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Contemporary Machzor

  1. 1. High Holiday Prayer Book for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur A CONTEMPORARY SERVICE Marlboro Jewish Center Congregation Ohev Shalom Marlboro, New Jersey
  2. 2. THE REASONS FOR THIS PRAYER BOOK I have had the pleasure of creating and officiating at this unique service since its inception which has been offered at the synagogue every year since 1985. For 21 consecutive years, this service has given our members the opportunity to attain a spiritual experience that they could not find in a traditional High Holiday service. Our contemporary service has never been viewed as a replacement for the traditional service. Instead, this service offers an alternative to that large segment of our membership that either has felt unfulfilled by the traditional services offered at most Conservative synagogues or have been made uncomfortable by the overwhelming amount of Hebrew that is used in the traditional High Holiday services. In this day and age, we should use all available techniques in our prayer services to generate strong spiritual feelings. Our prayer books should not be strictly linear, with word following word, line after line and page after page. Many people gain most of their information from non-linear media. Many synagogue members don’t read Hebrew; certainly they don’t benefit from pages filled with letters they cannot decipher. If most of us get most of the information we need in our daily lives through more than one medium, why shouldn’t our prayer books acknowledge that truth? This the fourth edition of the machzor offered by the Marlboro Jewish Center. It includes, along with new contemporary readings and photos, material on such events as the tragedy of 9/11 as part of the Martyrology service on Yom Kippur. Conservative Judaism is a pluralistic movement. People who attend alternative Conservative prayer services should not be ostracized because they want an approach to prayer unlike the one they are expected to want. In his seminal work, Tradition and Change, Rabbi Mordecai Waxman describes the Conservative movement as a tent large enough to include people who hold a range of different perspectives. The early Chavurah movement of the late 60s, of which I was a member, also saw itself as offering one more authentic Jewish choice. Once again, the Marlboro Jewish Center will be packed with nearly 3,000 people. Of them, as every year, at least 800 of them will pray at the contemporary service; the other 2,000 will be at the traditional services. At 1 p.m. all the services will end and all the shul’s members will gather in the lobby of our synagogue or on its front lawn, wishing each other a “Shanah Tova.”All that matters is our community will come together under the roof of our synagogue, and we will all pray together. We’ll be in different rooms, using different books, singing different melodies – but we’ll all be together. Special thanks must be given to the following members of the committee who worked on this latest edition. Robin Farber, Eric Miller, Natalie Loeb, Babette Mallow, Judy Olesh, Nancy Rheingold, Phylis Schnall, Leonard Zimmerman, Pierre and Natalie Olesinski, Joyce Sugarman, David and Helaine Cantos, Cris Gansman, Joanne Kirschner, Vera Gordon, Roberta Newman, Alan Solomon, Zelda Liebowitz, and Sheryl Metzger. But one shines brighter than all others, Ira Kirschner whose dedication, creativity and love of Judaism will guarantee him and his family, blessings that knows no bounds. I would also like to thank Rabbi Jules Harlowe and the Rabbinical Assembly for permission to reprint selections from the Mahzor for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and Mahzor Chadash, edited by Rabbi Sidney Greenberg and Rabbi Jonathan Levine. May we grow and prosper in our souls and our bodies as we experience the wonderful world of T’fillah. Allan Sugarman June 2006
  3. 3. Table of Contents Rosh Hashanah Morning Service 1 Torah Service 38 Shofar Service 59 Musaf 65 Yom Kippur Kol Nidre 86 Confessional 111 Yom Kippur 128 Yizkor 148 Neilah 155 Editor Allan Sugarman Layout Editor Ira Kirschner 1st Edition, Sept. 1985 2nd Edition, Sept. 1996 3rd Edition, Sept. 2002 4th Edition (a), Sept. 2006
  4. 4. .L¤û §c¨w x©d§A oM§û¦i i¦n ,L¤l¡¢d¨`§A xEb¨i i¦n ¨i§i c¦e¨c§l xFn§f¦n Do we deserve to enter God's sanctuary? How can we merit a place in His Presence? Ea «H d©nL§C§q©g ax§A i¦p£`©e .l¥` ¨x§U¦i Li«¤p§M§W¦n ,aw £r©i Li«¤l¨` i¦Y§a«©d¨` ¨i§i .L«¤z¨` §x¦i§A L§W §c¨w l©ki¥d l¤` d¤e£g©Y§W¤` ,L«¤zi¥a `Fa¨` ,d ¨r «¨x§k¤`§e d¤e£g©Y§W¤` i¦p£`©e .L«¤cFa§M o©M§W¦n mFw§nE ,L«¤zi¥A oFr§n mi¦ l¡` ,oFv ¨x z ¥r ,¨i§i L§l i¦z¨N¦t§z i¦p£`©e .i¦ r ¨i§i i¥p§t¦l d¨k §x§a¤` .L «¤r§W¦i z¤n¡`¤A i¦p«¥p £r ,L«¤C§q©g a ¨x§A Ma tovu, o’ha’lecha Yaakov, mish’k’notecha Yisrael. Va’ani b’rov chas’d’cha avo vai’techa, esh’ta’cha’veh el hai’chal kad’sh’cha b’yir’o’te’cha. Adonai a’hav’tee m’oan bai’te’cha, oom’koam mish’kan k’vo’decha. Va’ani esh’ta’cha’veh v’ech’ra’ah, ev’ra’cha leefÕnai Adonai o’see. Va’ani t’fee’la’tee l’cha Adonai, ait ra’tzon, Elohim b’rav chas’de’cha, a’nainee