Racer Cartage & Logistics (Powerpoint)


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Racer Cartage & Logistics (Powerpoint)

  1. 1. “Handling Your Business One Package at a Time”“Expedited Courier Service/ 3PL Warehousing/Fulfillment Service”<br />(317).247.9530 – Dispatch <br />(317).247.9537 – Fax <br />info@racercartage.com<br />
  2. 2. Company Overview:<br />Racer Cartage & Logistics was created in the spring of 2007 with the sole purpose of providing local cartage support for the central Indiana market. As our customer demands began to diversify, RCL adapted our service offerings to meet those needs. As a result, today RCL is built on a total logistical support platform that is capable of adapting to any customer’s needs. <br />
  3. 3. Description of Services:<br /><ul><li> Hot Shot Deliveries
  4. 4. On Demand Deliveries
  5. 5. Routed Deliveries
  6. 6. Cross Docking Operations </li></ul>Same Day / Next Day Courier Services:<br />Racer Cartage & Logistics offers Same Day / Next Day Courier Services to the entire State of Indiana. Our Clients also take advantage of our non-stop direct route deliveries throughout the Midwest. Racer Cartage & Logistics understands the importance of each and every shipment that our clients entrust to us. <br />Line Hauls Services:<br />We offer Line Haul Services to our customers at exceptionally competitive rates. Racer Cartage & Logistics can transport your products from pickup to delivery and give you the peace of mind that your merchandise is in safe hands and will reach its destination in the same condition in which they were received. <br /> <br />
  7. 7. Fulfillment Services:<br />Racer Cartage & Logistics will customize our fulfillment services to meet the needs of our clients – both large and small. Using a state of the art Warehouse Management System, customers can view inventory, place orders and see shipments over any internet connection with the security of a password protected system. <br />Types of Fulfillment Examples:<br /><ul><li>CD Fulfillment
  8. 8. DVD Fulfillment
  9. 9. Book Fulfillment
  10. 10. Mail Order Fulfillment
  11. 11. Internet Fulfillment
  12. 12. Point of Sale Fulfillment
  13. 13. Container Fulfillment
  14. 14. Sample Fulfillment
  15. 15. Company Store Fulfillment
  16. 16. Uniform Fulfillment
  17. 17. Data Entry Fulfillment
  18. 18. Literature Fulfillment</li></li></ul><li>Technology:<br />Racer Cartage & Logistics is available 24 Hours, 7 days a week for all your transportation & warehousing needs. <br />Our Customers are able to submit delivery requests via:<br /><ul><li>Email (info@racercartage.com)
  19. 19. Phone (317).247.9530
  20. 20. Fax (317).536.3800</li></ul>All delivery records are maintained Electronically if “Proof of Delivery is needed. <br />Email notification for proof of delivery is offered to all of our clients for no extra charge.<br />
  21. 21. Delivery Vehicles:<br />Racer Cartage & Logistics Management Team ensures that your package is being delivered in the proper delivery vehicle. <br />Types of Transportation Vehicles:<br /><ul><li>Full Size Cargo Vans
  22. 22. Mini Vans
  23. 23. Sprinter Vans
  24. 24. Cars
  25. 25. Trucks
  26. 26. Straight Trucks (Lift gate included)
  27. 27. Tractor Trailer Capabilities</li></li></ul><li>Service Area:<br /><ul><li>Service out of Indianapolis, IN & South Bend, IN.
  28. 28. Offering Same Day/Next Day Service to all of Indiana.
  29. 29. Next Day Service to the following:
  30. 30. Illinois
  31. 31. Ohio
  32. 32. Kentucky
  33. 33. Ask about Hot Shot Deliveries </li></ul>to additional States inside the <br />Midwest.<br /><ul><li> ASK ABOUT OUR SPECIAL RATES &</li></ul>DISCOUNTS FOR NEW CLIENTS!!!!!!!!<br />
  34. 34. Team of Professional’s:<br /><ul><li>All RCL Drivers are Uniformed & Educated on Customer Service.
  35. 35. Up to date Background Checks.
  36. 36. RCL Identification Badges are worn at all times.
  37. 37. All of the RCL Drivers maintain a point based driving record.
  38. 38. Racer Cartage & Logistics equipment is Insured up to $2,000,000/$500,000 Liability/$50,000 Property Damage.</li></li></ul><li>Corporate Culture:<br />Racer Cartage & Logistics is committed to providing World Class customer service to our clients. We consider our working relationships to be a partnership in which both parties can find success. RCL strives to add value to this partnership by following five key hallmark values. <br /><ul><li> Experience
  39. 39. Flexibility
  40. 40. Reliability
  41. 41. Value
  42. 42. Professionalism</li></li></ul><li>Reliability:<br />The one attribute needed to be a leader in the Logistics field is reliability. Our Clients rely on Racer Cartage & Logistics to be on-time and prepared to handle their logistical needs for any occasion. Racer Cartage & Logistics provides 24 hour a day communication capabilities with both drivers and our clients.<br />
  43. 43. Flexibility:<br />Whether you need a Semi to go across the country or an envelope to go across the street, Racer Cartage & Logistics has the staff and flexibility to meet your transportation needs. Not only is Racer Cartage & Logistics capable of warehousing your merchandise, we offer a complete platform of services targeted to the needs of our clients. <br />
  44. 44. Value:<br />Clients expect value in the services they receive. Most fulfillment companies promise it, few deliver. We understand that value means taking the initiative to diagnose logistical problems and generate fresh ideas to create cost effective solutions. <br />
  45. 45. Professionalism:<br />Racer Cartage & Logistics employees will show up at your door professionally dressed and ready to handle your every need.  Our employees go through a rigorous background check and extensive training. If there are ever any issues regarding your service, rest assured they will be handled in a courteous and professional manner. <br />RCL approaches each job not only as a representative of our company, but as the face of your organization. <br />
  46. 46. Experience:<br />With over 75 years of transportation experience within our Executive Management team, RCL solutions teams can tap into a vast knowledge base. These teams have ready access to members who have experience in a comprehensive range of transportation needs. <br />
  47. 47. Thank You for taking the time to learn more about Racer Cartage & Logistics. <br />Contact our Dispatch Office for any of your Transportation/Warehousing needs. <br /> Racer Cartage & Logistics<br /> 1724 Stout Field Terrace<br /> Indianapolis, IN 46241<br />Dispatch Office: 317-247.9530<br /> Office Fax: 317-247-9530<br />