Costume analysis


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Costume analysis

  1. 1. In this image, Beyonce is dressed as royaltyshowing her importance in the RnB musicindustry, representing her as the ‘Queen’ ofRnB, this is exemplified through the crown onher head but also the extravagance of hercostume. This is shown through the amount ofjewels she is wearing as well as the use ofprimary outstanding colours such as theelectric blues.Beyonce is wearing a corset which reflects herwealth and status as an artist and her success.Her make up is very subtle yet defined,showing Beyonce’s class and style by not beingtoo over board. Beyonce’s hair has been styledas someone from the Elizabethan Era, againreinforcing her wealth, class and status as sheis being portrayed as an artist with highauthority.
  2. 2. Within this image of Nicki Minaj, she is beingportrayed as an artist of sexual desire throughthe use of costume and make up reinforcing thestereotype of RnB artists being sexual objects.Her lack of costume represents her need to be asexual object in the RnB music industry and thisis commonly expected by Nicki Minaj as in manyphoto shoots or music videos she is repeatedlydressed provocatively showing confidence as anartist and reinforcing her status as the ‘boss’ inthe music industry.The pose that has captured is seductive andsuggestive automatically attracting male readers,whereas to females readers whom she may be arole model too, this would be inspiring.Nicki’s make up within the image is fairly simplewith the use of nude colours, and a light pinkcolour on her lips as she is expressing with hercostume and pose that there are other ways toexpress her sexual confidence.Her hair is straight and down past her shoulders,with a glossy shine to it reflecting her wealth asshe is able to take care of herself.
  3. 3. In this image of Rihanna, she is portrayed asvery glamorous and sophisticated an imageshe doesn’t often portray; usually Rihannadoes photo shoots wearing rarely anythingwith “wacky” and out there hair stylesrepresenting her individuality and her need tobe different from all of the other artists in theindustry. However by dressing sophisticatedshows her fans she is able to surprise themand does have different sides to herpersonality. Secretly by wearing red andtransparent materials on her chest she is beingseductive; the red is prominent and eyecatching, causing people to stare at thoseparts of her body.Once again her make up, like beyonce andNicki Minaj is very simple due to the costumebeing the main feature of her appearance inwhich stands out. Her red lips show to herreaders she knows about makeup and fashionas a successful artist, inspiring many of herfans.