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Kabbalat Service


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Kabbalat Service

  1. 1. He climbed down his web (pointer finger to thumb, thumb to pointer moving down) To see the kiddush cup He nearly fell inside So he climbed back up (make a fist with left hand) (right pointer finger in left hand fist) (pointer finger to thumb, thumb to pointer moving up) Nimble Jack, by Sara Levy Jack be nimble, Jack be quick. Help me polish my candlestick. Polish it fast, polish it bright, Make it shine for Friday night. Shabbat Candles, by Diane Rauchwerger Shabbat candles (both hand up, wiggle fingers) All aglow, One, two, (pointer fingers up, one at a time) They burn so slow, Lower, lower, (bend pointer fingers down, slowly) Out they go Poof! (open both hands) Wind, Wind. Wind /Braid a Challah, by Diane Rauchwerger Wind, wind, wind (2 x) (make fists, roll hands) Pull, pull, tap, tap, tap. (pull fists apart, tap one fist on top of the other) Make a challah (2 x) Braid, braid, pat, pat, pat. (make fists, roll hands) (make braiding motions, tap one fist on top of the other) Songs: Bim Bam Shabbat Shalom Bim bam, bim, bim, bim bam Bim, bim, bim, bim, bim bam (2 X) Shabbat Shalom, hey! (2 X) Shabbat, Shabbat, Shabbat, Shabbat Shalom. Translation: Shabbat peace Goodie Good Shabbat Goodie (4 X) good Shabbat Good Shabbat (2 X) Goodie (4 X) good Shabbat Good Shabbat. Minna min (2 X) Minna, minna, minna, min (roll hands) Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Convention of the Association of Jewish Libraries (Scottsdale, AZ – June 17-20, 2007) 2
  2. 2. "Light" from the Sages
  3. 3. The Light of the Soul
  4. 4. Thursday, October 18, 12
  5. 5. The soul of everything... Thursday, October 18, 12
  6. 6. Blessings Copyright © 1994 and © 2010 by Central Conference of American Rabbis. All rights reserved. May not be copied, distributed or sold without express written permission of CCAR Press. Thursday, October 18, 12
  7. 7. Shabbat Candles
  8. 8. Angels
  9. 9. Psalms
  10. 10. Kabbalat Shabbat The Psalms of Kabbalat Shabbat Psalm 95 ‫תהילים צה‬ ‫לְ כו נְ ַרנְ ּ נָ ה לַיְ י נָ ִריעה לְ צור יִ שענו. נְ ק ְּדמה פָ נָ יו בתוֹ דה בזְ מרוֹ ת נָ ִריע לוֹ . כִ י‬ ִ ִּ ָ ְּ ָ ַ ּ ֵ ְׁ ָ ּ ּ ּ ַ ָ ְ‫אֵ ל גדוֹ ל יְ י ומֶ לֶך‬ ‫גדוֹ ל על כָ ל אלֹהים. אֲ שר ביָדוֹ מֶ חק ֵרי אָ ֶרץ וְ תוֹ עפוֹ ת הָ ִרים‬ ְ ְ ִ ֱ ָּ ָּ ּ ְ ֶׁ ּ ַ ּ ָ ֲ . ֹ‫לו‬ L’chu n’ra-n’na lAdonai naria l’tzur yisheinu. N’ka-d’ma fanav b’toda, biz’mirot naria lo. Ki El gadol Adonai umelech gadol al kol elohim. Asher b’yado mech-k’rei aretz v’to-a-fot harim lo. ּ ‫אֲ שֶ ר לוֹ הַ יָם וְ הוא עשהו וְ יַבֶ שת יָדיו יָצָ רו. בֹאו נִ שתחוֶה וְ נִ כְ ָרעה נִ ב ְרכָ ה‬ ְ ֲ ַ ּ ְׁ ּ ּ ּ ָ ֶ ׁ ּ ּ ָׂ ָ ּ ָ ּ ֹ‫לִ פנֵי יְ י עֹשנו. כִ י הוא אלֹהֵ ינו וַ אֲ נַ חנו עם מ ְרעיתוֹ וְ צֹאן יָדוֹ הַ יוֹ ם אם בקֹלו‬ ִ ֱ ָ ְ ְּ ּ ּ ֵׂ ּ ּ ִ ַ ַ ּ ְ .