Hardcore Analytics - How to Avoid Getting Embarrassed by Dirty Data


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Slides from my SMX Advanced presentation in Seattle.

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  • Search ChurchSEO, analyticsGA TC
  • Whether you’re in house, agency, soloNeed good data to make good business decisions
  • Reported based on inaccurate or incomplete informationLast report was awesome, then realized issue
  • Once we make mistakes like this, it’s hard to get the boss / client’s trust in your future #s. Focus on how we can avoid these mistakes in the future.
  • Many of these issues can be solved with common sense, as long as people are aware of the issues. If we don’t solve now, we won’t have accurate, actionable data to actually do the analysis.
  • Whoever does your GA setup (you or someone else)…
  • Two pageviews for each page actually viewed. Bounce rate near 0. 3 easy steps to find out.
  • Single domain, give yourself a +1. It’s a freebie 
  • Not setting up your code properly will result in not tracking users across the sites. You may see self-referring traffic.
  • Great advanced filter to show full domain in GA, rather than just info after domain. ----- Meeting Notes (6/5/12 08:01) -----This is 1 of many filters I posted to customreportsharing.com (JW's site) & linked to @ end of preso.
  • If GA is primary & you’re not using ecommerce tracking, your reporting isn’t as robust & accurate as it could be
  • Our visits have very different behaviors from our customers’. We don’t want the data from our visits to skew the rest of the information.
  • … with a simple IP exclude filter
  • Whether unintentionally or maliciously, other site is using your code.
  • Why an issue? GA will report on each of these separately – separate bounce rate, visits, conversions, etc. We want this info combined!
  • Don’t say, but have available:If your site already forces URIs to be lowercase, can skip this filterCan also be used for Hostname
  • Want to tag all of the URLs used in our marketing efforts to get this data to come into GA. Google made us an easy tool to do this
  • Otherwise paid search traffic could come in looking like organic. Make sure you’re tagging properly to give credit to the right marketing effort.
  • Luckily GA & AdWords play nicely together. Access to more data. Autotagging.
  • Also have a filter that can automatically pair this information for us.
  • THIS we can report on
  • Everything else was overlooked. This section is things someone wrong.
  • Solution: Multiple profiles
  • Never add anything to this profile that hasn’t been thoroughly tested
  • Used to have FF plugin. Saved lots of time. Awesome guys at Google heard about item on wishlist to clone a profile. So excited they’re letting me share - the profile cloning functionality is coming soon! How often do we actually get a sneak peek into what's coming? Tedious… Google’s listening to users’ feedback. End in site.
  • Hard ? to ask, but don’t want to look stupid by not understanding how something actually works
  • Anyone here ever see 3 different goals set up in GA with the exact same numbers?
  • Not a data issue, but how embarrassing is it to lose access to your own data?
  • Know who your Admin are. Lots of ?s on who’s the admin, what’s my login info.If they leave the company, remove their access
  • But don’t go overboard. If you have 30 admin, that’s 30 ppl w/ access to mess up or delete your data.
  • Hardcore Analytics - How to Avoid Getting Embarrassed by Dirty Data

