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Converse Advertising Campaign DEC


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This is an marketing DEC for an advertising campaign for Converse from my college Advertising course

Published in: Business, Lifestyle
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Converse Advertising Campaign DEC

  1. 1. Emanuel Ankrah Rachael Gastelum Dustin In Simone Jenkins Kristal Ranaldi Alaysia Bragg-Miles Kathryn Heller Walk to Your Own Verse 1
  2. 2. A. Company Overview 3 B. Product Overview 4 C. Marketing Objectives 5 D. Competitor SWOT Analysis 6 E. Converse SWOT Analysis 10 F. Feature Analysis 13 G. Key Strategic Decisions 14 H. The Consumer 15 I. Geographic and Psychographic 16 Traits J. Product Image and Personality 18 K. Target Profiles 19 L. Advertising Objectives 21 M. Advertising Strategy 22 N. Media Strategy 25 O. Print 26 P. Television 28 Q. Out of Home/Outdoor 30 R. Social Media 35 S. Message Strategy 39 T. Creative Brief 40 U. Other IMC Tools 43 V. Budget 46 Walk to Your Own Verse Table of Contents 2
  3. 3. In 1908 Marquis Mills Converse founded the Converse Company in attempt to provide customers with premium rubber footwear that would stand against the working conditions of everyday life. The business was entitled the “Converse Rubber Shoe Company” that first opened in Malden, Massachusetts, creating quality rubber soled shoes for the average man, woman, and child. By 1910, the company was producing more than 4,000 shoes daily to meet the heavy demands of the customers but it was not until five years later when Converse started manufacturing shoes for athletic purposes. In the mid-20th century, the company was recognized as the leading manufacturer for men’s basketball shoes but its products were also popular with iconic figures such as Elvis Presley and James Dean who were big players among the music and film industry. Today Converse shoes can be seen on both celebrities and everyday people who wear them not only for their comfort practicality but also for their timeless and classic style. “Our company was organized in 1908 fully believing that there was an earnest demand from the retail sneaker dealer for a rubber sneaker company that would be independent enough not to follow every other company in everything they do.” – 1913 Converse Catalog Walk to Your Own Verse Company Overview 3 3
  4. 4. Converse has been manufacturing rubber-soled shoes since 1908 that were created to withstand the working life of everyday people. It was not until 1917 when the company introduced the Converse All-Star model that was designed to endure the hardwearing needs of the popular growing sport of basketball. In 1921, a basketball player by the name of Charles H. “Chuck” Taylor assisted in improving and successfully promoting the All-Star shoes in which Converse later incorporated his signature to the infamous logo that can still be seen on the classic, high-topped sneakers today. Although the company was the leading manufacturer for basketball shoes at the time, its current identity shifted completely from being worn for recreational purposes to a more fashion forward look. The company’s marketing target consist of individuals who portray the independent and classic lifestyle in which the shoes can be seen worn on artists, celebrities, and people alike. Walk to Your Own Verse Product Overview 4 4
  5. 5. • The goal of this campaign is for Converse to become the number 1 choice for canvas shoes in America over a 12 month period. We will accomplish this by bringing Converse All Star Chuck Taylors to the top of the best selling list in the canvas shoe category on top shoe retailer websites. We hope to increase Converse’ market share of shoes by 10% Walk to Your Own Verse Marketing Objective 5 5
  6. 6. Walk to Your Own Verse Competitor SWOT Analysis (Toms) TOM’s has been the main competitor for Converse in the canvas shoe industry since its introduction. It was founded in 2006, much later than the almost century-old brand Converse, but has gained market share quickly. Their customers were initially drawn in with the cause of providing those children in need with shoes, for every pair purchased. 6 6
  7. 7. Strengths: TOM’s is a globally recognized brand that has a very strong brand awareness and loyalty. Compared to some competitors in the canvas shoe industry, they are relatively affordable, especially considering the cause. It has also developed such a strong mission and cause-related marketing plan that many consumers are convinced by just the opportunity to help those in need in developing countries. Weaknesses: TOM’s has a few weaknesses that are potentially holding it back as a brand. The main problem is the price they charge for their shoes which while generally affordable, can be preventing potential consumers from purchasing their product. They also offer a greater range of styles and sizes online, some of which are unfortunately considered unfashionable. Also, the overall quality of the canvas and rubber-soled shoe is not comparable to the price the consumer pays per shoe, especially considering the short life of such a shoe. Walk to Your Own Verse Competitor SWOT Analysis (Toms) 7 7