‫תשמעו‬ ּ ָ ְׁ ִ Psalm 95 is the first in the collection of psalms which make up the Kabblat Shabbat service. This service was first assembled in Tzfat during the early 17th century. Rabbis there would go into the fields outside the city in order to receive the Shabbat Bride. Asher lo hayam v’hu asahu v’yabeshet yadav yatzaru. Bo-u nish-tacha-veh v’nich-raa niv-r’cha lifnei Adonai oseinu. Ki hu Eloheinu va-anach-nu am mar’ito v’tzon yado hayom im b’kolo tish-ma-u. ‫אַ ל תקשו לְ בַ בכֶ ם כִ מ ִריבָ ה כְ יוֹ ם מסָ ה בַּ מ ְדבָּ ר. אֲ שר נִ סונִ י אֲ בוֹ תיכֶ ם בחָ נונִ י‬ ֵ ֶׁ ְ ּ ְ ּ ַ ּ ּ ְּ ּ ּ ּ ׁ ְ ַּ ִּ .‫גם ָראו פָ עלִ י‬ ַּ ֳ ּ Al tak-shu l’vav’chem kim-ri-va k’yom ma-sa ba-midbar. Asher nisuni a-voteichem b’chanuni gam ra-u fo-oli. ‫אַ ְרבָּ עים שנָ ה אָ קוט בדוֹ ר וָ אֹמר עם תֹעי לֵבָ ב הֵ ם וְ הֵ ם לֹא יָדעו ְד ָרכָ י. אֲ שר‬ ֶׁ ָׁ ְּ ּ ּ ְ ֵ ּ ַ ַ ִ .‫נִ שבַּ עתי באַ פי אם יְ בֹאון אֶ ל מנוחָ תי‬ ִ ּ ְ ִ ִ ּ ְ ִּ ְ ׁ ְ ּ Ar-ba-im shana akut b’dor va-omar am to-ei lei-vav heim v’heim lo yad-u d’rachai. Asher nish-ba-ti v’a-pi im y’vo-un el m’nuchati. 26
  11. 11. ‫לך ענו שירה‬ PSALM 95 Within its bounds Shabbat is one of the surest means of finding peace in the war-torn realms of the soul. It is one of the basic institutions of humanity – an idea with infinite potentiality, infinite power, infinite hope. Through the Sabbath, Judaism has succeeded in turning its greatest teachings into a day. Out of a remote world of profound thought, grand dreams, and fond hopes – all of which seem so distant, so intangible and so unrealizable – the Sabbath has forged a living reality which can be seen and tasted and felt at least once a week. Erich Fromm 27 C ome, let us sing joyously to Adonai, raise a shout for our rock and deliverer; let us come into God’s presence with praise; let us raise a shout for God in song! For Adonai is a great God, the great Sovereign of all divine beings. In God’s hand are the depths of the earth; the peaks of the mountains are God’s. God’s is the sea, God made it; and the land, which God’s hands fashioned. Come, let us bow down and kneel, bend the knee before Adonai our maker. For this is our God, and we are the people God tends, the flock in God’s care. O, if you would but heed God’s charge this day. Do not be stubborn as at Meribah, as on the day of Massah, in the wilderness, when your ancestors put Me to the test, tried Me, though they had seen My deeds. Forty years, I was provoked by that generation. I thought, “They are senseless people; they would not know My ways.” Concerning them I swore in anger, “They shall never come to My resting place!”
