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Ingrid IHASZ: Hungarian digital & programmatic advertising market overview / HOPPex intro

Hungarian digital & programmatic advertising overview covering digital ad spend data, ad market characteristics and challenges. Introduction to HOPPex (Hungarian OmniPublisher Programmatic Exchange), the Hungarian publisher alliance.

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Ingrid IHASZ: Hungarian digital & programmatic advertising market overview / HOPPex intro

  1. 1. HOPPex intro Global Alliance Forum, London 13 November 2019
  2. 2. Who’s this? The ‘new girl’ from Hungary Digital marketer & influencer since 2005 Climbed the ladder from ad ops manager to head of many divisions CEO @ HOPPex (since September 2019) Head of Digital Future @ GroupM Head of Digital @ MEC/Wavemaker Head of Sales Support @ Indamedia Sales 2 Photo:AndrasSchram Ingrid Ihász
  3. 3. Pro photographer and a not so pro mother of a 2 year-old 3
  4. 4. Let’s go back to the serious stuff 4Source: IAB Hungary Adex 2018 Display: 122.6 million EUR Digital ad spend: 283.1 million EUR 43.3%
  5. 5. Automated display is almost half of the display market 5Source: IAB Hungary Adex 2018 Automated display: 53.2 million EUR Display: 122.6 million EUR 43.4%
  6. 6. The share of programmatic is still under 20% within automated display 6Source: IAB Hungary Adex 2018 Programmatic: 8.5 million EUR Automated display: 53.2 million EUR 15.9% +48.2%
  7. 7. Growth is driven by PMP 7Source: HOPPex data, Jan-Oct 2018 vs. Jan-Oct 2019 35.7% 44.2% PMP 2018 2019 +49% +4%
  8. 8. Behind the scenes 6.3 million internet users (niche market) Turbulent times on the media market (KESMA) A local ad server has the largest market share (Adverticum) 8
  9. 9. Behind the scenes Evolving 1st party data usage on the publisher side Slow CMP implementation Only a handful of professionals 9
  10. 10. HOPPex: the one & only publisher alliance Founded in 2015 12 publishers/sales houses 120 sites 8 billion ad requests / month Same terms & exclusivity 10Source: HOPPex data, Oct 2019
  11. 11. HOPPex: the one & only publisher alliance Premium inventory 2-level setup: HOPPex and publisher level (transparency, 1st party data) Rubicon Project as the main tech partner (xAPI) 11
  12. 12. 12 Founders & Owners
  13. 13. 95% of the Hungarian users can be reached through HOPPex 13 Source:, Oct 2019
  14. 14. There’s a rough road ahead Renewal of processes and operation, new hire(s) Developing ‘proper’ header bidding Implementation of a CMP ASAP Signing contracts with new vendors 14
  15. 15. There’s a rough road ahead Unified pricing strategy, extension of HOPPex level PMP activities Fight against cookiecalypse and developing a common data strategy Maintaining a strategic advisory role 15
  16. 16.