  8. 8. Opportunities: They have many opportunities available although they are such a successful brand. With the growing popularity of the type of shoe they offer, many competing brands offer similar products in more retail stores, even brand specific stores (such as Skecher’s Bob’s). TOM’s should expand its distribution to be more competitive. They can also expand the selection that is available in stores to be more comparable to that online. Finally, although the brand is considered a global brand, more awareness in other countries such as the UK could be beneficial. Threats: TOM’s main threat comes from other canvas shoe companies such as Keds, Vans, and of course Converse. Their competitors do offer a lower-prices shoe which might attract more consumers. Also, similar companies such as Free Trade also have clothing donation to developing countries, whereas TOM’s only has shoes. There is also the problem of more awareness about the Paez argentinian canvas shoe brand that seems to have the been the blueprint for the TOM’s business plan. Walk to Your Own Verse Competitor SWOT Analysis (Toms) 8 8
  9. 9. Key Problems and Opportunities: TOM’s has a great following with its brand and mission to consumers, but only offer a One-for-One donation in their help to developing countries. If it expanded the apparel line to include clothing donations as well, their brand would grow globally in awareness and popularity. They have great appeal to the “green” and socially aware consumer and they could capitalize on that. Walk to Your Own Verse Competitor SWOT Analysis (Toms) 9 9
  10. 10. Strengths: Converse has a variety of different shoe styles for consumers to choose from. They are a globally recognized brand because they have been around for so long. They were founded in 1917 so they transcend over multiple generations. Their Chuck Taylors are their most profitable and popular product so it holds hope for the brand. Since 2003, Converse has been owned by Nike, giving them the support of a large and successful brand. Weaknesses: Although Converse is a household name, there is not enough current advertising to keep it at the front of the consumer’s brain. It has been somewhat a forgotten shoe brand living in the shadow of its competitors. The Chuck Taylor shoe in particular is considered to be somewhat uncomfortable, which could be problem for consumers looking for casual shoe wear. Converse shoes are somewhat high priced when the simple design of the shoe is taken into consideration. However, it is competitively priced in relation to its main competitors. Their design also pales in comparison with other tennis shoes. Walk to Your Own Verse Converse Situation Analysis 10 10
  11. 11. Opportunities: We cannot change the design or price of Converse. We can only change the way in which consumers perceive it. Converse’s history and Chuck Taylor All Star’s popularity provide an opportunity to shift the consumers mind away from the price and discomfort more to the culture of the brand. This can be done through celebrity endorsement from musicians who are often seen in Chuck Taylor All Stars. Converse can also win over some of its competitor’s consumers by developing an incentive so that customers feel like they are giving back. Threats: Converse is threatened by its wide range of competitors. Vans, TOMs, and Keds provide an alternative for the consumer looking for a casual canvas shoe. They are also threatened by other shoe brand with more variety in their design. Unlike Converse, TOMs offers a philanthropic promotion where for every pair of TOMs sold, another pair is given to a child in need. This makes them more appealing to the socially conscious consumer. Walk to Your Own Verse Converse Situation Analysis 11 11
  12. 12. Key Problems and Opportunities: Converse is slowly falling to the wayside because of the emerging popularity of other shoes brands. The best bet for Converse would be to push their Chuck Taylor All Star line. This will mean taking on competitors like Vans, Toms, and Keds to dominate in canvas shoe sales. This will be accomplished by emphasizing the history and culture of Converse, and timeless appeal of the classic Chuck Taylors. This will create a strong brand connection with the consumers. Walk to Your Own Verse Converse Situation Analysis 12 12
  13. 13. Male Feature Analysis Female Feature Analysis Walk to Your Own Verse Feature Analysis Importance to Prospect Product Performance Converse TOMS Vans Keds Price 1 - ($55) + ($44) - ($45) -($45) Quality 2 + - + - Style 3 + + + + Availability 4 + - + - Durability 5 - - + - Importance to Prospect Product Performance Converse TOMS Vans Keds Price 1 - ($50) + ($44) - ($45) +($40) Quality 2 + - + - Style 3 + + + + Availability 4 + - + - Durability 5 + - - - 13 13