  12. 12. Kabbalat Shabbat Psalm 96 ‫תהילים צו‬ ּ ִ ּ ְּׂ ‫שירו לַיְ י שיר חָ דש שירו לַיְ י כָ ל הָ אָ ֶרץ. שירו לַיְ י בָּ ְרכו שמוֹ בַּ שרו מיוֹ ם לְ יוֹ ם‬ ְׁ ּ ָ ּ ִׁ ִׁ ָ ּ ִׁ ּ ָ ּ ִׁ ׁ ָ ‫יְ שועתוֹ . סַ פרו בַ גּ וֹ יִ ם כְּ בוֹ דוֹ בכָ ל-הָ עמים נִ פלְ אוֹ תיו. כִ י גָ דוֹ ל יְ י ומהֻ לָל מאֹד‬ ְ ּ ְּ ָ ָ ְ ּ ְּ ּ ְּ ִּ ַ ָּ ׁ .‫נוֹ ָרא הוא על כָ ל אלֹהים‬ ִ ֱ ּ ַ ּ Shiru lAdonai shir chadash shiru lAdonai kol ha-aretz. Shiru lAdonai bar’chu sh’mo ba-s’ru miyom l’yom y’shu-a-to. Sa-p’ru vagoyim k’vodo b’chol ha-amim nif-l’otav. Ki gadol Adonai um-hulal m’od no-ra hu al kol elohim. ‫כִּ י כָ ל-אלֹהֵ י הָ עמים אֶ לִ ילִ ים וַ יְ י שמיִ ם עשה. הוֹ ד וְ הָ דר לְ פָ נָ יו עֹז וְ תפאֶ ֶרת‬ ְ ִ ָ ָׂ ָ ַ ָׁ ָ ֱ ּ ִּ ַ ‫במקדשוֹ . הָ בו ליָי משפחוֹ ת עמים הָ בו ליָי כָ בוֹ ד וָ עֹז. הָ בו לַיְ י כְ בוֹ ד שמוֹ שאו‬ ְׁ ְ ּ ְׁ ִ ַ ּ ׁ ּ ָ ְ ִ ְּ ּ ָ ּ ּ ַ ּ ּ ְׂ ִּ ַ .‫מנְ חָ ה ובֹאו לְ חַ צרוֹ תיו‬ ָ ְ ִ ּ ּ Ki kol elohei ha-amim elilim vAdonai shamayim asa. Hod v’hadar l’fanav oz v’tif-eret b’mik-dasho. Havu lAdonai mish-p’chot amim havu lAdonai kavod va-oz. Havu lAdonai k’vod sh’mo s’u min-cha uvo-u l’chatz-rotav. ְ ָ ָ ‫השתחֲוו ליָי בהַ ְד ַרת קֹדש חילו מפָ נָ יו כָ ל הָ אָ ֶרץ. אמרו בַ גּ וֹ יִ ם יְ י מלָך אַ ף‬ ּ ּ ְ ַ ּ ַ ּ ְׁ ִ ּ ְ ִ ּ ִ ּ ִ ׁ ֶ ‫תכוֹ ן תבֵ ל בַּ ל תמוֹ ט יָדין עמים במֵ יש ִרים. יִ שמחו הַ שמיִ ם וְ תגֵל הָ אָ ֶרץ יִ ְרעם‬ ָ ַ ָׁ ּ ּ ְ ׂ ְ ָׁ ִ ֵּ ְּ ּ ִּ ִּ ַ ּ ִּ ַ . ֹ‫הַ יָם ומלֹאו‬ ְּ ּ The Book of Psalms is made up of 150 poems which Jewish tradition attributes to King David, though some modern scholars see them as the product of multiple sources. Most psalms are prefixed with introductory words ascribing them to a particular author (only 73 explicitly claim David as author). The psalms include poems of thanksgiving, praise, war songs, songs connected with festivals and historical events, and milestones in individuals’ lives. Hish-tachavu lAdonai b’had-rat kodesh chilu mipanav kol ha-aretz. Imru vagoyim Adonai malach af tikon teiveil bal timot yadin amim b’mei-sharim. Yis-m’chu hashamayim v’tageil ha-aretz yir-am hayam um-lo-o. ‫יעל ֹז שדי וְ כָ ל אֲ שר בוֹ אָ ז יְ ַרנְ ּ נו כָ ל עצֵ י יער. לִ פני יְ ָי כִ י בָ א כִ י בָ א לִ שפט‬ ֹ ּ ְׁ ֵ ְ ֶׁ ַ ָׂ ּ ּ ּ ַ ָ ֲ ּ ּ ֲ ַ . ֹ‫הָ אָ ֶרץ יִ שפֹט תבֵ ל בצֶ דק וְ עמים בֶ אֱמונָ תו‬ ֶ ְּ ֵּ ּ ּ ּ ְׁ ִּ ַ Ya-a-loz sadai v’chol asher bo az y’ra-n’nu kol atzei ya-ar. Lif’nei Adonai ki va ki va lish-pot ha-aretz yish-pot teiveil b’tzedek v’amim be-e-munato. 28
  13. 13. ‫לך ענו שירה‬ PSALM 96 Prayer is a coupling with the Glory of God. Therefore man should move himself up and down at the beginning of prayer, but then he can stand unmoved and cleave to God in a great cleaving. And because he moves, he can attain to a great awakening so that he must reflect: Why do I move up and down? Certainly, because the Glory of God stands over against me. And over this he enters into a great rapture. Martin Buber Hasidism and Modern Man S ing to Adonai a new song, sing to Adonai, all the earth. Sing to Adonai, bless God’s name, proclaim God’s victory day after day. Tell of God’s glory among the nations, God’s wondrous deeds, among all peoples. For Adonai is great and much acclaimed, God is held in awe by all divine beings. All the gods of the peoples are mere idols, but Adonai made the heavens. Glory and majesty are before God; strength and splendor are in God’s Temple. Ascribe to Adonai, O families of the peoples, ascribe to Adonai glory and strength. Ascribe to Adonai