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  1. 1. February 28, 2012 Introduction: Comparison/Contrast EssayESL 015: Composition for American Academic Communication II
  2. 2. Learning Objectives/ Outline• Discuss Critique Essay – Questions?• Introduction – Comparison/Contrast Essay• Activity• Form groups/ brainstorm topics
  3. 3. Critique Essay• Any Questions about feedback?• 3-4 typed pages• YOUR Ideas/Experiences• Citation (add in-text citation)
  4. 4. Introduction: Comparison/Contrast• In this essay, you will compare and contrast at least two articles. Both articles must be scholarly articles on the same topic. Your goal in this assignment is to synthesize, or “put together,” these sources in order to make a point of your own. Page requirement: (3-4 pages, 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced).
  5. 5. What is the difference between ‘compare’ and ‘contrast’• Compare: To examine people/ things to see how they are similar and how they are different. – e.g. to compare governments of two nations.• Contrast: To compare two people/things in order to show the differences between them. – e.g. to contrast living conditions in peace and in war.
  6. 6. Activity• Two teams…• In your team – – Compare and contrast the two ‘items’ – Brainstorm and discuss as many similarities and differences as you can.• Then – taking turns, we’ll see which team can point out the most/best similarities and differences.
  7. 7. Compare/Contrast BEARS
  8. 8. Compare/Contrast MOUNTAINS
  9. 9. Compare/Contrast BOATS
  10. 10. Compare/Contrast VIEW OF BAY
  11. 11. Evaluation of Internet Sources (as seen on page 135 in In Focus)• Is the information up-to-date? Check the date when the material first appeared and when it was last updated.• Does the author have credibility? Check the author’s professional and academic qualifications.• Is the site well known and respected? Check the reputation of the organization.• Does the author have a bias? Check the objectivity of the writer’s point of view.• Can you trust the facts and statistics? Check the accuracy of the content by examining other sources to verify the information.
  12. 12. Writing a C/C Essay• Do what we just did with the two pictures, but using two or more scholarly articles.• Discuss assignment sheet• Two outline/ structural formats – Pages-133-134 of In Focus
  13. 13. Groups/ Topic Selection• Form groups of 3-4 people• Brainstorm topics for essays
  14. 14. Homework:• Reminder – Final Draft of Critique Essay is due Tuesday, March 15th by midnight. Submit on• Have at least one or two topics picked out that you can research and find articles for…