  14. 14. The advertisements planned will appear throughout the United States. In order to have an effective campaign the focus will be on the bigger urban and multicultural cities. From there the plan is to spread out to the rest of the country. The reason for this approach is that the target group is most likely to be in the bigger urban city. Looking at the psychographics of the cities one thing that can be said is that new cultures are developed there and they are the tastemakers of the world. We think that the impact when advertising will be bigger starting in those cities. Walk to Your Own Verse Key Strategic Decision 14 14
  15. 15. Converse (Chuck Taylor) consumers are men and women between the ages 16 to 30 who want tennis shoes that are fashionable, trendy and of high value. They are artists, musicians, athletes, skaters and college students. Their appearance carefully careless and they take pride in their nonchalant attitude. The have a high paced lifestyle and look for Chuck Taylors to be their everyday, any day, casual shoe. Walk to Your Own Verse The Ideal Consumer 15 15
  16. 16. Walk to Your Own Verse Geographic and Psychographic Traits Geographic Los Angeles, CA New York City, NY Atlanta, GA Miami, FL Boston, MA Psychographic traits Fashionable/entertainment industry Multi cultural/tech savvy/high paced lifestyle Psychographics steps Attitude: artistic, have an own style, belong to different subcultures (skaters/hip-hoppers/athletes) 16 16
  17. 17. Psychographic Traits Individuals/Independents– Those who create their own paths and walk to their own verse. They are free from boundaries and limitations and find inspiration in themselves. Shakers and Movers – they are the creators, the innovators, and the forward thinkers. Carefully Careless – They put effort into appearing like they didn’t put in effort. Hipsters – These people are in on everything that you’ve never heard of. They know what’s cool before it was cool, and by the time it reaches you it’s overdone. They are the leaders of the underground. Walk to Your Own Verse Geographic and Psychographic Traits 17 17
  18. 18. Walk to Your Own Verse Product Image and Personality Converse is all about being an individual. It’s about ignoring every convention and tradition that has ever inhibited you. It’s about being free to follow your own rules. It’s the little girl who colored outside the lines. It’s the little boy who never cared to be picked for kickball. It’s the rebel in all of us. It’s the challenge to change the world that drives and unites us. From the revolutionists of yesterday to the innovators of tomorrow, we are bounded together by a rubber sole, a canvas body, and a shoe string. Converse is all about breaking glass ceilings and letting the world hear you song. It’s about walking to your own verse. 18 18
  19. 19. Name: Jessica Age: 22 Relationship Status: Single Occupation: Student/ Intern Location: New York, NY Education: Parsons Major: Fashion Design/Merchandising Interests: Reading, Fashion/Gossip blogs, traveling Goals: Design a successful clothing line that introduces her own eclectic spin on what’s trendy. Name: Julian Age: 17 Relationship Status: It’s Complicated Occupation: Lead Vocals/ Bass for In Reverse Location: Boston, MA Education: High School, Senior Interests: Music, Concert-goer, Film Goals: To travel with his band and their following without becoming too big. Walk to Your Own Verse Target Profiles 19 19
  20. 20. Name: Christopher Age: 19 Relationship Status: In a Relationship Occupation: Wide Receiver, USC Location: Los Angeles, CA Education: University of Southern California, Freshman Interests: Sports, Going to the gym, car racing Goals: To be remembered for his skill and signature moves, in football. To be the G.O.A.T. Walk to Your Own Verse Target Profiles 20 20
  21. 21. • Have more points of contact with our target audience so that consumers are more aware of Converse • Allow for more engagement of consumers with the brand via various social media outlets • Appeal to the trendsetters and opinion leaders • Increase awareness of Converse’s philanthropic endeavors Walk to Your Own Verse Advertising Objectives 21 21
  22. 22. Perception – Exposure -We plan to expose our target audience to Converse via various outlets throughout their daily lives so that we are present in their minds. Selection and Attention – We will draw in attention with our unique out-of- home advertising Interest and Relevance - We will gain interest and relevance of our target audience by producing television and magazine that reflect their type of lifestyle and the things that interest them Affective/Emotion – Wants and desires – Wants and desires of the consumers will be influenced by portraying the versatility of the basic canvas shoe Excitement and Resonance – the montage and collage-like commercial will excite consumers to join the revolution of walking to their own verse. The ads will resonate and remain in their thoughts. Walk to Your Own Verse Advertising Strategy 22 22
