Social Media And Publicity


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Presentation at the Strategic Media Relations conference in Sandton

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Social Media And Publicity

  1. 1. social media and publicity in the Web 2. 0 media landscape
  2. 2. my background
  3. 3. understanding publicity, identity, the role of the media and culture in society
  4. 4. 3 historical stages of media analogue, electronic, digital
  5. 5. 4 historical stages of digital internet, web 1, web 2, semantic web
  6. 6. identity before the media
  7. 7. camp fires and villages Lawrence Lessig, Free Culture - regulation of identity and cultural production
  8. 8. magic and myth the aural tradition and limited movement created the possibility for magic to happen at the edge of the forest
  9. 9. geography and transport local knowledge, regional dialects, conflict
  10. 10. medical science began to look inward for explanations, further dissolving the myths of external influence
  11. 11. industrial revolution the locomotive compresses space and time
  12. 12. communications technology the telephone, telex and fax compress time and space
  13. 13. the printing press contributed to the creation of modern democracies
  14. 14. the public and the press the press informed the public of political and economic events
  15. 15. the value of information in a deliberative democracy there are certain assumptions: rational debate, free and fair press and a governing structure that can be petitioned and reasoned with
  16. 16. sensationalism at the turn of the century, the press becomes increasingly commercialised
  17. 17. globalisation globalisation, following WWI results in increased commercial interests and the nationalisation of media
  18. 18. privatisation with the advent of cable TV, Western policy tends towards privatisation of the media
  19. 19. commercialisation privatisation results in an increase focus on entertainment media
  20. 20. television commercial news broadcasting results in the thirty-second sound byte
  21. 21. politics fundamentally affected by the way the media structure the message - and this is in response to commercial imperatives
  22. 22. the role of information news becomes increasingly difficult to monetise, by comparison
  23. 23. newspapers remain a bastion of liberal and fair comment and reporting
  24. 24. knowledge the media, in combination, form the basis for knoweldge about the world
  25. 25. 2 ways to understand this reflective + representation, constitutive
  26. 26. The Internet near instant communication, email, gopher and FTP
  27. 27. Web 1 old publishing models shifted to new media, one to many, content repurposing
  28. 28. The Crash the problems with the structure of corporate financing compound and lead to the bursting bubble
  29. 29. Web 2 O’Reilly, old technologies used in new ways, change in browser tech leads to AJAX, RSS becomes the glue, the birth of social networking and blogging
  30. 30. media impact Cold War/ GWOT distrust, citizen journalism, increased demands for transparency
  31. 31. convergence/integration structural imperatives for daily publications to integrate newsrooms
  32. 32. convergence/integration media convergence, EC Act, ICASA and new broadcasting licenses
  33. 33. what is the media? hybrid of carriers and uses across multiple platforms and technologies
  34. 34. the public/culture now use the media as a channel for identity creation/management
  35. 35. semantic web / web 3 response to structural flaws in web data, a web under the web
  36. 36. other trajectories earth as navigation, location-aware devices, the metaverse
  37. 37. implications for PR increasingly complex social environment
  38. 38. implications for PR unwritten rules for communication
  39. 39. implications for PR substantial technology underpinning
  40. 40. implications for PR many platforms are unproven but early adoption is always a benefit
  41. 41. implications for PR traditional media are opening up access to their publishing spaces via social media elements like comments
  42. 42. implications for PR massive potential for timeous, targeted and successful communication
  43. 43. implications for PR role of marketing and IT need to be more clearly defined
  44. 44. thank you and discussion