be’emet yish’echa. How goodly are your tents, O Jacob, your dwelling places, O Israel. Lord, through your abundant kindness, I come into Your house and I reverently worship You in our Holy Synagogue. I love this Sanctuary, the place where Your glory resides. Here, I worship You, my Lord and Creator. Accept my prayer, and the prayers of my family and answer us with Your great mercy and truth ... Amen ,ei¨zF§v¦n§A Ep«¨W §C¦w x¤y£` m¨lFr¨d K¤l«¤n Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A .z¦vi¦S©A s¥H ©r§z¦d§l Ep«¨E¦v§e Baruch Atah Adonai, Elohainu Melech Ha’olam asher kee’d’sha’nu b’mitzvo’tav v’tziva’nu l’hit’a’taf ba’tzitzit. Blessed are You, O Lord our God, King of the Universe, who have sanctified us with Your Mitzvot and had commanded us to wrap ourselves in the Talit. i thank you God for this most amazing day for the leaping greenly spirits of trees and a blue true dream of sky; and for everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes. i who have died am alive again today, and this is the sun’s birthday; this is the birthday of life and of love and wings; and of the gay happening illimitable earth. now the ears of my ears awake and now the eyes of my eyes are opened. eecummings - 1 -
  5. 5. ,ei¨zF§v¦n§A Ep«¨W §c¦w x¤W£` ,m¨lFr¨d K¤l«¤n Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A :d ¨xFz i ¥x§a¦c§A wFq £r©l Ep«¨E¦v§e Baruch Atah Adonai Elohainu Melech Ha’olam asher kee’d’sha’nu b’mitzvo’tav v’tziva’nu la’a’soak b’div’rai Torah. l¨M¦n Ep«¨A x©g«¨A x¤W£` ,m¨lFr¨d K¤l«¤n Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A :d ¨xFY©d o¥zFp ,¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A :Fz ¨xFY z¤` Ep«¨l o©z«¨p§e ,mi¦O ©r¨d Baruch Atah Adonai Elohainu Melech Ha’olam asher ba’char ba’nu mi’kol ha’amim, v’natan lanu et Torah’to. Baruch Atah Adonai no’tain ha’Torah. Praised are You, Lord our God, King of the Universe who sanctified our life with his commandments, commanding us to study Torah. May the words of the Torah, Lord our God, be sweet in our mouth of all Your people so that we, our children, and all of the children in the House of Israel may come to know You and to study the Torah with selfless devotion. Praised are You, Lord our God, King of the Universe who has chosen us by giving us his Torah. Avinu Sh'ba-shamayim... O God in Heaven... As we approach another year, we ask Your blessings upon us and upon our loved ones. Grant us the courage to peer into our lives, the wisdom and discernment to evaluate what we see, and the strength to act with resolve to change whatever needs improvement. May it be Your will that we be inscribed into the Book of Life and that the coming year be one of peace and tranquility. May our homes reflect the sense of Your holiness and may we strive to fulfill Your will for us. We pray that our lives become sanctified by Your guidance and by Your love for Your people. During these Holy Days when we come into Your sanctuary, our thoughts turn to You and we try to let You into our lives. Be there for us, O Lord, and let the light of Your Divine Presence shine upon us and upon all Your people. Bless this New Year with Shalom for us, for the Jewish people and for all humanity everywhere. Keyn Y'hi Ratzon... May it be Your will ........ Amen - 2 -
  6. 6. ,m¨lFr¨d Kd¤l«¤n Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A :d¨l§i«¨l oi¥aE mFi oi¥A oi¦g§a©d§l ,d¨pi¦a i¦e§k¤V©l o©z¨p x¤W£` Baruch Atah Adonai Elohainu Melech Ha’olam asher natan la’sech’vi ve’nah l’hav’chen ‘bain yom oo’van lai’lah. :Fn§l©v§A i¦p«©U ¨r¤û ,m¨lFr¨d K¤l«¤n Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A ... she’a’sanee b’tzal’mo. :l¥` ¨x§U¦i i¦p«©U ¨r¤û ,m¨lFr¨d K¤l«¤n Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A ... she’a’sanee Yisrael. :oi ¦xFg-o¤A i¦p«©U ¨r¤û ,m¨lFr¨d K¤l«¤n Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A ... she’a’sanee ben cho’rin. :epFv §x¦M i¦p«©U ¨r¤W ,m¨lFr¨d K¤l«¤n Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A ... she’a’sanee kir’tzo’no. :mi ¦x§e¦r ©g«¥wFR ,m¨lFr¨d K¤l«¤n Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A ... po’kai’ach eev’rim. :mi¦n ªx £r Wi¦A§l©n ,m¨lFr¨d K¤l«¤n Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A ... mal’bish a’roo’mim. :mi ¦xEq£` xi¦Y©n ,m¨lFr¨d K¤l«¤n Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A ... ma’tir a’su’rim. :mi¦tEt§M s¥wFf ,m¨lFr¨d K¤l«¤n Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A ... zo’kaif k’foofim’. :m¦i«¨O©d l ©r u ¤x«¨`¨d r©wFx ,m¨lFr¨d K¤l«¤n Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A ... ro’kah ha’aretz al ha’mayim. :i¦M §x¨v l¨M i¦N d¨U «¨r¤W ,m¨lFr¨d K¤l«¤n Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A ... she’asah li kal tzar’chi. :x¤a«¨b i ¥c £r§v¦n oi¦k¥d x¤û£` ,m¨lFr¨d K¤l«¤n Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A ... asher hai’chin mi’tza’a’deh ga’ver. :d ¨xEa§b¦A l¥` ¨x§U¦i x¥fF` ,m¨lFr¨d K¤l«¤n Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A ... o’zair Yisrael be’g’voo’rah. :d ¨x¨`§t¦z§A l¥` ¨x§U¦i x¥hFr ,m¨lFr¨d K¤l«¤n Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A ... o’tair Yisrael b’teef’ah’rah. :©g «M s ¥r¨I©l o¥zFP©d ,m¨lFr¨d K¤l«¤n Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A ... ha’no’tain la’ya’aif ko’ach. For all these we offer praise to You. For the ability to tell light from dark, right from wrong. For creating us in your image. For the gift of freedom. For the privilege of being Jewish. For the ability to see. For the garments that clothe us. For the yearning of slaves to be free. For the power to stand up under our burdens. For the orderly universe in which we live. For providing our daily needs. For the guidance to do right. For endowing our people with strength. For crowning Israel with glory. For the privilege of awakening to a new day. - 3 -
