model in an extreme sexual way as some other RnB artists do, this isbecause she is a new upcoming artist who wants to carry a sensual lookyet with confidence and an aim for success. I have used the colour red onmy magazine and on my model to emphasize this sex object image. ARnB music video with exemplifies this idea of women being presented assex objects is clearly demonstrated through the video by Christina Milian‘whatever you want I got it’. I have also chosen to place all my textaround my main image on the front cover to show the readership that as amagazine we are experienced and knowledgeable creating a bond with itsreaders.(you tube video)Within each of these three issues of Vibe, these women have been clearlypresented as sex objects through the use of costume and poses in whichall three will draw attention to its readers making these three issuessuccessful creating direct address with its individual readers thus creating
  4. 4. a bond. In the third front cover Beyonce has been photographed as wet,wearing tight clothing whilst posing in a very provocative manner, in thefirst front cover, Kesha is standing with a seductive facial expression asshe stands suggestively with her mouth open with her right handclutching her breast in a tight dress, drawing attention to male audiences.In the second front cover Keri Hilson is posing in a sexy police uniformcostume with her left hand placed over her head, with her eyes glaringseductively into the camera automatically creating a sensual feel to thefront cover but also creating a special bond with the readership. All threeof these front covers exemplify how women in the RnB music industry assexual objects, However I have chosen to go against this stereotype insome ways as I wanted my model to be portrayed as a fearless,independent, dominant artist but still with the edge of sexiness. In myfront cover media product I have chosen to present my model in aseductive way but not to the full extremity of how these front cover issueshave been presented. My model is portrayed as provocative and seductiveyet confident in herself as an upcoming artist in the RnB music industry.On my final media product being my front cover, my model hasapproached the readership with direct address in the way she isprovocatively staring into the camera showing suggestiveness yet a driveand passion for success in her future, automatically creating a bond withthe readers. Ashanti on the front cover of Vibe is a perfect example ofdirect address as she is staring into the camera as if she is glaringsuggestively to her readers.The conventions which are featured on the content pages of Vibe are keptvery simplistic focusing more on the artists which will be featured within,displaying that the magazine itself focuses on the artists rather thanhaving an overflowed layout with lots of text.
  5. 5. All three of these content pages above belong to the music magazine Vibeand all share a simplistic layout focusing on the main image being thefeatured artist. In each content page the artist is taking up most of thepage again showing the focus of the magazine but also that it’s done todraw in the readerships attention. The text is always placed around themain image of the artist to give the artists a sense of dominance but alsoto highlight the focus of this music magazine; being the artists and themusic thus reinforcing the brand identity of the magazine as this iscontinuously repeated in all of the content pages Vibe offer.I have chosen to also go with the simplistic layout with my content pageto provide the reader that this music magazine’s focus is purely on theartists featured as well as the music, creating again a close relationshipwith its readership but also to create a continued brand identity within themusic magazine making the readers familiar with the repeated patternsand layout features.
  6. 6. Within my contents page I wanted to keep the layout featuressimple in order to allow my readers to understand the magazine andcreate a relationship with them but also I chose to do a similar layout ofthe word ‘Contents’ as Vibe do with their content page due to theaudience’s focus when first looking at something draws to the top left ofthe page, also it is a different and modern feature to the magazine incontrast to the simplicity of the layout, thus making the title ‘Contents’stand out. The colour scheme within the content page is white, red, blackand grey again keeping simplicity throughout emphasizing the brandidentity. These colours are quite basic colours which relate to the RnBindustry as it’s all about basics and simplicity, its more about the music soby using this colour scheme reinforces that idea.
