Online Tools For Your Business


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An outline of different online tools to help businesses become more productive, efficient, organized and reach a greater audience.

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Online Tools For Your Business

  1. 1. Online Tools for your business Presenter: Rabiya Jilani CEO, Lumenica, LLC Twitter id: @bizincubation © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  2. 2. Agenda • Why use technology? • Technology to improve communication • Keep an eye on your industry o Google Alerts o Blog Readers • Analyze website • Collaborate • Manage projects • Create and track financial info • Social Media tools Overview © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  3. 3. Communication
  4. 4. Google Sites • What: Google Sites | URL: • With Google Sites, you can easily create and update your own site. Google Sites allows you display a variety of information in one place— including videos, slideshows, calendars, presentations, attachments, and text—and share it for viewing or editing with a small group, an entire organization, or the world. You always control who has access to your site. © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  5. 5. Google Sites • Once you've signed in to your Google Account, you can start creating your site. Here's how: o Click the Create site button. o Enter your site name and the URL where it will be located (for example, as well as an optional description of the site. The name and URL you choose can't be changed after you create your site, or used again if the site is deleted. o Select one of these sharing options: 'Everyone in the world can view this site' or 'Only people I specify can view this site.' o Pick a theme for your site. • Now that you've created your site, you can create multiple pages • eg- © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  6. 6. Email • As a business owner it is very important to have a professional email address. • STAY AWAY FROM EMAIL ADDRESSES THAT LOOK LIKE THIS:,, • Where to get professional email addresses: • Microsoft Office Live for Small Business- • Google Apps ex.html © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  7. 7. Monitoring Industry
  8. 8. Monitoring your industry & company • What: Google Alerts • URL: • Description: o Email updates of the latest and relevant google results on a particular topic/industry/individual o You can specify comprehensive search, news, blogs, web video or group searches o You get an email regarding your alert as it happens, once a day, or once a week © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  9. 9. Blog Monitoring • What: Blog Monitoring/Subscribing • How: By subscribing to RSS Feeds or emails Monitoring Tools: Googls Reader NewsGator Netvibes Bloglines Page Flakes FeedDemon Additional Readers: NetNewsWire, NewsFire, NewsGator, RSSOwl, Shrook, Universal Subscription Mechanism © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  10. 10. Analyze Websites
  11. 11. Google Analytics • What: Google Analytics | URL: • Description: Allows you to receive insights about your website. • Gives you information about: o Traffic sources o Visitor behaviors o Search Engine referrals / keywords o Geographic locations of visitors o Number of visitors o More info: © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  12. 12. Website Grader • What: Website Grader URL: • Description: A free SEO tool that measures the marketing effectiveness of a website. Also provides basic advice on how to improve website • Gives you information about: Blog Analysis Heading Summary Google Indexed Page Image Summary Readability level Directory Listings Meta data Inbound Links © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  13. 13. Collaborate
  14. 14. Google Documents • What: Google Documents- Spreadsheet, Presentations, Form and Word Processor | URL: • Features: o Free o You can upload your file online and work on it o Can be downloaded or saved as a PDF, HTML, Open Office, PDF, RTF, Text or Word o Document sharing is easy o Document may be edited by multiple users and collaborators in real time o Accessible by any computer/internet connection and mobiles o Control who can see the document © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  15. 15. Zoho Projects • What: Zoho | URL: o Allows multiple users o Set tasks and milestones o Schedule meetings o Share project calendar o Upload and Share documents related to project o Have an online discussion among project team members o Manage time sheet o Track with reports o Basic Package: 1 project, unlimited users- FREE © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  16. 16. Financial Information
  17. 17. ZOHO Invoice • What: Zoho Invoice | URL: o Allows you to create professional invoices o Provides templates o Add your logo to invoices o Add product info and pricing o Create Customer Profiles o Email or Print Invoice o Automated billing capabilities o Assesses late fees automatically © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  18. 18. ZOHO Invoice o Sends automated reminders for late invoice payments o Generates quick reports to assess age of outstanding invoicing, customer snapshots and product snapshots o 5 invoices per month- FREE • Demo: .html • Additional Tools: QuickBooks, Quicken, Peachtree, Sage, MS Great Plains © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  19. 19. Social Media