    1. 1. How to avoid gettingembarrassed by dirty data @rachaelgerson
    2. 2. @rachaelgersonSEER Interactive The Search ChurchGA Top ContributorTech geekData junkie
    3. 3. Links to EVERYTHING will be on last slide
    4. 4. Why is getting good data important? Everyone has to be accountable
    5. 5. We’ve all been there
    6. 6. GA is used on 95% of sites
    7. 7. Issues are typically either… Code / site issues, GA setup issues (filters, settings, goals, etc), OR User knowledge issues
    8. 8. So let’s be GA detectives for the next 10 minutes
    9. 9. Here are some initialquestions you should ask inorder to avoid dirty data
    10. 10. Section 1: Site Issues
    11. 11. Question 1Is your GA code on everypage of the site?
    12. 12. Missing GA code =incomplete data
    13. 13. Use Screaming Frog to check for code screamingfrog.co.uk/seo-spider/
    14. 14. Already scanned site in last month?Know your GA code’s on every page? +1
    15. 15. Tip: Make sure GA code is alsoon 404 and internal site search result pages!
    16. 16. Question 2Do you have more than oneset of the same GA code?
    17. 17. 1) Look for pages with amazing bounce rates Standard > Content > Site Content > Landing Pages
    18. 18. How to find 2) Open the source code for these pages 3) Search for ga.js
    19. 19. How to find You should only find one instance with the same UA! 2 If only 1, +1
    20. 20. Question 3Do you have more than 1 domainor a domain + subdomain?
    21. 21. What’s your site? Single Domain: www.seerinteractive.com 1 Domain + Subdomain: www.seerinteractive.com and blog.seerinteractive.com Multiple Domains: www.seerinteractive.com and www.thesearchchurch.com
    22. 22. Multiple domains / subdomainsmeans you need different GA code
    23. 23. Find it in GA Oh noes seerinteractive.com Traffic Sources > Sources > Referrals
    24. 24. If you have multiple domains orsubdomains, check source code+1 if GA code contains a line with _gaq.push([_setDomainName
    25. 25. Filter to show full domain in GA If using filter, +1
    26. 26. Question 4Do you run an ecommercesite?
    27. 27. If yes, GA ecommerce tracking
    28. 28. If using ecommerce tracking(and it’s populating all the data) +1
    29. 29. Section 2: GA Setup Issues
    30. 30. Question 5Are you reporting on yourown visits?
    31. 31. Don’t want to report on our own visits
    32. 32. GA makes it ridiculously easy to block our visits
    33. 33. If you don’t know IP, ask Google
    34. 34. Exclude IP Address +1 if using filter
    35. 35. Question 6Is your GA code used onother sites?
    36. 36. What happens when your code is placed on another site?Affects visits, bounce rate, conversion rate… EVERYTHING
    37. 37. How to find in GA What we hope to see: Audience > Technology > Network > Hostname
    38. 38. Include Hostname filter +1 if using filter
    39. 39. Aa Bb Cc Dd EeQuestion 7Are you addressingcapitalization?
    40. 40. Google Analytics does not know these are the same page: domain.com/Analytics domain.com/analytics domain.com/AnAlYtIcS
    41. 41. Lowercase filter +1 if using filter
    42. 42. Question 8Are you tagging yourmarketing efforts?
    43. 43. Google Analytics URL Builderhttp://www.seerinteractive.com/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=june
    44. 44. If properly tagging marketing efforts +1
    45. 45. Includes paid search – Need tomanually tag everything except AdWords
    46. 46. Google AnalyticsAdWords
    47. 47. Quick check Click one of your paid search ads. Does URL have either utm parameters or gclid? If yes, +1
    48. 48. Section 3: User Knowledge Issues
    49. 49. Question 9Are you comparing brandedorganic traffic to non-branded?
    50. 50. Due to (not provided), we can no longer accurately report on this number
    51. 51. Tried applying branded vs non-branded ratios
    52. 52. Instead, focus on landing pages
    53. 53. (np) – PageUsing this filter OR this report? +1
    54. 54. Question 10Did you make a filter mistake?
    55. 55. Doesn’t get much moreembarrassing than user errors
    56. 56. Couple of the recent filter errors I’ve seen
    57. 57. “Someone on SEOmoz shared the coolest filter!”Implemented filter wrong on the only profile = NO DATA
    58. 58. “I want to only include my hostname”Made the filter exclude rather than include = NO DATA
    59. 59. Raw Data Profile Filters: None Goals: All, once tested +1 for Raw Data profile
    60. 60. Test Profile Filters: Any being tested Goals: All existing + all being tested +1 for Test profile
    61. 61. Main Profile Filters: All applicable filters, once tested Goals: All applicable goals, once tested
    62. 62. It takes time to develop all of theseprofiles, often replicating the same settings multiple times
    63. 63. Question 11Do you really understand GA??
    64. 64. Frequent mistake Required first step in goals Do you really understand GA? +1
    65. 65. Question 12How can I get access to myaccount?
    66. 66. Currently only two GA user types: Administrator & User
    67. 67. Personal favor to me: Please make sure you have at leasttwo Admin AND know the login info
    68. 68. How to see admin Admin > Profiles > Users
    69. 69. At least two Admin, +1
    70. 70. Final Report Card GA code – every page Tagging paid search Only 1 set of same UA Brand vs Non-Brand Domain / Subdomain Raw Data profile Using ecomm tracking Test profile Exclude Internal Understand GA Hostname Account access Capitalization Extra – Domain filter Tagging marketing
    71. 71. Report Card Grades A+ 13 points A 11-12 points B 9-10 points C 7-8 points D 5-6 points F 4 or lower
    72. 72. @rachaelgersonbit.ly/smx-2012-analytics