  23. 23. Association – Symbolism - Our target audience will associate Chuck Taylor All Stars with the desired lifestyle with the help of celebrity endorsements from artists like Wiz Khalifa, who also serves as an opinion leader Conditioned Learning – Conditioned learning will be established through our advertisements that will associate Chuck Taylor All Stars with the young and rebellious culture. Transformation – This condition learning will result in a transformation where Converse will not only be a shoe, but also a culture Persuasion – Involvement and Engagement – Consumers will engage with the brand through social media outlets Influence – Celebrity endorsements will influence the buying decision of the consumer. Bandwagoners will also be influenced by the inclusive appeal of the television spot Preference and Intention – This will be heightened with the fact that purchasing the Chuck Taylor All Stars will provide proceeds for the “Converse Cares” program Loyalty – Loyalty will be established by reminding consumers of the history of Converse, something that Toms lacks. Walk to Your Own Verse Advertising Strategy 23 23
  24. 24. Behavior – Mental Rehearsal – TV and Print ads will reflect people doing activities in their Chuck Taylor All Stars that are desired by the target consumer Walk to Your Own Verse Advertising Strategy 24 24
  25. 25. We will be using media outlets that will be restoring the Converse brand to the public and promoting our “Walk To Your Own Verse” campaign that encourages our target market to remain independent, creative, optimistic and rebellious as an American counterculture. In our strategies, we will be reinstating the brand and its impact as an American classic as well as, reminding consumers to stay different. Converse is no longer a basketball shoe, but an iconic American canvas shoe that should be apart of everyone’s “must-have” shoe collection. Walk to Your Own Verse Media Strategy 25 25
  26. 26. In order for our company to reach our focused target group, we decided to place Converse print ads in magazines that are popular among readers who share the same interest in our market. These magazines consist of subject matters that portray fashion and cultural lifestyle that are relatable to our product campaign. The ads themselves will show individuals engaging in activities that reflect the persona of their character. Once the viewers see our Converse ads, they are then exposed to what Converse shoes have to offer and will become more award in the product. WOMEN MAGAZINES MEN MAGAZINES NYLON GQ MARIE CLAIRE DETAILS WOMENS HEALTH MENS HEALTH COSMOPOLITAN MAXIM US WEEKLY PEOPLE Walk to Your Own Verse Print 26 26
  27. 27. ds Nylon Allure Cosmopolitan Lucky US Weekly Type Pop culture & fashion Beauty, fashion, & women’s health Fashion, beauty, & women’s issues Shopping & style Celebrity gossip Age Range 18-24 18-40 24-40 18-35 Various Circulation 216,266 1,127,636 3,017,834 1,109,757 1,977,251 Walk to Your Own Verse Print GQ Complex Details Maxim Esquire Type Fashion, style, & culture Style & lifestyle Music, fashion, & popular culture Sports, sex, & entertainment Men’s lifestyle &fashion advice Age Range 20-40 18-35 Various Various 18-34 Circulation 963,507 300,000 461,937 2,518,827 721,399 Women’s Magazines Men’s Magazines Walk to Your Own Verse Print Walk to Your Own Verse 27 27
  28. 28. Commercial #1: Walk To Your Own Verse Clips of different activities, behaviors, accomplishments, deeds, and acts that our target market and ideal consumer would take part in. These actions will represent independence, uniqueness, individuality, liberation, freedom, eccentricity, and a rareness that our ideal consumer has. All of these actions will coincide with our overall campaign theme of “Walk To Your Own Verse”. This will the kickoff of our print ads, social media contests, and out-of-home outlets that will be easily identifiable as the Converse brand. Commercial #2: Celebrity Endorsement Our celebrity endorsement commercial campaign will consist of the celebrity of our choice (Travis Barker, Wiz Khalifa, Kristen Stewart, and Lebron James) displaying to their fans “how they walk to their own verse” in their Converse. The commercial will include clips of their everyday lives that make them unique and exceptional. These commercials will connect with the Converse consumer who find their uniqueness in different forms whether it be instrumental, vocally, athletically, or through acting and theater. Walk to Your Own Verse Television 28 28