  7. 7. Through my own product of the double page spread there are manyconventions and features which can be identified through my own design.A common feature within my own product is the colour scheme whichexemplifies brand identity as it is apparent through all of my mediaproducts which I have made and designed. The images take up a bigspace at the top of the spread, yet still leaving room for text; this showsthe focus of the double page spread being the new upcoming artist. Ichose to structure my double page spread with a simple layout making itsimple themed just like the front cover and the contents page againreinforcing the brand identity but also giving the readership a layout theyare familiar with in which they can follow and understand, creating abond with the readers as it will be a recognisable feature within otherissues of the music magazine.How does your media product represent particular social groups?My three finished media products all demonstrate a clear representationof women in the RnB music industry. Women tend to be known as sexualobjects within the industry automatically drawing attention to themhowever within my final finished products they appear to have anunconventional representation of women, as my model is not posing thatprovocatively nor has she shown any part of her body. Although womenare equally important in the RnB industry, men always tend to undertakethe more masculine role. An example of this is the issue of Vibe withEminem featuring on the front showing a clear representative ofmasculine men but also within the front cover there are the name ofartists such as 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Jay Z significantlydemonstrating to the readership that race and ethnicity groups are seen asequal and are all included within the RnB industry. The class from whichthe audience and readership would come from can be varied, as there areno specific classes with the music that a person may listen too forexample the president Barack Obama being high class featured on thefront of Vibe in the November issue in 2008 stating that he listens to JayZ, thus portraying that social groups don’t matter when it comes to themusic industry as each individual has their different choice of musicgenre. Most of the music within the RnB industry is displayed as higherclass due to the artists having wealth so this is shared through their songsand music videos. A prime example of this is Beyonce she is the Queen ofRnB and has been for many years now, always being presented as upperclass wherever she is placed as she has that authority in the industry butalso due to the wealth she now has after achieving such an amazing
  8. 8. career. Her wealth is always clearly shown through her music but also herclothing and costumes within music videos, the expensive clothing suchas jewellery exemplifies her wealth and status portaying that she canafford many luxuries in the lifestyle she lives. Beyonce is now married toone of the most famous and wealthiest rappers in the RnB industry thisbeing Jay Z so again displaying her wealth, status and class as an artist.It is also not very often for you to see females of other races or ethnicityin the industry however with the society of today there are many new andupcoming young female rappers of a different race coming into theindustry, such as Iggy Azalea. She is an Australian rapper who is featuredbelow in an freshman issue of XXL being the only female on this frontcover, as well as being a different race. However males are not usuallypresented in this way as there are a large amount of various races on thefront covers of XXL issues as they are commonly dominated by AfricanAmerican rappers; which are stereotyped characters of Rap music intoday’s society.
  9. 9. Within all of my final three finished pieces the model featured almostgoes against the typical representation in some ways as she does notreveal any skin however her poses could be seen to some as flirty andsuggestive, as well as wearing red lip stick; this is always seen asprovocative and sexy. She is wearing a black leather jacket, with a whiteblouse joined by a skirt and tights showing to her readers she’s focused inher music and doesn’t just want to be seen as just a sexual object butwants to be seen as a sexy yet confident and fierce upcoming artist.Within Rythmic’s music magazine various different races appear as thereare many that feature in the RnB industry, which does not mean rapperswill not discuss their race within their own lyrics as this is considered thenorm in the RnB industry. In my finished media pieces my model is anew white upcoming artist who has just collaborated with Jay Z showingthat race is not considered to be an issue in the music industry as theywork together creating a sense of equality. I have chosen my model towear basic yet stylish and affordable clothing to show her as a workingclass woman, wearing clothes that the readers can go and buy themselvesif they wish thus creating a bond with the readership as Chantelle can beseen as someone the readership can relate too, giving Chantelle that downto earth, positive feel about her. Chantelle loves to interact with her fansin order to maintain the close relationship through social networking sitessuch as instagram and twitter where Chantelle will upload pictures andtweets of what she is up to so her fans can keep up to date with her.What kind of media institution might distribute your media productand why?Harris Publications is the media institution which will be owning mymusic magazine Rythmic. Harris Publications are an American companywhich was founded in 1977 by Stanley R Harris who was a part of thepublishing business from the late 1950s, showing he is a veryexperienced publisher. The company publishes over 75 magazines suchas XXL, Men’s workout magazine, King, Celebrity Hairstyles, Exerciseand Health and many more showing itself to be a very successfulpublishing company. My target audience will benefit from HarrisPublications being the ownership of this magazine as it is a veryexperienced company; they know how to handle a magazine from its pastexperience and if any problems occurred they would have the knowledgeto mend the magazine. They also cater to many different types ofmagazines not just music magazines from the likes of fishing, dogmagazines and weapons and guns. Harris Publications have owned a verysuccessful RnB/Hip – Hop ‘XXL’ and as they have managed to create
