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Henry’s wives boo


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Henry’s wives boo

  1. 1. Henry’s wives Katherine Parr Born:1512 Katherine Parr was the sixth wife. Henry viii died age 54, and Katherine Parr stayed alive for 10 months after Henry died. When Katherine Parr died she got buried the same day. Died:5th September 1548 Buried:5th September 1548
  2. 2. Catherine of Aragon was quite young when she married Henry. They were married for 24 years. Born:16th December 1485 Catherine of Aragon Died:7 Catherine of Aragon married twice ,first to Prince Arthur then to king Henry VIII. th January 1536 Buried:29th January 1536
  3. 3. Bloody Mary Bloody Mary’s mother was Catherine of Aragon. The reason she was called Bloody Mary is because she wanted everyone to be Catholic and if they weren’t she would burn them at the stake.
  4. 4. Catherine Howard Catherine Howard was very young and attractive that is why Henry VIII married her. Catherine Howard was cousins with Anne Boleyn. I don’t know why Catherine Howard married Henry because he beheaded her cousin!
  5. 5. Welcome to Hampton Court Palace Sometimes Henry would go to Hampton Court Palace.
  6. 6. Jane Seymour Born:1508 or 1509 Died:24th October Buried:13th November 1537
  7. 7. FAMILY
  8. 8. Anne of Cleves Anne married Henry aged 25. Henry thought Anne of Cleves looked like a Horse and she thought he looked like an Elephant.
  9. 9. This is where Bloody Mary got married Winchester Cathedral
  10. 10. Bloody Mary used to sit on this chair. I thought that this chair looks very old. Bloody Mary’s chair
  11. 11. Anne Boleyn Anne Boleyn was very pretty and young, But soon became very bossy. At that time Anne Boleyn was very famous ,so she got put on some knickers!!!
  12. 12. The 6 wives