Franchise Development Content Marketing Process


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Content marketing is an essential part of the franchise sales process. Creating valuable content targeted to prospects and brokers will help attract and convert website visitors to leads. Content marketing should also be used to qualify leads. PR and marketing integration is critical. Make sure that all of your communications teams are on the same page. For more information, contact Rachael Wachstein 630.269.3725 or

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Franchise Development Content Marketing Process

  1. 1. Content Marketing Capabilities Fishman PR
  2. 2. Overview • What is Content Marketing? • Benefits of Content Marketing • Inbound Marketing for Franchise Lead Generation • Content Marketing Integration • Content Marketing Examples • Content Marketing Services List
  3. 3. Content marketing is the new way to market franchise opportunities. Traditional advertising methods just don’t cut it any more. What is content marketing for franchise development? Content marketing for franchise development is the practice of communicating with prospects without selling. Instead of hard selling your franchise opportunity, you are delivering information that makes your potential franchisee more intelligent. The core of this content strategy is the belief that if you, as a franchise brand, deliver consistent, ongoing valuable information to prospects, you will be rewarded with their investment in your brand. WHAT IS CONTENT MARKETING?
  4. 4. • Brand Awareness: Providing content of interest to potential franchisees will keep your brand top of mind. • Search Engine Optimization: Search engines reward companies that publish high quality, optimized content on a consistent basis. Search rankings drive traffic to your website. • Establish Expertise & Trust: Providing valuable information to your prospective franchisees without direct selling, establishes your brand as a trusted expert. • Lead Generation: Content is key to converting inbound traffic to leads. BENEFITS OF CONTENT MARKETING
  5. 5. Attract Convert Close Stranger Visitors Leads Franchisee INBOUND MARKETING FOR FRANCHISE LEAD GEN The Content Marketing Process
  6. 6. Attract Convert Close Stranger Attract prospects to your website or blog using the following techniques… 1. Blogging- Creating high quality content that is optimized for SEO. Content should be not be overtly promotional at this stage. 2. PR- Raising awareness of the brand and franchise opportunity. 3. Paid Ads- Targeted social ads, PPC campaigns, etc. 4. Marketing- Use offline marketing tactics to drive website traffic 5. Social Media- Networking through channels like LinkedIn 6. Word of Mouth- If your franchisees are happy, they will tell others about the opportunity INBOUND MARKETING FOR FRANCHISE LEAD GEN
  7. 7. Close Convert site visitors to leads with content marketing… Content- Offer high quality content that highlights the value proposition of your franchise opportunity. Content should be offered as an incentive to fill out a lead generation form. The type of content downloaded and the information collected in the form will help qualify the interested party. Example Content: Profiles of successful franchisees Industry specific report Franchise report Convert Visitors Leads INBOUND MARKETING FOR FRANCHISE LEAD GEN
  8. 8. Close Franchisee Use content marketing techniques to close the deal… 1. Email- Email drip campaigns tailored for the type of lead or segment. 2. Retargeting ads- PPC retargeting ads can serve content like a link to a franchisee testimonial or industry information rather than a more traditional ad. From here, your franchise sales staff takes over. INBOUND MARKETING FOR FRANCHISE LEAD GEN
  9. 9. Convert Close CONTENT MARKETING INTEGRATION Attract Stranger Convert Visitors Leads Your content marketing strategy must be integrated with your PR and marketing strategies. 1. Consistent Messaging: In order to effectively market your franchise opportunity, messaging must be consistent across all channels. You content marketing, PR and marketing teams must work together to get the franchise message to prospects. 2. PR and Marketing Support: PR and marketing are critical to the first phase of the content marketing process. They should be used to drive “strangers” to the website where they are exposed to the content that will either weed them out or convert them to leads. 3. PR & Validation: PR is essential in the conversion process. Franchise prospects will use search engines to do their due diligence in researching a franchise opportunity. Discovering press coverage about the brand validates and acts as a third party endorsement of the franchise opportunity. Media coverage or a lack of is a factor in converting site visitors into leads.
  10. 10. Brand Hub (blogging) Target: Property Owners Objective: Customer Retention Tactics: Write unique, in depth articles on topics of interest to property owners. The blog is the 4th most trafficked landing page on the website. We promote the blog with bi-monthly enewsletters to their customer base. EXAMPLES OF CONTENT MARKETING
  11. 11. Brand Hub Target: Utility Company Executives and Program Managers Objective: Brand Awareness, Establishment of the brand as an expert in conservation products. Tactics: Write unique, in depth articles on topics of interest to utility company executives and program managers. Brand Hub Target: Law Enforcement, Funeral Directors, Crime Victims, Property Owners Objective: Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, Search Engine Optimization Tactics: Write unique, in depth articles on topics of interest to Law Enforcement and other target audiences, distribute content via eNewsletters and online outreach.. EXAMPLES OF CONTENT MARKETING
  12. 12. Infographic Target: Law Enforcement Objective: Brand Awareness & Referrals, Inbound Links for Keywords Tactics: Pitch infographic to online influencers, authoritative websites & blogs. Newsletter/email Campaign Target: Property Owners Objective: Customer Retention Tactics: Send property owners a monthly newsletter with links to the brand hub where they can share content with their networks. EXAMPLES OF CONTENT MARKETING
  13. 13. Animated Demonstration Videos Target: Customers with questions about the crime scene cleaning process Objective: Provide answers to common concerns, sales, SEO Tactics: Created a series of animated videos to explain the client’s process, online distribution of optimized video content for search engine ranking benefits EXAMPLES OF CONTENT MARKETING Documentary Short Target: Prospective clients and their families, media Objective: Provide insight into the benefits of having professional in home care for dementia patients vs. trying to do it yourself Tactics: Created a moving short documentary about a patient, her family and their caregiver to educate the public and generate media interest on the topic. *Animation and complex video production projects can be added for an additional fee
  14. 14. EXAMPLES OF CONTENT MARKETING Online Media Outreach Target: Links to client brand hub from authoritative websites Objective: SEO, LEAD GENERATION Tactics: Created an infographic and pitch around Halloween and blood cleanup and conducted outreach to influential online sites. UMV: 45+ Million The placement resulted in a huge spike in website traffic.
  15. 15. EXAMPLES OF CONTENT MARKETING Franchise Development Campaign- Blog, eMail Marketing, Online Outreach Target: Franchise Brokers Objective: Keep the franchise opportunity top of mind with brokers through engaging, informational and “ego baiting” content. Increase the number of franchise deals done through broker networks. Tactics: Created a blog specifically for franchise brokers, offer content that they care about, post content to the broker portals, create email drip campaigns targeted to brokers with useful information to help them sell the franchise opportunity to prospects.
  16. 16. CONTENT MARKETING SERVICES LIST Research & Strategy: Target Market Research and Evaluation Buyer Persona Development Keyword Research Inbound Marketing Strategy Platform and Tool Selection Development: Blog Design and Development Inbound Marketing for Franchise Lead Generation Content Development: • Blog Post Writing • Website Copy • White Papers • eBooks • Byline Articles • eMail Design & Writing • eNewsletter Design & Writing • Franchise Reports • Virtual Brochure Design & Writing • Photography • Video Production • Graphic Design • Infographic Development and Design • Podcast Creation Management & Reporting: Platform and Tool Management E-mail Campaign Management eNewsletter Management Social Media Management Monitoring, Tracking, Reporting