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  1. 1. Christianity The Holy Cross By: Colby Slifka Jesus being resurrected
  2. 2. The birth of Jesus Stories of Origin  The life of Jesus- Specifically the birth of Jesus  The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John  Miracles performed by Jesus  Adam and Eve-Creation Story  The Old Testament  Jesus and his apostles Jesus and apostles
  3. 3. Holy Writings and Core Beliefs  The Gospels  Sayings of Jesus Jesus resurrection  The Bible- New Testament/Old Testament  Jesus was resurrected  Jesus was the “Messiah”  Jesus was the son of God  Died for the sins of Christians The Bible
  4. 4. Symbols and Objects Ichthus Linked Circles  Ichthus (fish)-In Greek the first 2 letters of fish are Jesus’ initials  Linked Circles-The holy trinity-Shows that God Jesus and the Holy Spirit are all connected  I.N.R.I.-Put over Jesus’ cross to mock him- Stands for Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews  Crown of Thorns-Put on Jesus as he was nailed to the cross to mock him  The cross
  5. 5. Holy Places/Places of Worship Outside the Vatican  Several types of Churches-Episcopalian, Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox etc.  Most Churches have... Inside  Pews (seats), an alter of some sort, and the Vatican statues or icons  Churches can also have several things other churches don’t, such as...  Organs, stained glass windows, transept, and side doors
  6. 6. Rites of Passage/Rituals (Varies between A baby being baptized denominations)  Baptism-When a baby or adult is washed with holy water to become Christian  Marriage  Funeral Rites Confessional box  Confession-Saying sorry to god for the our sins  Blessing Yourself-Making the sign of a cross on your body  Going to church on Sunday
  7. 7. Celebrations & Holidays Christmas tree!  Lent-Lasts 40 days and is the time of preparation following up to Easter-The first day of Lent is Ash Wednesday  Holy Week-Last week of Lent-Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday  Easter-Most IMPORTANT Christian holiday- Resurrection of Jesus Just read the  Christmas-Day Jesus was born picture!
  8. 8. Modern Day Modern Halloween  Halloween derived “All Hallow’s (meaning holy) Eve”  All Hallow’s Eve is the day before all Saints day celebrating all martyr  Originally a Celtic holiday  Celtics brought it to U.S. when they immigrated because of potato famine  Dressed up to fool the spirits Celtic Hallow’s Eve ceremony