  7. 7. I am a Jew because Judaism demands no abdication of my mind. I am a Jew because Judaism asks every possible sacrifice of my soul. I am a Jew because whenever there are tears and suffering the Jew weeps. I am a Jew because whenever the cry of despair is heard the Jew hopes. I am a Jew because the message of Judaism is the oldest and the newest. I am a Jew because the promise of Judaism is a universal promise. I am a Jew because, for the Jew, the world is not finished; human beings will complete it. I am a Jew because, for the Jew, humanity is not fully created; people are creating it. I am a Jew because Judaism places humanity above nations and above Judaism itself. I am a Jew because, above humanity, Judaism places the Oneness of God. Edmond Fleg Baruch She’amar Ve Haya Olam Blessed is the One who spoke and the world came into being. Let us always remember the power of the spoken word. Everlasting is the word that heals. Stinging is the scornful word. Soothing is the word of true emotion. Even the word of infants can reach the heavens. Dreams begin with words. In our voice we find the power to create the world anew. Simply listening to the other’s voice is the greatest blessing we can offer. Too often we choose not to speak when we must. Help us oh Lord to speak only when it is helpful. Eloquence is a matter of subject when we speak on your behalf. Open our ears to your blessing. Never are we alone in your blessing Enter our hearts through your blessing. --Rabbi Jonathan Infeld ,`Ed KEx¨A ,m¨lFr¨d d¨i¨d§e x©n¨`¤W KEx¨A ,d¤ r§e x¥nF` KEx¨A ,zi¦W` ¥x§a d¤ r KEx¨A ,u ¤x«¨`¨d l ©r m¥g ©x§n KEx¨A ,m¥I©w§nE x¥fFB KEx¨A ,ei¨` ¥xi¦l aFh x¨k¨U m¥N©W§n KEx¨A ,zFI ¦x§A©d l ©r m¥g ©x§n KEx¨A .Fn§W KEx¨A ,li¦S©nE d¤cFR KEx¨A ,g©v«¤p¨l m¨I©w§e c ©r¨l i©g KEx¨A x¨t§nE g¨AªW§n ,FO ©r i¦t§A l¨N ªd§n©d ,o¨n£g ©x¨d a¨`¨d l¥`¨d ,m¨lFr¨d K¤l«¤n Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A L§l¤C©b§p ,zFx¦n§f¦aE zFg¨a§W¦A Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i L§l¤N©d§p .L«§C§a ©r c¦e ¨c i ¥xi¦W§aE ,ei¨c¨a £r©e ei¨ci¦q£g oFW§l¦A g¨AªW§n K¤l«¤n ,mi¦n¨lFr¨d i¥g ,ci¦g¨i ,Epi«¥l¡` Ep«¥M§l©n ,L§ki¦l§n©p§e ,L§n¦W xi¦M§f©p§e L §x¤`¨t§pE L£g¥A§W§pE :zFg¨A§W¦Y©A l¨N ªd§n K¤l«¤n ,¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A :lFc¨B©d Fn§W c ©r i¥c £r x¨t§nE - 4 -
  8. 8. May the door of this synagogue be wide enough to receive all who hunger for love, all who are lonely for fellowship. May it welcome all who have cares to unburden, thanks to express, hopes to nurture. May the door of this synagogue be narrow enough to shut out the pettiness and pride, envy and enmity. May its threshold be no stumbling block to young or straying feet. May it be too high to admit complacency, selfishness, and harshness. May this synagogue be, for all who enter, the doorway to a richer and more meaningful life. TEACH ME TO PRAISE Teach me, my God, to praise and to pray For the mystery of the withered leaf, For the glow of the ripened fruit; For the freedom to see, to feel, To breathe, to know, to hope, to stumble. Teach my lips a blessing, a hymn of praise, As you renew each morning and each night; Lest this day appear as yesterday And the day before- Lest my day become routine. Leah Goldberg Photo by Bill Aron - 5 -
  9. 9. ,L«¤zi¥a i¥a§WFi i ¥x§W©`:d¨l«¤Q LE«l§l©d§i cFr ,FN d¨k«¨M¤W m ¨r¨d i ¥x§W©`:ei¨l¡` ¨i§i¤W m ¨r¨d i ¥x§W©` ,c¦e¨c§l d¨N¦d§Y £`,K¤l«¤O©d i©dFl¡` L§n¦nFx:c ¤r¨e m¨lFr§l L§n¦W d¨k §x¨a£`©e §A, «¤k §x¨a£` mFi l¨k:c ¤r¨e m¨lFr§l L§n¦W d¨l§l©d£`©e ¨B,c`§n l¨Nªd§nE ¨i§i lFc:x¤w«¥g oi¥` Fz¨N ªc§b¦l§e C,Li«¤U £r©n g©A©W§i xFc§l xF:Eci«¦B©i Li«¤xEa§bE £d,L«¤cFd cFa§M x©c:d¨gi«¦U¨` Li«¤`§l§t¦p i ¥x§a¦c§e ¤eEx«¥n`i Li«¤zF`xFp fEf ¡r: d¨P «¤x§R©q£` L§z¨NEc§bE «¤f,Eri«¦A©i L§aEh a ©x x¤k:Ep«¥P ©x§i L§z¨w§c¦v§e ©g,¨i§i mEg ©x§e oEP:c¤q«¨g l¨c§bE m¦i«©R©` K ¤x«¤` h,lM©l ¨i§i aF:ei¨U £r©n l¨M l ©r ei¨n£g ©x§e i,Li«¤U £r©n l¨M ¨i§i LE «cF:d¨kE «k §x¨a§i Li«¤ci¦q£g©e §M,Ex«¥n`i L§zEk§l©n cFa:Ex«¥A©c§i L§z ¨xEa§bE §l,ei¨ xEa§b m¨c¨`¨d i¥p§a¦l ©ri «¦cFd:FzEk§l©n x©c£d cFa§kE ©n,mi¦n¨lr l¨M zEk§l©n L§zEk§l:xc¨e xFC l¨k§A L§Y§l©W§n¤nE q,mi¦l§ P©d l¨k§l ¨i§i K¥nF:mi¦tEt§M©d l¨k§l s¥wFf§e ¥r,Ex«¥A©U§i Li«¤l¥` lk i¥pi:FY¦r§A m¨l§k¨` z¤` m¤d¨l o¥zFp d¨Y©`§e R,L«¤c¨i z¤` ©g«¥zF:oFv ¨x i©g l¨k§l ©ri«¦A§U©nE ©v,ei¨k ¨x§C l¨k§A ¨i§i wi¦C:ei¨U £r©n l¨k§A ci¦q¨g§e ¨w,ei¨` §w l¨k§l ¨i§i aFx:z¤n¡`¤a Ed«ª` ¨x§w¦i x¤W£` l¨k§l §x,d¤U £r©i ei¨` ¥x§i oFv:m ¥ri¦yFi§e r©n§W¦i m¨z ¨r§e©W z¤`§e W,ei¨a£` l¨M z¤` ¨i§i x¥nF:ci¦n§W©i mi¦r¨W §x¨d l¨M z¥`§e §Y,i¦R x¤A©c§i ¨i§i z©N¦d:c ¤r¨e m¨lFr§l ,FW§c¨w m¥W x¨U¨A l¨M K ¥x¨ai¦e ,D¨i K ¥x¨a§p Ep§g«©p£`©e:D¨iEl§l©d ,m¨lFr c ©r§e d¨Y ©r¥n - 6 -