  29. 29. We will broadcast these commercials on music channels throughout the entire day and through primetime basic television channels from 6:00PM-11:00PM. Walk to Your Own Verse Television MTV VH1 BET Viewership 32 Million 98 Million 40 Million Ages 18-34 Viewership 53% 55% 53% Primetime Basic Channels CBS NBC The CW ABC Fox Rating Average 18-34 1.8 3.2 0.4 8.162 6.242 Music Television Channels 29 29
  30. 30. Interactive Bus Stop Ads These ads will be located at bus stops in urban area and near universities. Unlike the traditional ad which you just stare at, these ads allow passers-by and people waiting for the bus to kill time and interact with the brand by drawing on the ad itself. There will be two variations of this ad: one will say, “Customize” and feature a white sneaker, the other will say, “Where’s Chuck?” and have a picture of Chuck’s face (these ads will only be in locations near participating Where’s Chuck Contest cities). The drawing surface of these ads will be like that of a Magna-Doodle kid’s toy; this allows people to easily doodle on the surface without making a mess and also slide the lever across the bottom to erase the doodles. On Chuck, people can have fun drawing mustaches, glasses, hats, beards; on the sneaker, people can draw whatever they would want to put on their own Converse sneaker. On each ad, there will be a smart phone scanner square that either leads them to more information about the Where’s Chuck Contest or the customization page on Converse’s website. Walk to Your Own Verse Out Of Home/Outdoor 30 30
  31. 31. Walk to Your Own Verse Out Of Home/Outdoor 31 31
  32. 32. Musical Walkway Billboards These billboards will be located along walkways in major cities, near popular spots where our target consumers hang out. On the ground in front of these walkway billboards will be Converse footprints (cut-outs of Converse’s signature soles) embedded into the sidewalk. As people walk on these footprints, music will play (it will sound like people strumming different chords on the guitar). This allows people to literally walk to their own verse. On this double panel billboard, the right will simply state our tagline; the left will display a continuous (semi) real-time stream of Instagram pictures with the #Converse. This constant change will keep consumers interested and wanting to see more. The #Converse will let fans know that if they post their own pictures of themselves wearing Converse with that hash tag, they might have a chance of seeing their own photo up there. Walk to Your Own Verse Out Of Home/Outdoor 32 32
  33. 33. Walk to Your Own Verse Out Of Home/Outdoor 33 33
  34. 34. Walk to Your Own Verse Tour This tour will feature a larger than life Converse All Star sneaker that travels to major cities across the U.S. It will stop at popular spots where their target market hangs out and let them draw their artwork/ leave their mark on the sneaker. Converse has long been known for letting their customers customize their own sneakers; it serves as a blank canvas for them to express their individuality. Besides serving as a traveling billboard for Converse, this tour will create a buzz amongst their fans as they get tweets about where the sneaker is at and when it will be passing through their part of the country. At each stop, photos of the sneaker will be taken and uploaded to Instagram so people can see the transformation of the canvas. People will get a chance to see doodles and art from kids like them from all across the nation; regardless of where they’re from and how different they are, these individuals will be united by one thing, their love of Converse. Walk to Your Own Verse Out Of Home/Outdoor 34 34
  35. 35. Where’s Chuck Social Media Contest The overall goal of this week-long contest is for fans to find Chuck, take a picture with him, upload it to their social media accounts with the tag @Where’sChuck, and then they win a prize. But “Who is Chuck?” you might ask. Chuck depicts Converse’s target customer: early 20s, alternative looking, active lifestyle, wearing all Converse. Specifically, he will be wearing Chuck Taylor’s All Star sneakers, and a converse logo T-shirt that also says @Where’sChuck. There will be a Chuck in every major city and he will be communicating with fans via Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare; he’ll tweet hints as to where he is and post pictures on Instagram of landmarks and other things near him. He will also “check-in” to nearby locations. Fans must go to Converse’s website to find a complete list of participating cities. To be eligible to win, they must follow Converse on Twitter and Instagram and tag @Converse, along with #Where’sChuckNameOfCity, and their email address with their photo. The Foursquare option is optional in terms of the contest, but it gives the contestants a higher chance of finding Chuck. This contest brings a face to the brand while creating excitement and a personalized interaction with Converse and their loyal customers. Walk to Your Own Verse Social Media 35 35
