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Trio sss orientation


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Trio sss orientation

  2. 2. TRIO SSS OrientationIntroductionWelcome to the TRIO SSS Orientation module.Here you will learn all about TRIO! Pleasereview the orientation instructions below:1. This orientation does include YouTube videos which contain sound.2. There will be an Orientation Quiz at the end of the module, so pay close attention to all content and videos
  3. 3. Welcome to Student SupportServices!Congratulations on your decision to participate inDaytona State College’s Student SupportServices Program! You have made one of themost significant choices of your college careerand we encourage you to make the most of theopportunities available to you.
  4. 4. Welcome to Student SupportServices!The goal of Student Support Services is to assistyou by providing comprehensive Free servicesto help you to maximize your potential. Pursuinga college degree presents new and excitingchallenges. It takes hard work and somesacrifices, but the benefits are worth the effort.
  5. 5. Welcome to Student SupportServices!Through your participation in Student SupportServices, you make a commitment to be activelyinvolved in your education. The SSS staffsuggests options, but you make the decisionsthat affect your educational and life goals.
  6. 6. What is TRIO VideoYOU + TRIO = Educational Opportunity!Now it’s time to view the YouTube video onthe history of TRIO.
  7. 7. TRIO Programs at a GlanceFor more than 30 years, America’s federallyfunded TRIO Programs have been helpingstudents from low-income families to finish highschool, enter college and successfully graduate.Today, more than 2,600 TRIO Programs servenearly 823, 000 students.
  8. 8. TRIO Programs at a GlanceMore than 1,200 colleges, universities andagencies offer TRIO Programs throughout theUnited States and an estimated two million TRIOstudents have earned college degrees.
  9. 9. TRIO Programs at a GlanceLet’s Explore 5 TRIO programs:1. Talent Search2. Upward Bound3. Student Support Services4. Educational Opportunity Centers5. Ronald E. Mcnair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement
  10. 10. TRIO TALENT SEARCHTalent Search programs serve young people ingrades six through twelve. In addition tocounseling, participants receive informationabout college admissionsrequirements, scholarships and various studentfinancial aid programs. This early interventionprogram helps young people to betterunderstand their educational opportunities andoptions.
  11. 11. TRIO Upward BoundUpward Bound helps young people and adultsprepare for higher education. Participantsreceive instruction inliterature, composition, mathematics, andscience on college campuses after school, onSaturdays and during the summer.
  12. 12. TRIO Educational OpportunityCentersEducational Opportunity Centers locatedthroughout the country, primarily serve displacedor underemployed workers. These centers helppeople to choose a college and a suitablefinancial aid program.
  13. 13. TRIO Student Support ServicesStudent Support Services helps students to stayin college until they earn their baccalaureatedegrees. Participants, who include disabledstudents, receive tutoring, counseling, transferassistance and remedial instruction.
  14. 14. TRIO Ronald E. Mcnair Post-Baccalaureate AchievementRonald E. Mcnair Post-BaccalaureateAchievement programs encourage low-incomeand minority undergraduates to consider careersin teaching as well as prepare for doctoral study.Students who participate in this program areprovided with research opportunities and facultymentors.
  15. 15. Cultural Financial Academic Tutoring Enrichmen $Aid $ Advising GuidanceWelcome t Tripsto the College Textbook Referral Peer Mentoring Program Personal & Career CounselinTRIO Pod! gAs you click SSS LOT Summer Bridge Supplementa l Instruction Club Referralthrough the next Experience14 slides, you will Collegelearn about the Transfer Assistance Grant-Aid Tutoringgreat servicesTRIO SSS has to Weekly Workshop Emailoffer! s Updates
  16. 16. TRIO SSS Academic AdvisingAdvisors work one-on-one with students toimprove academic performance and successfullycomplete their goals. They also help withregistration and degree audits.
  17. 17. TRIO Cultural Enrichment TripsSSS participants experience free cultural enrichmenttrips which may include freetransportation, shows, and food (if applicable).