  10. 10. such a successful, well known magazine it gives me confidencereassurance that Rythmic will have the same outcome. The circulationfigures of XXL are 136, 532 with a readership of 78% truly exemplifyingthe success of the magazine. The readership of Rythmic will feel satisfiedand comfortable as Harris Publications are a well known successfulallowing the readers to find it easy to be able to trust them as a company,knowing they are experienced within the RnB genre.Who would be the audience for your media product?The three media products I have designed and produced are clearlysuitable for the chosen target audience, being from ages 16-21. A targetaudience is a group of either customers or readers who a company orbusiness aim their products towards in which I have aimed my threepieces of media towards female readers, starting from the age of 16 asmany young females are very much interested within the music industryespecially RnB as they are reaching a level of maturity. The targetaudience ends at roughly 21 as many women at this age are still interestedin the music of RnB but become less interested as the younger womenseem more interested and interactive. This doesn’t mean that any femalesover the age of 21 will not read or stay interested within the music, it’stheir choice but it’s a prediction that the magazine have made. Theyounger the reader the more interested they tend to be as they are the keylisteners to any upcoming artists just like Chantelle, as they love anythingnew, modern and fresh to the industry. However music does not have aparticular set target audience as its anyone’s choice to listen to what theylike, so therefore Ryhthmic cater for all females who enjoy the music ofRnB. The target audience and readers of the magazine may notnecessarily have a great deal of confidence, however she is able to speaskher thoughts. Yet if confidence is not at its highest music is always thereto help with specific situations to be there thoughts, voice or even mind.Rythmic will not only be seen as a music magazine but as a friend orguidance, to entertain its readers as well as being there when the reader ishaving a bad day. Many links will be included within my magazine suchas interviews, tour dates, new album releases, any entertainment required.Rythmic caters to its target audience successfully as it appeals to both theyounger readers as well as the older. For the younger readerships, themagazine will feature new and upcoming artists such as Chantelle and forthe older readers, older RnB artists will feature as these are artistseveryone has knowledge of and the songs are recognisable also due totheir success in the music industry. Rythmic will not set their magazine to
  11. 11. just that age limit, there is no age limit as it will cater to all females wholove the RnB genre.How did you attract/address your audience?In order to attract and address my audience, I have used a range of ways.By using specific artists within Rythmic such as Chantelle, Beyonce,Drake and Ashanti this has allowed the readers to feel connected with themusic magazine as they know the magazine caters to their needs by usingtheir favourite artists as the readers can relate to them showing that themagazine cares about its readership. The colours used throughout themagazine are colours in which are familiar with my readership such asgreys, blacks, whites and red these being colours in which are associatedwith the genre of RnB. I know this from researching on other RnB musicmagazines such as Vibe, XXL and others. These colours can reflect amoody, mysterious vibe which some RnB songs associate themselveswith. The colours could also reflect nightlife which both the artists andreaders can share a common ground with, thus attracting many readersallowing them again to feel connected within the magazine. The mode ofaddress that is used throughout makes it obvious to the target audiencethat Rythmic is aimed at them through the uses of colloquialism in thelanguage. The tone is very casual and informal, attracting to thereadership as they can then form a relationship with the readers creatingbrand loyalty as the readers will feel so comfortable and satisfied with themagazine they won’t wish to turn to any other music magazine. Bytalking to the readers in a language they are familiar with, it makes thereaders feel as if the magazine is a friend; this is something that Rythmicintend to do, as the readers are a main priority for them. Mise – en –scene is another way in which the readers are directed. Items of clothingcould enable the readership to feel connected not only to Rythmic butalso the artist as they may share some similar items of clothing. If areader is able to afford items of clothing that artists wear, it would givethe reader a sense of accomplishment and privilege as they share the sameclothing, which could refer to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs of self esteemand self actualisation. The reader would then gain much more confidencein them through being able to relate to an artist but also to be able toafford items that artists wear and own, showing that the readers ofRythmic are truly being the best that they can be, being confident inthemselves as individuals. Within Rythmic the layout has been structuredin a clear and simple way in order for the readership to be able to easilyidentity and understand any aspect of the music magazine. Having a clear,simple well structured layout throughout the entirety of Rythmic will
  12. 12. attract to the readership as it is important for readers to be able to pick upa magazine and be fulfilled with the content of what they are reading.Rythmic also offer cross media synergy through the use of building up awebsite for its readership to read and find out any new music updatesanywhere they are, with today’s society internet is available on mobiles,so if a reader is not able to pick up one of the magazine’s distributedweekly the magazine is available at any time of day where it is updatedhourly in order to attract and keep its readership happy. Apps are anotherfeature in which Rythmic attract its readers, not all music magazines offerapps on mobile phones, but with the technology of today Rythmic havemanaged to apply an app in which like the website readers are able tovisit whenever they wish to receive updates on any RnB news.Another way in which I attracted and directed my audience was mycarrying out post production research. I posted my final three pieces ontothe social networking site; Facebook where I shared a post asking for anyfeedback on my pieces. This reinforced my knowledge on what RnB fanswanted within a music magazine. Below are some examples of thefeedback that I received. Other ways in which I carried out postproduction research was through creating a Questionnaire full ofquestions in which my target audience could fill in and give me feedbackon what they like and dislike.