  10. 10. Translation of ASHREI And let us be joyful that we are here together, Because we seek honestly the path of our prayer Constantly I seek the right way though it may take a lifetime. Daily I look for clues. The search is an arduous one. Existence of man itself is a testimony to the majesty of Man's Creator. Forward my mind will go seek, perhaps to find. Great are the sights, my goals, my reaching out. Heavenward do I stretch; to grasp the richness of our heritage. In loving kindness and consideration shall I pledge my days. Judaism teaches me to be human. Kind is the great man; just is the honest man. Loving is the universal man; I strive to be better. My vision is as high as the best that man can achieve. Never will I forget the roots of my past. Onward does good deeds go, from words to action. Piety is the action of giving one to the other. Reaching out is the essence of giving to each other. So many miles to go before I sleep... To rest...Under God.... Wake up and be joyful, for we are here together. Photo by Bill Aron - 7 -
  11. 11. Courage You dare to call us partners; We will live, one day at a time, performing signs and wonders for the benefit of others. This we promise You. You dare to call us little lower than the angels; We will use our face and hands to be Your messengers. To this we commit ourselves this day. You dare to tell us we are fashioned in Your image; We will be this Image, live our lives by the most Divine in us, and in this Image listen to Your words and do Your will. So we solemnly declare this day. Your Mitzvah opportunities await. Give us strength: we vow to do Your will as, by Your light and guidance, our hearts and souls so move us. Danny Siegel Connections The traditions of my father are in the synagogue They embrace me like the tallit he wore on Saturday mornings They stand with the voices of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob The traditions of my mother are in the synagogue I feel them when I pray with my husband, my children, mygrandchildren, my friends, my neighbors, my community The traditions of my family are in the synagogue We named our children here We celebrated their B'nai Mitzvot here We brought our children to the marriage canopy My past and my present fuse in the traditions of the synagogue I hear my father's voice and feel my mother's presence They remind me of the privilege and responsibility of being a Jew My past is in the synagogue My present is in the synagogue My identity is in the synagogue The future for my children and grandchildren is in the synagogue Helaine Cantos Congregant, Marlboro Jewish Center - 8 -
  12. 12. Psalm 17, You Are a Consolation(Adapted) O God, You are a consolation to Your creatures, for in moments of forgetting we but call to mind Your care, and we are comforted. When we hope no more, a pattern in the snow reminds us of Your lovingkindness. Your dawns give us confidence, and sleep is a friend. Our sorrows dissipate in the presence of an infant’s smile, and our Elders’wise words revive our will-to-wish. Your hints are everywhere, Your signals in the most remote of places. You are here, and we fail words to say, “Mah Tov!”— How good our breath, our rushing energies, our silences of love. by Danny Siegel Psalm 121 — a song of ascent: (Adapted) I lift up my eyes to the hills. What is the source of my help? My help comes from the Lord, Maker of the heavens and the earth. God will not allow you to stumble, Your Guardian will not slumber. Indeed, the Guardian of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps. The Lord is your Guardian, your shelter at your side. The sun will not smite you by day nor the moon by night. The Lord will guard you against all evil; God will guard you, body and soul. The Lord will guard your going out and your coming home, now and forever. by Danny Siegel Photo by Bill Aron - 9 -
  13. 13. forn ow and fo rever Hallelujah. Psalm 150 ,FW§c¨w§A l¥` El§l©d ,D¨iEl§l©d:FG ªr ©ri«¦w §x¦A EdE«l§l©d ,ei¨ xEa§b§A EdE«l§l©d:Fl§cªB ax§M EdE«l§l©d ,x¨tFW r©w«¥z§A EdE«l§l©d:xFP¦k§e l¤a«¥p§A EdE«l§l©d ,lFg¨nE sz§A EdE«l§l©d:a¨b ªr§e mi¦P¦n§A EdE«l§l©d ,r©n«¨W i¥l§v§l¦v§A EdE«l§l©d:d ¨rEx§z i¥l§v§l¦v§A EdE«l§l©d D¨i l¥N©d§Y d¨n¨W§P©d lM.D¨iEl§l©d D¨i l¥N©d§Y d¨n¨W§P©d lM:D¨iEl§l©d Ha-l'lu-hu ha-l'lu-hu, b'tzeel-tz'laysha-ma. Ha-l'lu-hu ha-l'lu-hu b'tzeel-tz'layt'ru-a. Kol han-sha-ma t'ha'layl ya, ha-l'lu-yah ha-l'lu-yah.(2x) Lord, praise be to You for the rhythm. We praise You for the beat of sound, the beat of the heart, the beat of the drums. We praise You for the clapping hands, the tapping of toes, the snapping of fingers and the nod of the head. We praise You for the jumping of rope, for the skipping, hopping, running and walking. We praise You for the rhythm of seasons, for hot noons and cool nights, for the sunset and the sunrise, for the new moon and the half moon. We praise You for the rhythm of the cycles of the seasons, the cycles of the engines, the cycles of the octaves, the cycles of the seed, and the cycles of the spirit. Lord, we praise You for birth and rebirth, for childhood and parenthood, for life and life to come. - 10 -