the glory of God’s name, bring tribute and enter God’s courts. Bow down to Adonai majestic in holiness; tremble in God’s presence, all the earth! Declare among the nations, “Adonai is sovereign!” the world stands firm; it cannot be shaken; God judges the peoples with equity. Let the heavens rejoice and the earth exult; let the sea and all within it thunder. The fields and everything in them exult; then shall all the trees of the forest shout for joy at the presence of Adonai, for God is coming, for God is coming to rule the earth; God will rule the world justly and its peoples in faithfulness. 29
  14. 14. Mizmor Shiru (Psalm 98) Adonai will sustain the world with kindness... Mizmor. Shiru l’Adonai shir chadash, ki nifla’ot asa. Hodia Adonai yishuato, l’einei hagoyim gila tzid’kato. Zachar chasdo veemunato l’veit Yisrael. Ra’u chol afsei . aretz et yishu’at Eloheinu. Hariu l’Adonai . kol ha’aretz, pitz’chu ve’ran’nu vezameru. Bachatzotzrot v’kol shofar, Hariu lifnei . hamelech Adonai. Yiram hayam umlo’o, teivel v’yosh’vei vah. N’harot yimcha’u . chaf, Yachad harim yeraneinu. Lifnei Adonai ki va lish’pot ha’aretz, Yish’pot . teivel b’tzedek, v’amim b’meisharim. Sing a new song to our God, who has done wonders. You have made known Your power and revealed Your justice for all to see. You have remembered Your love and faithfulness to the house of Israel. All the ends of the Earth have seen the power of God. Let the earth ring out in song to God; break forth, sing aloud, shout praise! Sound trumpet and horn before the Sovereign God. Let the sea roar and all that fills it, the world and all who dwell there. Let the rivers clap hands! Let all the mountains sing for joy before the Eternal One. For God comes to rule the earth: To rule the world with justice and the peoples with righteousness. Adonai Malach (Psalm 99) Adonai malach yirg’zu amim, yoshev . k’ruvim, tanut ha’aretz. Adonai b’tzion . gadol, v’ram hu al kol ha’amim. Yodu shimcha: gadol v’nora kadosh Hu. V’oz . melech, mish’pat aheiv Atah konan’ta meisharim, Mish’pat utz’dakah b’Yaakov . atah asita. Romemu Adonai Eloheinu, v’hish’tachavu l’har kad’sho, ki kadosh . Adonai Eloheinu. The Eternal One reigns: let the peoples quake with awe; God sits enthroned, and the earth trembles. You are exalted in Zion, Eternal One, high above the peoples. Let them praise your name, great, awesome, and holy. Your power, O Sovereign God, is in Your love of justice. You make righteousness stand firm; justice and right take root in Jacob. We will exalt You, our Eternal God, and worship at your holy mountain for our Eternal God is holy. 9
  15. 15. Psalm 99
  16. 16. HAVU LADONAI: (Psalm 29) Miz-mor L’David…Ha-vu La-do-nai b'nei ei-lim. Ha-vu La-do-nai ka-vod va-oz Ha-vu La-do-nai k'vod sh'mo hish-ta-cha-vu La-do-nai b'had-rat ko-desh. Kol A-do-nai al ha-ma-yim eil ha-ka-vod, hir-im. A-do-nai al ma-yim ra-bim. Kol A-do-nai ba-ko-ach Kol A-do-nai be-ha-dar Kol A-do-nai sho-veir a-ra-zim Vay'sha-beir A-do-nai Et ar-zei ha-l'va-non. Va-yar-ki-deim k'mo ei-gel l'va-non v'sir-yon k'mo ven r'ei-mim. Kol A-do-nai cho-tseiv la-ha-vot eish. Kol A-do-nai ya-chil mid-bar Ya-chil A-do-nai mid-bar Ka-desh. Kol A-do-nai y'cho-leil a-ya-lot Va-ye-che-sof y'a-rot uv-hei-cha-lo ku-lo o-meir ka-vod. Psalm 29 A-do-nai la-ma-bul ya-shav va-yei-shev A-do-nai me-lech l'olam. A-do-nai oz l'a-mo yi-tein A-do-nai y'va-reich et a-mo va-sha-lom. Adonai will sit on the throne forever and bless the people with peace.