  36. 36. Walk to Your Own Verse Social Media 36 36
  37. 37. Walk to Your Own Verse Social Media CONVERSE CARES BENEFIT CONCERT VIDEO LAUNCH When people are watching the video they can click on the Chuck Taylors and/or any other Converse apparel and buy it directly. This is the 2nd time that this technology is used for a music video. The video is expected to go viral. The video will be launched during the Converse Cares benefit concert. The goal of that event is to have the opinion leaders in order to get free publicity and a buzz regarding the video 37 37
  38. 38. INTERACTIVE MUSIC SPEAKERS SHOE BOX (Scan code to win tickets for the Converse Cares Benefit Concert) (Pictures of shoes could be shared on social media) There will be a limited edition of Chuck Taylors. In the shoebox music speakers will be included. In order to win ticket for the launch of the interactive video they have to scan the code in the box in order to see if they are invited SHAZAM During the commercial that will be running, a Shazam app will show up on the bottom right corner for about 15 seconds. When listeners tag the commercial they will be directed to the Converse website where they can get discounts on anything available on the website. Walk to Your Own Verse Social Media 38 38
  39. 39. Walk to Your Own Verse Our target customer walks to the beat of their own drum. They like the feeling of belonging to something but they don’t want to look like everybody else. They are united in individuality. Through our campaign, our customers will recognize Converse as a brand that helps them do just that. By wearing Converse, they will be able to create their own identity and become a part of something bigger, the Converse subculture. Walk to Your Own Verse Message Strategy 39 39
  40. 40. Problem: Although Converse is an iconic household name, there is not enough current advertising to keep it at the front of the consumer’s brain. It has been somewhat a forgotten shoe brand living in the shadow of its competitors. Vans, Toms, and Keds provide an alternative for the consumer looking for a casual canvas shoe. Due to the vast variety of consumers converse is trying to cater to with its shoe designs, there has been a loss of focus on who the consumers are, what they want, and even the brands identity. Target Audience: Our target audience consists of men and women between the ages of 16 and 30, the optimistic rebels of Generation Y. Walk to Your Own Verse Creative Brief 40 40
  41. 41. Brand Position: For the carefully careless, optimistic rebels who live for the moment and cringe at the thought of blending in, stand out and walk to your own verse with converse and show the world your individuality Communication Objective: Our goal is to revive the identity of Converse, by picking up the slack in advertising and re-introducing the consumers to the Converse brand they know and love. Converse is a classic shoe brand that thrives on the individuality of those who live creatively, optimistically and rebelliously. Through this effort we will simply revert back to converse’s historical background and implement the importance of giving back. Selling Premise: With a combination of hard and soft selling, we want to remind our audience about the history of Converse, allow them to stand out and express themselves individually, and give back to the community by giving them the tools to walk to their own verse. Walk to Your Own Verse Creative Brief 41 41
  42. 42. Media Considerations: We will invest in a creative mix of print ads in select magazines, social media outlets like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, and commercials on primetime television. Creative Direction: Our ads will feature everyday people, doing not so everyday things but just being themselves and not following the crowd while wearing a pair of converse. The ads will evoke the idea of living life while “walking to your own verse.” Some ads will just feature converse footprints because the consumers that wear this product leave an impact or “footprint” on the world. Our goal is for the audience to in return be reminded not only of converse but ultimately being themselves and leaving a mark, in converse. Walk to Your Own Verse Creative Brief 42 42