  20. 20. Social Media Tools © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  21. 21. Social Media/Communication Tools • Facebook • Linkedin • Twitter • Flickr • Slideshare • Scribd • Stubmle Upon, Digg • Skype © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  22. 22. • Started in 2006 • More than 400 Million active users • More than 1.5 billion local businesses have active pages on facebook • More than 2/3 out of college • Primary uses: Communicate Build Relationships Seek Information Express Themselves Play with applications Share Information Control Content © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  23. 23. Personal Use • You can create a personal profile • To communicate with friends, family, coworkers, classmates • You can add personal information, pictures, videos, fun applications, Activate a wall for communication. Add friends • Worried about privacy? Go to to control who sees your information • PLEASE NOTE: you will need a personal page to create a business page © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  24. 24. Business use • Create a business page (DIFFERENT FROM PERSONAL PROFILES) • To communicate with customers, suppliers, partners, stakeholders • You can upload your logo, pictures, discussion boards, wall for communication, link to other social media tools, link to your website and blog • Most Important tool: Facebook Insights Additional Usage: • Events • Ads © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  25. 25. • Business Oriented Social Media Tool • Job Seeking tool • Use Applications • Create a personal profile to highlight past experiences • Create a company profile for a professional image • Create Events • Join Linkedin Groups • Create a Linkedin Group • Participate in Linkedin Answers © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  26. 26. Twitter • Founded in 2006 • Microblogging service • Allows you to send 140 character long messages called tweets • Your objective is to have followers, be retweeted and be on lists • Best tool to build relationships, connect with media, • Who is on twitter? Government, Small businesses, experts, reporters, news agencies, large corporations, © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  27. 27. Flickr Website: Launched: 2004 • Image and video hosting online community • Great tool for photographers, party planners, event planners, gift basket businesses • Images are searchable • Similar to Photobucket © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  28. 28. • URL: • Allows you to share documents, presentations and PDFs • Some of the things you can do on SlideShare o Embed slideshows into your own blog or website. o Share slideshows publicly or privately. There are several ways to share privately. o Synch audio to your slides. o Market your own event on slideshare. o Join groups to connect with SlideShare members who share your interests. o Download the original file © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  29. 29. • URL: • Founded: 2007 • Document sharing website • Documents can be embedded once uploaded • Document types: PDF. Word, Power Point, Excel, open office, plain text, rich format © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  30. 30. • URL: • Started as an experiment in 2004 • Digg is a social news website made for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the Internet, by submitting links and stories, and voting and commenting on submitted links and stories. Voting stories up and down is the site's cornerstone function, respectively called digging and burying. © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  31. 31. • URL: • Initial release: 2001 • StumbleUpon is an Internet community that allows its users to discover and rate Web pages, photos, and videos. It is a personalized recommendation engine which uses peer and social- networking principles. © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  32. 32. • URL: • Founded 2007 • Software application that allows you to make voice calls over internet • Allows business users to: • Video conference • Share documents • Instant message © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  33. 33. Recap o Online Social media is a free way to monitor your industry, competition and business o It's always a great way to market yourself and your expertise o Google Alerts: Find out alerts about your business, competitors or industry o Save money by using Google Documents, ZOHO Projects, and ZOHO Invoice o Monitor website traffic via Google Analytics o Look professional using Slideshare o Be a smart tech savy business owner! © 2010 Lumenica, LLC
  34. 34. Contact info Rabiya Jilani CEO, Lumenica LLC • Facebook: • Twitter: • Linkedin: • Slideshare: © 2010 Lumenica, LLC