  17. 17. Ma’ariv Aravim Baruch Ata Adonai Eloheinu, Melech ha’olam, asher bid’varo ma’ariv aravim, b’choch'ma poteiach sh’arim, uvit’vuna m’shaneh itim, umachalif et haz’manim, um’sadeir et hakochavim, b’mishm’- . roteihem barakia kir’tzono. Borei yom valaila, goleil or mip’nei choshech v’choshech mip’nei or, uma’avir yom umeivi laila, umav'dil bein yom uvein laila, . Adonai tz’vaot sh’mo. El chai v’kayam, . . tamid yim'loch aleinu l’olam va’ed. Baruch Ata Adonai, hama’ariv aravim. Praised be our Eternal God, Ruler of the universe, whose word brings on the evening twilight. With wisdom You open heaven’s gates, and with understanding You make the ages pass and the seasons alternate; Your will controls the stars as they travel through the skies. You are Creator of day and night, rolling light away from darkness and darkness from light; You cause day to pass and bring on the night; separating day from night; You command the hosts of heaven! May the living and eternal God rule us always, to the end of time! We praise You, O Eternal One, Whose word makes evening fall. Ahavat Olam Ahavat olam beit Yisrael am’cha ahav’ta: Torah umitzvot, chukim umish’patim otanu . limad’ta. Al ken Adonai Eloheinu, beshoch’beinu uv’kumeinu nasiach b’chukecha, v’nis’mach b’divrei toratecha . uv’mitz’votecha l’olam va’ed. Ki heim chayeinu v’orech yameinu, uvahem . neh’geh yomam valailah. V’ahavat’cha al . tasir mimenu l’olamim! Baruch Ata Adonai, . ohev amo Yisrael. You’ve loved Israel Your people with an eternal love. You have taught us Torah and Commandments, laws and judgments. Therefore, O God, when we lie down and rise up, we will discuss Your laws and rejoice in the words of Your Torah and Commandments forever and ever. For they are our life and length of our days; we will meditate on them day and night. Do not remove Your love from us ever! Blessed are You God, Lover of the people Israel. 21
  18. 18. _____________ The Reading of Torah - dxFY© ¨ d “There is no God like you, Adonai, and there is nothing like your creations.” (Psalms 86:8) “Your sovereignty is for ever, and your dominion, generation after generation.” (Psalms 145:13) “Adonai reigns, Adonai has reigned, Adonai shall reign throughout all time.” “Let Adonai grant his people strength; may Adonai bless his people with peace.” (Psalms 29:11) Source of compassion, “favor Zion with your goodness; build the walls of Jerusalem.” (Psalms 51:20) For in you alone do we put our trust, exalted and eternal, Sovereign God. z¨ ix§ xc¤ _____________ ` ¦w ¤q .Li«U£ nM oi¥ e§ ,¨i§ ,mi ¦ l¡ a LFn¨ oi¥ ¤ r© § ` i `¨ « M ` lkA LYlWnnE ,min¨ r lM zEkln LzEkln ¨§ §§ © §¤ ¦ ¨ §© § §© .xc¨ xC e .c¤ e m¨ rl Kln¦ ii§ ,K¨ n ii§ ,K¤ n ii§ r¨ § § i ¨ l ¨ ¨ l «¤ ¨ .mFlXa FO© z¤ Kxai§ ii§ oY¦ FO© l fr ii§ ¨ © r ` ¥¨ ¨ ¥ i r§ ¨ ,oFIv z¤ L§pFvx§ a dai«hid ,min£ x©d a` ¦ ` « ¦ ¨ ¦ ¥ ¦g ¨ © .m¦ lWExi§ zFnFg d¤ aY i«¨ ¨ p§ ¦ ,Epg«hA c© l La iM § ¨ ¨ a§ § ¦ .min¨ Fr oFc£ ,`V¦ e§ mx l` K¤ n ¦l ` ¨ p ¨ ¥ l «¤ En kamokha ba-elohim Adonai ve-en kema’asekha: malkhutkha malkhut kol ’olamim umemshaltekha bekhol dor vador: Adonai melekh, Adonai malakh, Adonai imlokh le’olam va’ed: Adonai ’oz le’amo iten, Adonai yevarekh et ’amo bashalom. Av harakhamim heitiva birtzonkha et Tzion tivne khomot Yerushalaim: ki bekha levad batakhnu melekh el ram venisa adon ’olamim. Torah is more than a book: Torah is what God revealed to us, and what we discovered about God. It is the ideas and the ideals, the rules and the duties, that make up our religious heritage. It is the enlightment of Abraham, the legislation of Mosheh, the Prophets’ passion for social justice, the wisdom of Rabbis, the traditional practices of great and small acts of kindness and compassion. Torah is also the questions we ask, and the answers we find, when we seek to understand God, the world, and ourselves. Torah is a fruitful way of life, a path to self-fulfillment; the will and the vision for a better world. “And as the Ark was carried forward, Moses would say: Arise, Adonai! that your enemies be scattered; and your foes be put to flight.” (Numbers 10:35) “Torah shall emanate from Zion, the word of Adonai from Jerusalem.” (Isaiah 2:3) Praised is God who, in holiness, bestowed Torah to the people Israel. :dWn xn`«I© ox`d © q§pA idi© ¤ ¤ e ¨ ¨ « ¦ ¦ §e :Li«pRn Li«`§pUn Eq«pie§ ,Li«a § ` Ev«t¨e§ ,¨i§ dnEw ¤ ¨ ¦ ¤ © § ª¨ ¤ ªi i ¨ :m¦ lyExin ii§ x© cE , dxFz `vY oFISn iM i«¨ ¨ ¦ ¨ a § ¨ ¥¥ ¦ ¦ ¦ :FzXcwA l`x¨Ui¦ FO© l dxFY oz¨ W KExA ¨ ª§ ¦ ¥ § r§ ¨ © P¤ ¨ Vayehi binso’a ha-aron vayomer Mosheh: kuma Adonai veyafutzu oyevekha veyanusu mesan-ekha mipanekha. Ki miTzion tetze Torah udvar Adonai miYrushalaim. Barukh shenatan Torah le’amo Israel bikdushato. Embracing And Transmitting Torah, From Generation To Generation Generation after generation, we will proclaim your greatness, and for ever consecrate your holiness; and your praise shall never be absent from our mouth. LzXcw mig¨ p g© plE L«lc¨ ciB© xFc¨ xFcl § ¨ ª § ¦ v§ v«¥ § ¤ § B ¦ p e § WEn¨ `l Epi«Rn Epi«¥ l¡ L£ aWe§ ,WiC¦ w© i ¦¦ ` g§ ¦ §p .c¤ e m¨ Frl r¨ l § Ledor Vador nagid godlekha, ulenetzakh netzakhim kedushatkha nakdish, veshivkhakha eloheinu mipinu lo yamush le’olam va’ed. Shabbat Morning Tefilah - 47 - z¨ Wl zix¨ W z©litY A © § ¦g © ¦§
  19. 19. Unique is our G-d, supreme our Ruler, Holy in Spirit Acclaim Adonai with me. Let us exault G-d together!
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  21. 21. "It is our duty to praise the G-d of our tradition…" Tuesday, November 23, 2010