  18. 18. TRIO SSS Financial AidGuidanceAdvisors are available to assist students withquestions and concerns arising from financialservices. Students also are given access toinformation about scholarships and grants.
  19. 19. TRIO SSS College TextbookReferralThe SSS Program provides participants with areferral to The Center for Women and Menlending library. Eligible students may borrow upto 3 college textbooks free of charge for thesemester.
  20. 20. TRIO SSS Peer MentoringProgramFormer and current Student Support Servicesparticipants provide mentoring and support tohelp SSS students adjust to college life.
  21. 21. TRIO SSS Personal and CareerCounselingAdvisors assist students in finding solutions topersonal problems and developing anawareness of educational and career goals.
  22. 22. TRIO SSS LOT (Leaders of Tomorrow)ClubThe SSS LOT Club’s mission is to promoteeducational excellence, by fostering a sense ofcommunity through positive personal andprofessional relationships and by providing astrong support structure to reinforce the overallgoals and objectives of TRiO while buildingcharacter, integrity, and vision for our leaders oftomorrow. To join the club, you must pay $8dues each semester.
  23. 23. TRIO SSS Summer Bridge ExperienceThis program is designed to provide studentswith a head start into the collegeexperience, create a sense of community, learntips on good study habits, and gain informationand support services to stay in school.
  24. 24. TRIO SSS Supplemental InstructionReferralProgram staff will refer appropriate students tothe College’s Supplemental Instructionprogram, which provides extra weekly instructionfocusing on more difficult subjects.
  25. 25. TRIO SSS Transfer AssistanceCampus visits, academic guidance andinformation are provided to ensure studentstransfer to a four-year institution.
  26. 26. TRIO SSS Grant AidAdditional supplemental money may beavailable to active SSS members who are Pellgrant eligible.
  27. 27. TRIO SSS TutoringTrained peer and professional tutors areavailable to provide help with one-on-one and/orgroup tutoring in several subject areas. In ourtutoring lab, you will find an environment wherestudents feel valued and supported.
  28. 28. TRIO SSS WorkshopsNumerous workshops are provided to enhancethe academic skills of Student Support Servicesparticipants. Topics include: How to Stay Ahead of Financial Aid Rules Computer Software Workshops Stress Management And More…
  29. 29. TRIO SSS Weekly UpdatesWeekly emails (sent to your FalconMail) will besent to each student to give updates aboutscholarship opportunities, workshops, culturalenrichment activities, campus visits, clubmeetings, and other important dates and events.
  30. 30. Understanding Your ProgramAgreementNow it’s time to view the YouTubevideo on Your Responsibilities as aTRIO Student!
  31. 31. 3 Main Responsibilities#1 - You Must Meet with Your TRIOCounselor:A minimum of two times a month (first year students;30 credits and below)orThree times a semester (second year students; above30 credits)Your counselor can provide help with academic/careercounseling and/or transfer assistance. Note: counseling &transfer visits may increase based on academic need and/or theimplementation of action plan.
  32. 32. 3 Main Responsibilities #2 Attend one cultural enrichment activity a semester. You can either travel with TRIO orattend an approved cultural activity on your own. Cultural Trips are posted each semester.
  33. 33. 3 Main Responsibilities #3Participate in two workshops each semester.All active SSS participants are required to attend one lecture and one online workshop as part of their educational plan each semester.
  34. 34. Financial Aid Tips VideoNow it’s time to view the YouTube video onEssential Financial Aid Tips for the DaytonaState College student.
  35. 35. National TRIO DayHeld in February each year students and graduates fromthe Daytona State College TRIO Student Support ServicesProgram show their appreciation and support for ournation’s TRIO Programs. For millions of Americans fromlow-income families who have college potential but lackthe ability to go it alone, federally-funded programs calledTRIO are making a world of difference.
  36. 36. Orientation QuizCongratulations, you made it! Now it’s time totest your knowledge about TRIO. Click on thelink below to access the online Orientation Quiz.You must earn at least 80% to successfullycomplete your orientation.