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Textile & garments (1)- Trims & accessories of garments - Visit for more presentation like this. Thank you.

Here is a list of the trims and Accessories for garments manufacturing with the their pictures. I hope this slide will help you. Thank You. :)

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Textile & garments (1)- Trims & accessories of garments

  1. 1. Trims & Accessories of Garments
  2. 2. TRIMS The material component except main fabric which are used in the garments are called trimming. The materials used in sewing room other than fabric are called Trims. On the other hand we can say that which materials are directly attached with the fabric to make a garment are called trims. Like threads, buttons, lining, interlining, zippers, labels, care labels, etc.
  3. 3. ACCESSORIES The materials which are used to make a garment attractive for sale and packing, other than fabrics and trims are called Accessories. Like: Poly bag, Tag pin. Collar stand, Butterfly, Tissue paper, Back board, Scotch tape etc.
  4. 4. List of Trims and Accessories  Thread  Button  Interlining  Zippers  Labels  Buckles  Velcro  Lace  Eyelets  Elastic  Hook  Stopper  Drawstring  Woven tape  Slider  Poly bag  Tag pin  Collar stand  Butterfly  Tissue paper  Scotch tape  Plastic clip  Gum tape  Hanger  Collar stay  Arrow sticker  Price sticker
  5. 5. BUTTON Buttons are hardware items used in junction with buttonholes for the fastening of garments. Purpose: The purposes of using buttons are A) Functional purpose: This referee to buttons which are used to open and close garments with security. B) Decorative purpose: These are buttons which are used purely for decorative purpose .for example, Sleeve vents. Types of buttons: According to the no of holes: There are three types of button.
  6. 6. BUTTON A) 2-hole button B) 4-hole button C) Special button (a) shank button (b) snap button (c) decorative button used in sleeve. 3.According to material: According to the manufacturing material there are the following types of button – Plastic button: This button are made of polyamide, polyester,polyacrylonitrite etc.they are cheap, not glossy and widely used in shirt. Metal button: They are used in denim pants, trousers etc. Wooden button: They are used in decorative and functional purpose Horn button: They are made up of horns of animals used in shirt, pants. Artificial horns are also used which are made up of nylon ,plastic and additives.
  7. 7. VELCRO This item consists of two woven polyamide tapes one covered with very fine hooks and the other very fine loops .When pressed together they adhere securely to each other. This fastener is used instead of zipper and button. A Swiss inventor made this product and he offered the trade name ‘VELCRO’ for it ‘VELCRO’ comes form two France words ‘velour’ and ‘crochet’. It is used in only a limited number of garments like shoes, belts ,sports were children wear,madecal textile etc.
  8. 8. Types of garment label based on manufacturing Although garment label is such a small part of the garment in terms of size , it plays a big part in linking the brand to the garment. There are in general 5 different types of garment labels, they are:  Woven Labels Embroidered Labels Leather Labels PVC/Rubber Labels Printed Labels.
  9. 9. Twill tape… It is used at side seam of pant…..
  10. 10. WOVEN LABELS Woven labels are in general woven with either cotton or polyester threads. Woven labels can be made with amazing details and has the lowest setup cost out of all the garment label types.
  11. 11. LABEL Label is an attached component of garment on which important information regarding the garment are written or printed. No garment can be sold without some kind of label attached to it .Specially in case of exporting label on a garnets is must .For example the size of garment trade mark country of origin type of fiber etc, are written on label There are mainly 3 types of label .
  12. 12. LABEL 1. Main label: Main label contains brand name or trade name of buyer which is registered by the buyer .For example Levis .Polo, lee etc. 2. Size label: Indicate the size of garment I e L, M, XL, XXL or collar length of shirt 15,16,17,18 etc. 3. Care label: It indicates the care instruction of the garment by some internationally recognized signs. It shows the washing, drying, dry-cleaning, and ironing conditions of garments. The all other labels are called sub –labels