  14. 14. For these we give thanks O God, to whom we come so often with needs to be satisfied, we come to You now in gratitude for what we already have and are. For gifts beyond deserving or counting, we give thanks. You have given us the ability to become more than we have been, the urge to be more than we are, and a gnawing hunger to attain heights only dimly imagined. For the power to grow, we give thanks. You have endowed us with the capacity to discern the difference between right and wrong; and You have enabled us to follow the right, to avoid the wrong. For the power to choose, we give thanks. You have blessed us with the ability to fashion things of beauty, to sing new songs, to spin new tales, to add to the treasure-house of humancivilization. For the power to create, we give thanks. You have equipped us with the yearning to commune with You, to bring You our fears and our dreams, our hurts and our joys, our guilt and our gratitude; to share hopes and concerns with You and with others. For the power to pray, we give thanks. You have fortified us with the ability to rise above disappointment and failure, to go on after we have been bruised and bereaved, to refuse to submit to defeat and despair. For the power to hope, we give thanks. You have enlarged us with the ability to cherish others, to make their lives as dear to us as our very own, to share their hopes, to feel their hurts, to know their hearts. For the power to love, we give thanks. You have ennobled us with the strength to overcome our faults, to mend our ways, and to answer the summons “to turn to You with all our heart and soul.” For the possibilities of renewal, we give thanks! - 11 -
  15. 15. K¤l«¤O©d :`¨V¦p§e m ¨x `¥Q¦M l ©r a¥WFI©d Crown of Zevi from Tikkum Ker'ia Lekol Laila Amsterdam, 1666 d¨e`¨p mi ¦x¨W§i©l ,¨i§i©A mi¦wi¦C©v Ep§p ©x ,aEz¨k§e :Fn§W yFc¨w§e mFx¨n ,c ©r o¥kFW oFW§l¦aE ,K ©x¨A§z¦Y mi¦wi¦C©v i ¥x§a¦c§aE ,m¨nFx§z¦Y mi ¦x¨W§i i¦t§A .d¨N¦d§z .l¨N©d§z¦Y mi¦WFc§w a ¤x«¤w§aE ,W¨C©w§z¦Y mi¦ci¦q£g How fitting it is to praise You, In poem, in song, in melody. You perform so many wonders, O God who lives eternally. ,Ep«¥M§l©n L§n¦W x©`¨R§z¦i d¨P ¦x§A ,l¥` ¨x§U¦i zi¥A L§O ©r zFa§a ¦x zFl£d§w©n§aE i¥l`¥e ,Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i Li«¤p¨t§l ,mi ¦xEv§i©d l¨M z©aFg o¥M¤W ,xFc¨e xFC l¨k§A d¥N ©r§l K ¥x¨a§l x¥C©d§l m¥nFx§l x¥`¨t§l ©g«¥A©y§l l¥N©d§l zFcFd§l ,Epi«¥zFa£` :L«¤gi¦W§n L§C§a ©r i©W¦i o¤A c¦e¨C zFg¨A§W¦z§e zFxi¦W i ¥x§a¦C l¨M l ©r ,q¥N©w§lE m¦i©n¨X©A WFc¨T©d§e lFc¨B©d K¤l«¤O©d l¥`¨d ,Ep¥M§l©n c ©r¨l L§n¦W g©A©Y§W¦i l¥N©d ,d¨g¨a§WE xi¦W :Epi«¥zFa£` i¥l`¥e Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i ,d¤`¨p L§l i¦M .u ¤x«¨`¨aE d¨Xªc§w ,z ¤x«¤`§t¦z§e d¨N¦d§Y ,d¨©xEa§bE d¨N ªc§B ,g©v«¤p ,d¨l¨W§n¤nE fr ,d ¨x§n¦f§e K¤l«¤n l¥` ,¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A .m¨lFr c ©r§e d¨Y ©r¥n zF`¨cFd§e zek ¨x§A .zEk§l©nE i ¥xi¦W§A x¥gFA©d ,zF`¨l§t¦P©d oFc£` ,zF`¨cFd©d l¥` ,zFg¨A§W¦Y©A lFc¨B .mi¦n¨lFr¨d i¥g ,l¥` ,K¤l«¤n ,d ¨x§n¦f - 12 -
  16. 16. Kaddish ,Di¥zEr §x¦k ` ¨x§a i¦C `¨n§l ¨r§A .`¨A ©x D¥n§W W©C©w§z¦i§e l©C©B§z¦i .l¥` ¨x§U¦i zi¥A l¨k§c i¥I©g§aE oFki¥nFi§aE oFki¥I©g§A D¥zEk§l©n Ki¦l§n©i§e :o¥n¨` Ex§n¦`§e ai ¦x¨w o©n§f¦aE `¨l¨b £r©A Yit-ga-dal v'yit-ka-dash sh'may ra-ba. B'al-ma dee v'rah cheer-u-tay. V'yam-leech mal-chu-tay b'cha-yay-chon uv-yo-may-chon uv-cha-yay d'chal bayt yis-ra-el ba-a-ga-la u-viz-man ka-reev. V'eem-ru a-men. :`¨I©n§l ¨r i¥n§l ¨r§lE m©l ¨r§l K ©x¨a§n `¨A ©x D¥n§W `¥d§i Y'hay sh'may ra-ba m'va-rach l'a'lam ul-al-may al-ma-ya. d¤N ©r§z¦i§e x¨C©d§z¦i§e `¥V©p§z¦i§e m©nFx§z¦i§e x©`¨R§z¦i§e g©A©Y§W¦i§e K ©x¨A§z¦i `¨z¨k §x¦A l¨M¦n `¨N ¥r§lE `¨N «¥r§l ,`Ed Ki ¦x§A ,`¨W§cªw§C D¥n§W l¨N©d§z¦i§e :o¥n¨` Ex§n¦`§e ,`¨n§l ¨r§A o ¨xi¦n£`©C ,`¨z¨n¡g¤p§e `¨z¨g§A§W ªY `¨z ¨xi¦W§e Yit-ba-rach v'yish-ta-bach v'yit-pa-ar v'yit-ro-mam v'yit-na-say v'yit-ha-dar v'yit-a-leh sh'may d'kud-shah. B'reech hu. L'ay-la min kol bir-cha-ta v'shee-ra-ta tush-b'cha-ta v'ne-che-ma-ta da-a-mee-rahn b'al-ma. V'eem-ru a-men. Leader :K ¨xFa§O©d ¨i§i z¤` Ek §x¨A Barchu et Adonai ha'm'vorach. Congregation :c ¤r¨e m¨lFr§l K ¨xFa§O©d ¨i§i KEx¨A Baruch Adonai ha'm'vorach l'olam va'ed. ,m¨lFr¨d K¤l«¤n Epi«¥l¡` ,¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A :lM©d z¤` ` ¥xFaE mFl¨W d¤ r ,K¤y «g ` ¥xFaE ,xF` x¥vFi Baruch Atah Adonai Elohainu Melech Ha’olam, yo’tzair ohr oo’vo’ray cho’shech, o’’seh shalom oo’vo’ray et ha’kol. All praise to You eternal Source of all blessing. You created the light and the darkness too. And in all that You fashioned there is order and harmony. - 13 -