  13. 13. What have you learnt about technologies from the process ofconstructing this product?In creating my three media products I used a software called AdobePhotoshop and a website called Blogger in order to help me make mywork effective and professional. I had only used Adobe Photoshop a fewtimes before so wasn’t fully knowledgeable with the software but I soonpicked up on things and learnt some new skills such as using the tools itprovides effectively. When designing and making my three pieces Ibecame familiar with tools such as the magic wand tool; this allows youto remove a background from an image. I had to use this several timeswith my images as I wanted to get rid of the background colours in orderfor me to replace it with a new one to get my pieces to the level it needed.Colour balances or effects were also available for me to use if needed tomake my images look more effective, professional and interesting and Iused this in all three of my media products to allow my work to be at amodern and professional standard but also to give a shadowy effect onmy images. The internet was also another technology I used in theprocess of constructing my products, as I watched many videos onYouTube suggested by a teacher where I could watch videos which taughtme how to enhance an image, or to get rid of something. I found thisreally helped me when creating my media products as I learnt how to usemany tools in order to do some of the things I watched online. Blogger isa website which you can post blogs on, something I had never comeacross before but with some help from my teachers it was simple andeasy to use for me to upload my work onto. I never knew this websiteexisted, but I also wasn’t aware that once you post a blog it is publiclyviewable to anyone and you can gain followers through your blog also.SlideShare is another form of technology which I have learnt about whencreating my products, it is a website in which you can upload your workonto and it will create a form of a PowerPoint for you which you can thenjust upload to your blog. An app is also available on many of the newphones so if you’re not able to get to a computer/laptop you can post newthings to your blog via your phone through the app.
  14. 14. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you havelearnt in the progression from it to the full product?In conclusion, overall I feel that by carrying out the preliminary task Ihave now gained so many more skills such as on Photoshop. It hasallowed me to learn more skills, I now feel confident in using the toolsthat Photoshop offer.I now have a much clearer understanding of use of colours, fonts andlayout structures. For example when making my preliminary task thefonts and colours that I used worked well and were well laid out but couldhave been improved in various ways if I had used my time more wiselyand taken more time in deciding the design of my task but also what fontsto use. I also feel that the layout of my final piece for my music magazinehas been designed in a much more professional manor as I now have aclearer understanding of how conventions and common features shouldbe presented on a page, as well as sticking to one colour theme thisbenefited the outcome of the final pieces. By carrying out both tasks ofthe preliminary and the main task I now feel like I have been able tomanage my time much more cautiously but I have also been able to takeany advice and feedback given to me and put it into my work in order forme to finalise any finishing touches on my work, making meacknowledge what works well together and what doesn’t. When carryingout these two tasks, I have felt that it has helped me in various ways toask for feedback from others as they can identity any areas that can beimproved better than you can sometimes. On my preliminary task shownbelow, I felt like it was quite boring, as I didn’t feel like there wasanything appealing to the front cover. There didn’t appear to be anythingattracting my eye looking at it now, making me realise it wasn’t as goodas I thought at the time, however I feel that on my music magazine frontcover visually it is much more attention grabbing, through the use ofprofessionalism through fonts, colours and structure. A clear brandidentity is shown throughout all of my three pieces in which thereadership can easily identify by the use of colours, fonts and againstructure.
  15. 15. Looking back to my preliminary task, creating symbiotic links is not afeature in which I used, whereas for my main task I used this featuremaking it more appealing for the readership but also making it easilyidentified, creating a bond with the readers of Rythmic. I feel now that bydoing my main task, I can now identity common conventions of musicmagazines and apply them to my work to adapt these to the genre of RnB.On a whole, I have learnt so much by carrying out a preliminary task, Ihave been able to understand key terms, and identity all conventions ofmagazines through carrying out the preliminary task all in which havehelped me gain a true understanding of what is meant to be featured on afront cover, contents page and double page spread.
  16. 16. Looking back to my preliminary task, creating symbiotic links is not afeature in which I used, whereas for my main task I used this featuremaking it more appealing for the readership but also making it easilyidentified, creating a bond with the readers of Rythmic. I feel now that bydoing my main task, I can now identity common conventions of musicmagazines and apply them to my work to adapt these to the genre of RnB.On a whole, I have learnt so much by carrying out a preliminary task, Ihave been able to understand key terms, and identity all conventions ofmagazines through carrying out the preliminary task all in which havehelped me gain a true understanding of what is meant to be featured on afront cover, contents page and double page spread.