  13. 13. LABEL 4. Composition label : Composition label contain the information about the composition of the garments. What types of material are used to produce the garments. Like 100% cotton, 50% cotton, 5% acrylic, 98% cotton, 5% elasten etc.
  14. 14. EMBROIDERED LABELS Embroidered labels are similar to woven labels in the sense that it also made from either cotton or polyester threads. The thicker threads also give embroidered labels more structural integrity and a more 3D feel.
  15. 15. Price sticker….. It shows the price of the garment…….
  16. 16. LEATHER LABELS Leather labels are strong and supple. For real leather labels, they have a rich color but do vary. So it is less consistent than woven labels and embroidered labels. Synthetic leather labels are also very popular as well.
  17. 17. PVC/RUBBER LABELS PVC/Rubber labels are often used on sports and adventure wear, because they are tough and moisture resistance. The texture and thickness makes it harder to attach to the garment.
  18. 18. PRINTED LABELS Printed labels are normally printed onto fabric, ribbons etc. It is similar to woven labels in feel, but less durable.
  19. 19. Shoulder tape It is used inside at shoulder…….. Shoulder elastic tape Polyester shoulder tape Lithe Light Golden Shoulder Tape
  20. 20. ZIPPER This is one kind of trimming which is use open and close of special parts of garments. Purpose: Functional: Functional purpose of zipper is as a part of a garment here zipper is used to open and close the openings. Decorative purpose: Where zipper is used as a decorative purpose, it inches the beauty of germens. Uses: In making trousers and jackets , chain or zipper is in essential component which is used to open or close of special parts of garment.
  21. 21. INTERLINING Interlining are used to support reinforce and control the shape of some areas of garments such as collar, cuffs, waist bands ,facings. They may be sewn into the garments or they may be attached by the fusing .Nowadays sewn interlining are hardly used and usable interlinings are widely used. Types of interlining: There are two types of interlining are as following: 1. Sewn interlining or non fusible interlining 2. Fusible interlining.
  22. 22. Garment Tissue paper
  23. 23. HANGTAGS Hangtags are designed to draw attention to the garments and are hung on the side of the garments and sometimes in front of button line so that the customers can see them easily .Hangtags are printed paper tags hung from the garments by plastic staple or string. They usually show the brand name, style no, etc. It is regarded as finishing accessories, not sewing accessories.
  24. 24. Lace Lace is an openwork fabric which is patterned with open holes. It can be made by machine or by hand. Originally linen, silk threads were used for making laces. Nowadays, lace is generally made with cotton and synthetic thread.
  25. 25. MOTIF The special component which is attached outside of the garment for decorative purpose is called motife.Company name ,trade mark or other symbols can be written on the motif. Motif contains the following things: Company name Trade mark or various kinds of symbols.
  26. 26. Tie clip….. It is used at tie knot neck circumference….
  27. 27. SEWING THREAD Thread is made from a wide variety of materials. Following table lists common materials, a general description and what they are supposed to be g. This is very useful for someone who is trying to learn sewing. However, it should be remembered that where a thread is stronger than the material that it is being used to joined for.
  28. 28. HOOK A curved or sharply bent device, usually of metal, used to fasten something else. Uses: It is used inside of waistband.
  29. 29. STOPPER Stopper is one kind of special trim. Uses: It is used generally end of drawstring or zipper.
  30. 30. TAG PIN Tag pin is an important accessory. It is essential for completing a garment. It is used by the help of handgun. Uses: Used for handing the hangtag and price tag.
  31. 31. POLY BAG Poly bag is an accessory. It is very important for packing a garment. Uses: Generally used for garments packing.
  32. 32. HANGER Hanger is an accessory. It is important for hang shirt, coat and also different kinds of garments. Uses: Hanging the garments.
  33. 33. COLLAR STAY Collar stay is one of the most important trim which is used in shirt collar. It is also known as collar bone. Uses: Generally used inside of a collar point.
  34. 34. Folding up pins…. To folding up Garment… Al-pin Boll-pin Nylon Tag pin Pearl pin Florist Pearl Pin
  35. 35. A Presentation By… Rabiul Robi