  17. 17. Why should I wish to see God better than this day? I see something of God each hour of the twenty four, and each moment then; In the faces of men and women I see God, and in my own face in the glass; I find letters from God dropped in the street, and everyone is signed by God's name; And I leave them where they are, for I know that wheresoe'er I go Others will punctually come forever and ever. Walt Whitman I see You in the starry field, I see You in the harvest's yield, In every breath, in every sound, An echo of Your name is found. The blade of grass, the simple flower, Bear witness to Your matchless power. In wonder-workings, or some bush aflame, Men looking for God and fancy Him concealed; But in earth's common things He stands revealed While grass and flowers and stars spell out His name. Ibn Ezra God, where shall I find Thee, whose glory fills the universe? Behold I find Thee wharever the mind is free to follow its own bent, Wharever words come out from the depths of truth, Wharever tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection, Wharever men and women struggle for freedom and right, Wharever the scientist toils to unbare the secrets of nature, Wharever the poet strings pearls of beauty in lyric lines, Wharever glorious deeds are done. Mordecai M. Kaplan - 14 -
  19. 19. ci¦n¨Y mFi l¨k§A W¥C©g§n FaEh§aE .mi¦n£g ©x§A ¨di«¤l ¨r mi ¦x¨C©l§e u ¤x«¨`¨l xi¦`¥O©d d¨`§l¨n ,¨zi«¦U ¨r d¨n§k¨g§A m¨NªM .¨i§i Li«¤U £r©n EA ©x d¨n :zi¦W` ¥x§a d¥U £r©n x¨t§n©d§e g¨AªW§O©d .f¨`¥n FC©a§l m¨nFx§n©d K¤l«¤O©d :L«¤p¨i§p¦w u ¤x«¨`¨d ,Epi«¥l ¨r m¥g ©x mi¦A ©x¨d Li«¤n£g ©x§A ,m¨lFr i¥l¡` :m¨lFr zFni¦n `¥V©p§z¦O©d§e lFc§B KEx¨A l¥` :Ep«¥c £r©A a¨B§U¦n Ep «¥r§W¦i o¥b¨n ,Ep«¥A©B§U¦n xEv Ep«¥G ªr oFc£` o©z¨p zFxF`§n .Fn§W¦l cFa¨M x©v¨i aFh .d¨O©g i ¥x¢d¨f l ©r¨tE oi¦k¥d .d ¨r¥C ,mi ¦x§R©q§n ci¦n¨Y .i©C©W i¥n§nFx ,mi¦WFc§w ei¨`¨a§v zFP¦R ,FG ªr zFai¦a§q l ©r§e .Li«¤c¨i d¥W £r©n g©a«¤W l ©r Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i K ©x¨A§z¦Y :Fz¨Xªc§wE l¥` cFa§M .d¨l¤Q LE «x£`¨t§i ¨zi«¦U ¨r¤W xF` i ¥xF «`§n WHERE HOLINESS CAN BE FOUND There is holiness when we strive to be true to the best we know There is holiness when we are kind to someone who cannot possibly be of service to us. There is holiness when we promote family harmony. There is holiness when we forget what divides us and remember what unites us. There is holiness when we are willing to be laughed at for what we believe in. There is holiness when we love- truly and honestlyandunselfishly. There is holiness when we remember the lonely and bring cheer into a dark corner. There is holiness when we share- our bread, our ideas, our enthusiasm. There is holiness when we gather to pray to Him, who gave us the power to pray. Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord our God, All of life can be filled with His glory. - 16 -
  20. 20. :FcFa§M u ¤x«¨`¨d l¨k `l§n ,zF`¨a§v ¨i§i ,WFc¨w ,WFc¨w ,WFc¨w Ka-dosh, ka-dosh, ka-dosh, A-do-nai Ts'va-ot, m'lo chol ha-a-rets k'vo-do. ,mi¦t ¨x§U z©O ªr§l mi¦`§U©p§z¦n lFc¨B û ©r «©x§A û¤«T©d zFi©d§e mi¦P©tF`¨d§e :mi ¦x§nF`§e mi¦g§A©W§n m¨z¨O ªr§l :FnFw§O¦n ¨i§i cFa§M KEx¨A Baruch k'vod Adonai meem'koa'moa. To Fashion Holiness O God — Show us how to fashion holiness from waste, Discovering sparks in the broken shells of people beaten down by circumstance and mired in the boredom of hollowness. Teach us to take the neutral substance of reality and create the sublime, forming shapes of blessings with a sacred touch. Instruct us in sympathy, so we may learn to tear away at hopelessness and the groan and oy of despair by stories, jokes, and astonishing embraces. Remove shallowness from our lives and destroy senselessness, that we may discover Your plan and fulfill Your purposes. Give us insight and vision, and we will perform signs and wonders in the sight of all humanity as You Yourself once did in the Land of Egypt and at Sinai. Show us Life in all its glory, and we will glorify Your name, here and now, everywhere and forever. - 17 -
  21. 21. NO RELIGION IS AN ISLAND No religion is an island; There is no monopoly on holiness. We are companions of all who revere God We all rejoice when we walk in God’s way. No religion is an island; We share the kinship of humanity, The capacity for compassion. god’s spirit rests upon all, Jew and non-Jew Man or woman, in consonance with their deeds. The creation of the first humans, Adam and Eve, promotes peace. No one can claim: My ancestry is nobler than yours. Have we not all one Creator? Are we not all god’s children? Then let us help one another overcome hardness of hearts, Opening minds to the challenges of faith. Let mutual concern replace remnants of mutual contempt, As we share the precarious position of being human. There is no monopoly on holiness; There is no truth without humility. Let those who revere the Lord speak one to the other. Let all human beings reflect the image of God in their deeds. Abraham Joshua Heschel - 18 -
  22. 22. zFg¨A§W¦z§e Ex«¥n`i zFx¦n§f m¨I©w§e i©g l¥` K¤l«¤n§l .Ep«¥Y¦i zFni¦r§p KEx¨A l¥`§l ,zFn¨g§l¦n l ©r«©A ,zFW¨c£g d¤ r ,zFxEa§B l ¥rFR FC©a§l `Ed i¦M .Eri«¦n§W©i oFc£` ,zFN¦d§z ` ¨xFp ,zF`Et §x ` ¥xFA ,zFrEW§i ©gi«¦n§v©n ,zFw¨c§v ©r «¥xFf xEn¨`¨M .zi¦W` ¥x§a d¥U £r©n ci¦n¨Y mFi l¨k§A FaEh§A W¥C©g§n©d .zF`¨l§t¦p©d xi¦`¨Y oFI¦v l ©r W¨c¨g xF` :FC§q©g m¨lFr§l i¦M ,mi¦lc§B mi ¦xF` d¥ r§l :zFxF`§O©d x¥vFi ¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A :FxF`§l d ¨x¥d§n Ep«¨Nªk d¤M§f¦p§e If I Had My Child to Raise Over Again If I had my child to raise all over again, I’d finger-paint more and point the finger less. I’d do less correcting and more connecting. I’d take my eyes off my watch, and watch with my eyes. I would care to know less and know to care more. I’d take more hikes and fly more kites. I’d stop playing serious, and seriously play. I’d run through more fields and gaze at more stars. I’d do more hugging and less tugging. I would be firm less often, and affirm much more. I’d build self-esteem first, and the house later. I’d teach less about the love of power, and more about the power of love. Diane Loomans - 19 -
