Draft of Memory of the World Thailand Communication and Advocacy Plan


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This presentation is a draft version of Communication and Advocacy plan for Memory of the World Thailand that was presented in the MOW Awareness-Raising and Advocacy Workshop at Bayview Park Hotel, Manila, Philippines during March 1-3, 2010.

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Draft of Memory of the World Thailand Communication and Advocacy Plan

  1. 1. The Draft of Memory of the World Thailand Communication and Advocacy Plan Rachabodin Suwannakanthi National Electronics and Computer Technology Center
  2. 2. Target Audience • Content Owner – government and non- government organizations including individuals who are the owner or related to the documentary heritage
  3. 3. Communication Problem Statement • Lack of appreciation and knowledge on Documentary Heritage • Lack of knowledge on MOW Program
  4. 4. Communication Objectives • To increase the level of appreciation and knowledge of 100% of content owners about Documentary Heritage after one year. • To increase the level of knowledge of 50% of the content owner on MOW programme and MOW registration process.
  5. 5. Sources • Ministry of Education • Ministry of Culture • Ministry of Science and Technology • Institutions
  6. 6. Message “One Memory for All”
  7. 7. Channel • Interpersonal Communication • Conference or Workshop • Printed Media • Digital/New Media • Internet
  8. 8. Resource Requirements • Human Resources – MOW programme expert – MOW National Committee – IEC expert / ICT expert • Physical Resources – Conference room/Workshop room/Meeting room – IT Infrastructures • Financial & Material Resources – Financial resources should be supported by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture
  9. 9. Networking Strategies • Coordinating with relevant organizations (government, non-government, institution) to set up conference or workshop • Using MOW National Committee website to creating a social network for sharing information between MOW National Committee and the content owner.
  10. 10. Mainstreaming Strategies • Using both of printed media and digital media to publish information to increase an appreciation of documentary heritage and educate about MOW programme • Organized conference or workshop to educate the content owner on MOW programme and to increase an appreciation of documentary heritage
  11. 11. WORKPLAN Activity Duration Responsible Expected output / Center outcome Structure 4 Conferences or - Workshop on Baseline Information appreciation of the documentary - Survey on appreciation and 3 months Thai MOW heritage and MOW knowledge on Documentary MOST programme to be Heritage and MOW Programme organized among relevant organizations Policies Revised version of - Thai National MOW Budget website - Prepared budget for 3 months MOE, MOC conferences/Workshop Information Materials - Conference Materials Production 2 months Thai MOW - Revision of Thai National MOW 6 months MOST/Thai MOW Website MOST/Thai MOW - Production of Printed/Digital 3 months Promotional Materials