  43. 43. Sales Promotions We will be hosting multiple social media contests where consumers can win Converse merchandise and will be promoting our philanthropy “Converse Cares”. We will also be incorporating celebrity endorsement campaigns to address our consumer in an artistic way by having the celebrities sponsor our overall campaign theme of “Walk To Your Own Verse” Social Media Contests This includes our Facebook/Twitter contest to host a concert on your campus, the “Where’s Chuck?” contest, and the Interactive music speakers shoe boxes contest. Philanthropy Sales Promotions (“Converse Cares”) With every purchase of shoes, Converse will donate a portion to extracurricular activities to U.S. schools through our foundation “Converse Cares”. The consumer will also receive frequent updates on the local community they donated to and the progress of that project. Celebrity Endorsements (Travis Barker, Wiz Khalifa, Lebron James, Kristen Stewart) Our celebrity endorsement campaign will consist of promotional strategies and specific methods of advertising where a celebrity of our choice will be going about their everyday life wearing their “chucks”. This will connect the celebrity with the consumer while also showing or telling how that celebrity walks to their on verse in their converse. Walk to Your Own Verse Other IMC Tools 43 43
  44. 44. Public Relations Public Opinion: Philanthropy Awareness (“Converse Cares” Foundation) Converse is giving back to the local community, so the brand wants to make sure people are aware of what purchasing Converse merchandise will support. This will be accomplished by implementing newspaper and/or Internet articles that promote the “Converse Cares” foundation. This will be a marketing strategy that will promote our “Converse Cares” campaign that will create national recognition and address local communities as well. Direct Marketing Digital POP In the shop displays there will be digital POPs. It will consist of (TV) screens with Instagram pictures of people who just bought Converse shoes with the hash tag #walktoyourownverse. Walk to Your Own Verse Other IMC Tools 44 44
  45. 45. Sponsorships and Events Sponsorship As a brand we want to reestablish our American iconic image while also remembering the consumer and credibility that got Converse to the iconic brand it is today. We plan to do so by sponsoring a music event such as the MTV Music Awards or a televised music show such as The X Factor or American Idol. Event As well as our “Walk To Your Own Verse” tour, we will also host a benefit concert to support our “Converse Cares” foundation where 100% of our proceeds will go to the local community to help fund and support our “Converse Cares” cause. Point-of-purchase Direct donation to “Converse Cares” The consumer will receive an email or direct letter in the mail explaining and showing the current project their donation has contributed to. This will show our consumer what their donation is doing and how it has helped that particular project. Consumer will receives gift with their purchase that signifies the consumer as a donator to the cause. This gift will be a rubber bracelet that states, “I donated to Converse Cares”. This will signify this individual as being an exclusive donator to the cause and will create buzz around our “Converse Cares” foundation. Walk to Your Own Verse Other IMC Tools 45 45
  46. 46. Converse is a global company and does quite well overseas; however, their sales in the domestic market have been declining for some time now. Because of this, we decided to dedicate 60% of the total advertising budget to their domestic campaign in an effort to boost sales and regain market share. Converse’s total advertising budget for the coming year is $66 million, a figure derived from about 6% of last year’s total revenue ($1.1 billion). The amount we allotted for our domestic campaign (60%) is $39.6 million. Because of our target market’s growing involvement with digital media, we have set aside 8% or $3.168 million for this category, a significant increase from previous years. This year, much of our campaign will be integrated with social media as we aim to increase our presence in various online communities including: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Television comprises 50% of the total budget. This $19.8 million will be used for our one minute spots to be played on select channels throughout the duration of our campaign. The Out-of-Home budget will make up 27% of the Advertising budget. This allotment of $10.692 million will go to funding our interactive outdoor ads, and the majority of our Where’s Chuck contest. Print advertising will receive 12% of the budget ($4.752 million), and will be set aside for one-page ads in magazines with similar target audiences including Nylon, Rolling Stone…etc. The remaining 3% ($1.188 million) will cover promotions costs. Walk to Your Own Verse Budget 46 46
  47. 47. Walk to Your Own Verse Budget Media Cost (Millions) Total Expenses (millions) TV           Commercials $19.800  $19.800  Internet/Social Media           Where's Chuck Contest $0.697        Interactive Video Contest $0.418        Foresquare Contest $0.317        Concert Contest $1.740  $3.168  Print           Magazine ads $4.752  $4.752  Out-Of-Home           Musical Walkway Billboards $5.346        Interactive Bus Stop Ads $2.673        Walk to Your Own Verse Tour $2.673  $10.692  Promotions     Digital Point-of-Purchase Displays $0.714  Music Speaker Shoe Box $0.475  $1.188  Total $39.600 47 47