  23. 23. .Epi«¥l ¨r ¨Y§l«©n¨g d ¨x¥zi¦e d¨lFc§b d¨l§n¤g ,Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i ,Ep«¨Y§a©d£` d¨A ©x d¨a£d©` o¥M ,mi¦I©g i¥Tªg m¥c§O©l§Y©e ,L§a Eg§h¨A¤W Epi«¥zFa£` xEa £r©A ,Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` o¥z§e ,Epi«¥l ¨r m¥g ©x ,m¥g ©x§n©d ,o¨n£g ©x¨d a¨`¨d ,Epi«¦a¨` .Ep«¥c§O©l§zE Ep«¥P¨g§Y m¥I©w§lE zFU £r©l§e xn§W¦l ,c¥O©l§lE cn§l¦l , ©r «n§W¦l ,li¦M§U©d§lE oi¦a¨d§l Ep«¥A¦l§A w¥A©c§e ,L«¤z ¨xFz§A Epi«¥pi ¥r x¥`¨d§e .d¨a£d©`§A L«¤z ¨xFY cEn§l©z i ¥x§a¦C l¨M z¤` WFa¥p `l§e ,L«¤n§W z¤` d¨` §x¦i§lE d¨a£d©`§l Ep«¥a¨a§l c¥g©i§e ,Li«¤zF§v¦n§A Ep«¥A¦l d¨g§n§U¦p§e d¨li«¦b¨p ,Ep§g«¨h¨A ` ¨xFP©d§e lFc¨B©d L§W§c¨w m¥W§a i¦M :c ¤r¨e m¨lFr§l zEI¦n§nFw Ep«¥k¦lFz§e ,u ¤x«¨`¨d zFt§p©M r©A §x©`¥n mFl¨W§l Ep«¥`i¦a£d©e .L«¤z ¨rEWi¦A .oFW¨l§e m ©r l¨M¦n ¨Y §x«©g¨a Ep«¨aE ,d¨Y«¨` zFrEW§i l ¥rFR l¥` i¦M ,Ep«¥v §x©`§l .d¨a£d©`§A L§c¤g©i§l§E L§l zFcFd§l z¤n¡`¡A d¨l «¤¤q lFc¨B©d L§n¦W§l Ep«¨Y§a ©x¥w§e .d¨a£d©`§A l¥` ¨x§U¦i FO ©r§A x¥gFA©d ,¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A With great love have You loved us, O God; great and overflowing tenderness have You shown us. Our Father and King, for the sake of our ancestors, who trusted in You, and whom You taught the laws of life, be also gracious to us and teach us. You have called us from among the peoples of the earth to be close to You, to praise You in truth, and to proclaim Your Oneness in love. Praised are You, O Lord, who lovingly chose His people Israel for His service. - 20 -
  24. 24. .c¨g¤` ¨i§i ,Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i ,l¥` ¨x§U¦i r©n§W SH'MA YISRAEL, ADONAI ELOHAINU, ADONAI ECHOD. .c ¤r¨e m¨lFr§l FzEk§l©n cFa§M m¥W KEx¨A Ba-ruch Shaim K'vod Mahl'choo'to L'Olam Va'ed. Hear, O Israel; the Lord our God, the Lord is One, Blessed be His name; His glorious kingdom is forever and ever. ,L§W§t©p-l¨k§aE ,L§a«¨a§l-l¨k§A ,Li¤l¡` ¨i§i z¥` ¨Y§a©d¨`§e L§E©v§n i¦p«¨` x¤W£` ,d¤N¥`¨d mi ¦x¨a§C©d Ei¨d§e .L«¤`§n-l¨k§aE m¨A ¨Y §x©A¦c§e ,Li¤p¨a§l m¨Y§p©P¦W§e :L«¤a¨a§l-l ©r ,mFI©d .L«¤nEw§aE ,L§A§k¨W§a«E K ¤x¤C©a L§Y§k¤l§aE ,L¤zi¥a§A L§Y§a¦W§A ,Li«¤pi ¥r oi¥A zt¨h§l Ei¨d§e ,L¤c¨i-l ©r zF`§l m¨Y §x©W§wE :Li «¤x ¨r§W¦aE L¤zi¥A zfªf§n l ©r m¨Y§a©z§kE V'ah-havta ait Adonai Elohecha, b'chal l'vav'cha, oov'chal nafshecha, oov'chal m'o'decha. V'ha'yu ha'd'varim ha'aileh asher anochi m'tzav'cha hayom al l'vavecha. V'she'nantam l'vanecha v'dibartah bahm, b'shev't'cha b'vaitecha, oov'lech't'chah vaderech, oov'shach'b'chah oov'koomecha. Ook'shar'tahm l'oit ahl ya'decha, v'hayoo l'toa'tah'foat bain aynecha. Ooch'tav'tahm ahl m'zuzoat baitecha oo'vee'shah'recha. You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your might. And, these words which I command you this day, shall be in your heart. You shall teach them well to your children. You shall talk about them when you are at home or away from home, night and day. You shall bind them for a sign upon your hand. and they shall be as a reminder on your forehead (t'fillin). And you shall write them upon your doorposts of your house and upon your gates. - 21 -
  25. 25. PRAISE TO YOU, O LORD Let us imagine a world without color, without regal red or leafy green, A world that bores the eye with gray. Praise to You, O Lord, for all the colors in the rainbow, For eyes that are made for seeing, and for beauty That “is its own excuse for being.” Let us imagine a world without sound, a world where Deathly silence covers the world like a shroud. Praise to You, O Lord, for words that speak to our Minds, for songs that lift our spirits, and for all those Souls who know how to listen. Let us imagine a world without order, where no one can Predict the length of the day or the flow of the tide. Imagine a universe where planets leave their orbits and Sour like meteors through the heavens and where the law Of gravity is repealed at random. Praise to You, O Lord, for the marvelous order of Nature, from stars in the sky to particles in the atom. Let us imagine a world without love, a world in which The human spirit incapable of caring is locked in the prison Of the self. Praise to You, O Lord, for the capacity to feel happiness In another’s happiness and pain in another’s pain. As the universe whispers of a oneness behind all that is, so The love in our hearts calls on people everywhere to unite In pursuit of those ideals that make us human. As we sing of One God, we rejoice in the wonder of the universe and We pray for that day when all humanity will be one. HEAR O ISRAEL, THE LORD OUR GOD, THE LORD IS ONE. Praise be His name; His glorious kingdom is for ever and ever. Henry Cohen - 22 -
