Henry viii jaden and joe


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Henry viii jaden and joe

  1. 1. Henry VIII Joe Chatfield and Jaden Jonson 1
  2. 2. Key Facts • Henry VIII was born in 1491 to King Henry VII and his wife Elizabeth of York. • Henry VIII was the second son and so second in line to the throne behind his brother Arthur. Arthur died before his father and this is why Henry VIII was made King. • Henry VIII came to the throne in 1509. • Henry VIII died in 1547. • He reigned for 38 years. Joe Chatfield and Jaden Jonson 2
  3. 3. Henry VIII Hobbies • Henry enjoyed music. He played the recorder, harp and the virginal (a small piano). It is believed that he wrote the music, Greensleeves. • Henry liked to hunt, wrestle and joust. It is believed that he would wear a disguise when jousting but did forget once. Joe Chatfield and Jaden Jonson 3
  4. 4. Henry VIII at War • Henry ruled over England, Wales and part of Ireland and France. He wanted to rule the whole of France and also Scotland so he went to war. He attacked France in 1513 and Scotland in 1530. • Henry had many war ships and a big army and navy but he did not defeat France or Scotland. • Henry’s war ship The Mary Rose, armed with 900 guns and over 500 men sunk after leaving for battle. All the men were killed and the ship lay buried at the bottom of the sea Joe Chatfield and Jaden Jonson 4
  5. 5. Henry’s 6 Wives • Catherine of Aragon, who had been married to his brother, Arthur, before his death. They had one child Mary together. Henry wanted a son and Catherine was unable to have more children and so he divorced her. • Anne Boleyn, was a lady in waiting to the Queen and Henry took her as his mistress and later his wife. He hoped that she would be able to give him a son but she did not. They had one daughter, Elizabeth. Henry accused Anne of adultery and had her beheaded. • Jane Seymour was also a lady in waiting and she and Henry were married two weeks after Anne Boleyn was executed. They had a son together, Edward. However, shortly afterwards Jane died. Joe Chatfield and Jaden Jonson 5
  6. 6. Henry’s 6 Wives • Anne of Cleves was a German Princess and Henry felt forced into marrying her so that an alliance was formed between the two countries. He divorced her after 6 months. • Catherine Howard was a lady in waiting to the Queen. Henry liked her and married her shortly after his divorce. She was beheaded after Henry accused her of treason. • Catherine Parr married Henry when he was unwell and she acted more like his nurse rather than a wife. She outlived Henry. Joe Chatfield and Jaden Jonson 6
  7. 7. Henry VIII video Joe Chatfield and Jaden Jonson 7
  8. 8. Henry VIII’s Death • Henry was very ill in his last years. He was very fat and had to be carried up and down stairs by a hoist or by his servants. He suffered from headaches, small pox and ulcers in his legs. • Henry was 56 years old when he died in 1547. • Henry’s son, Edward VI, succeeded him as King. Joe Chatfield and Jaden Jonson 8