  26. 26. ,mFI©d m¤k§z¤` d¤E©v§n i¦p¨` x¤W£` ,i©zF§v¦n-l¤` Er§n§W¦Y ©n¨W-m¦` d¨i¨d§e i¦Y©z«¨p§e .m¤k§W§t©p l¨k§aE m¤k§a©a§l-l¨k§A Fc§a ¨r§lE ,m¤ki¥d«l¡` ¨i§i z¤` d¨a£d©`§l .L «¤x¨d§v¦i§e L§W «xi¦z§e L¤p¨b§c ¨Y§t©q«¨`§e ,WFw§l©nE d ¤xFi ,FY¦r§A m¤k§v §x©`-x«©h§n .¨Y§r«¨a¨U§e ¨Y§l©k«¨`§e ,L¤Y§n¤d§a¦l L§c«¨U§a a¤U ¥r i¦Y©z«¨p§e mi ¦x¥g£` mi¦l¡` m¤Y§c©a £r©e m¤Y §x©q§e ,m¤k§a©a§l d¤Y§t¦i-o¤R m¤k¨l Ex§n«¨X¦d d¤i§d¦i-`l§e m¦i©n¨X©d-z¤` | x©v ¨r§e ,m¤k¨A ¨i§i-s©` d ¨x¨g§e .m¤d¨l m¤zi¦e£g©Y§W¦d§e u ¤x¨`¨d l ©r¥n d ¨x¥d§n m¤Y§c©a£`©e D¨lEa§i-z¤` o¥Y¦z `l d¨n¨c£`¨d§e ,x¨h¨n :m¤k¨l o¥ p ¨i§i x¤W£` d¨H©d m¨ ` m¤Y §x©W§wE m¤k§W§t©p-l ©r§e m¤k§a©a§l-l ©r d¤N¥` i ©x¨a§C z¤` m¤Y§n©U§e :m¤ki¥pi ¥r oi¥A zt¨hFh§l Ei¨d§e ,m¤k§c¤i-l ©r zF`§l L§Y§k¤l§aE ,L¤zi¥a§A L§Y§a¦W§A ,m¨A x¥A©c§l ,m¤ki¥p§A-z¤` m¨ ` m¤Y§c©O¦l§e :Li «¤x ¨r§W¦aE L¤zi¥A zFfEf§n-l ©r m¨Y§a©z§kE :L«¤nEw§aE L§A§k¨W§aE ,K ¤x¤C©a m¤ki¥z «a£`©l ¨i§i r©A§W¦p x¤W£` d¨n¨c£`«¨d l ©r m¤ki¥p§a i¥ni¦e m¤ki¥n§i EA §x¦i o ©r©n§l :u ¤x«¨`¨d-l ©r m¦i©n¨X©d i¥ni¦M ,m¤d¨l z¥z¨l If you will faithfully obey the Mitzvot which I command you this day, to love your God and to serve Him with all your heart and soul, then I will favor your land with rain at the proper season, in autumn and in spring: and you will harvest your grain and wine and oil. I will give grass in your fields for your cattle. You will eat and be satisfied. Take care not to be lured away to worship others gods. For then the wrath of God will be directed against you. He will close the heavens and there will be no rain. The earth will not yield its produce; and you will soon perish from the good land which God gave you. Deuteronomy11:13-17 - 23 -
  27. 27. ¨Y §x©n«¨`§e l¥` ¨x§U¦i i¥p§A-l¤` x¥A©C :x «n`¥N d¤ n-l¤` ¨i§i x¤n`I©e Ep§z«¨p§e ,m¨ x «c§l m¤di¥c§b¦a i¥t§p©M-l ©r z¦vi¦v m¤d¨l EU ¨r§e :m¤d¥l£` m¤zi¦` §xE ,z¦vi¦v§l m¤k¨l d¨i¨d§e .z¤l«¥k§Y li¦z§R s¨p¨M©d z¦vi¦v-l ©r ExEz¨z `l§e ,m¨ ` m¤zi¦U £r«©e ,¨i§i zF§v¦n-l¨M-z¤` m¤Y §x©k§fE Fz` :m«¤di ¥x£g©` mi¦pf m¤Y©`-x¤W£` ,m¤ki¥pi ¥r i ¥x£g«©`§e m¤k§a©a§l i ¥x£g«©` mi¦ c§w m¤zi¦i§d¦e ,i¨zF§v¦n-l¨M-z¤` m¤zi¦U £r©e Ex§M§f¦Y o ©r©n§l u ¤x¤`¥n m¤k§z¤` i¦z`¥vFd x¤W£` ,m¤ki¥d«l¡` §i§i i¦p£` :m«¤ki¥d«l`¥l :m¤ki¥l¡` ¨i§i i¦p£` ,mi¦ l`¥l m¤k¨l zFi§d¦l ,m¦i ©x§v¦n Va’yo’mer Adonai el Moshe la’mor. Da’bair el b’nai Yisrael v’a’mar’tah a’lai’hem. V’a’su la’hem Tzitzit., al kan’fei vig’d’’ai’hem l’do’ro’tam, v’nat’nu al’Tzitzit, ha’kanaf p’til t’chai’let v’ha’ya la’chem Tzitzit, oo’r’ee’tem o’to oo’z’char’tem et kal mitzvot Adonai va’a’si’tem o’tam, v’lo ta’tu’roo a’cha’rei l’vav’chem v’a’cha’rei ay’nai’chem asher a’tem zo’nim a’cha’rei’hem. L’ma’an teez’k’roo va’a’si’tem et kal mitz’vo’tai, v’h’yi’tem k’do’shim la’lo’hai’chem. Ani Adonai Elo’hai’chem, asher ho’tza’ti et’chem mai’eretz mitz’rayim, lee’h’yot la’chem lai’lo’heem. Ani Adonai E’lo’hai’chem: .z¤n¡` m¤ki¥l¡` ¨i§i ADONAI ELO’HAI’CHEM EMET. Numbers 15:37-41 - 24 -
  28. 28. Treat your child kindly and he will be kind. Show your child love every minute of the day and she will show love back. Treat your child gently and he will be gentle. Show your child truth and she will be truthful. Show your child goodness and he will be good. Show your child thoughtfulness and she will be thoughtful. Show your child strength and he will be strong. Show your child courage and she will be courageous. Show your child beauty and he will be beautiful. Show your child freedom and she will be free. Encourage your child’s creativity and he will be creative. Encourage your child’s sensitivity and she will be sensitive. Treat your children special and they will be very special people. Adapted from: Love, Live and Share by Susan Polis Schutz - 25 -
  29. 29. ,W ¤c«T©A x¨C§`¤p d¨ «n¨M i¦n ,¨i§i m¦l¥`¨A d¨ «n¨k i¦n .`¤l«¤t d¥ «r zN¦d§z ` ¨xFp Mee chamocha Bah'aylim Adonai, Mee camocha ne'dar ba'kodesh, norah t'hee'lot oh'seh feleh. ,m¨I©d z©t§U l ©r L§n¦W§l mi¦lE`§b Eg§A¦W d¨W ¨c£g d ¨xi¦W :Ex§n¨`§e Eki«¦l§n¦d§e EcFd m¨NªM c©g«©i She'rah Cha'dashah Sheb'chu G'oolim L'sheemcha ahl s'fat hayam. Yachad coolahm hoadoo v'heem'leechu v'ahmroo. :c ¤r¨e m¨lFr§l Kl§n¦i ¨i§i Adonai yim'loach l'olahm va'ed. ,l¥` ¨x§U¦i xEv ,l¥` ¨x§U¦i z ©x§f ¤r§A d¨nE«w d¨cEd§i L«¤n ª`§p¦k d¥c§tE .l¥` ¨x§U¦i§e ,Fn§W zF`¨a§v ¨i§i Ep«¥l£B .l¥` ¨x§U¦i WFc§w ¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A :l¥` ¨x§U¦i l©`¨B Tzur Yisrael, koomah b'ezrat Yisrael, oof'dai cheen'oo'mecha Y'hoodah v'Yisrael. Go'ahlainu Adonai tz'vaot sh'moa k'dosh Yisrael. Baruch Atah Adonai, Ga'ahl Yisrael. Photo by Pierre Olesinski - 26 -
  30. 30. :L«¤z¨N¦d§Y ci¦B©i i¦tE g¨Y§t¦Y i©z¨t§U i¨pc£`AMIDAH i¥l`¥e ,w¨g§v¦i i¥l¡` ,m¨d§¨x§a©` i¥l¡` ,Epi«¥zFa£` i¥l`¥e Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A d¥pFw§e ,mi¦aFh mi ¦c¨q£g l¥nFB ,oFi§l ¤r l¥` ,` ¨xFP©d§e xFA¦B©d lFc¨B©d l¥`¨d .aw £r©i :d¨a£d©`§A Fn§W o ©r©n§l m¤¥di¥p§a i¥p§a¦l l¥`FB `i¦a¥nE ,zFa¨` i¥c§q©g x¥kFf§e ,lM©d Ba’ruch Atah Adonai Elohainu vai’lo’hai a’vo’tai’nu, Elohai Avraham, Elohai Yitzchak, vai’lo’hai Ya’a’kov, Ha’el ha’gadol ha’gibor v’ha’norah El Elyon, go’mail cha’sa’dim tovim, ‘ko’nai ha’kol, v’zo’chair chas’dai avot, oo’mai’vee go’ail lev’nai v’nai’chem l’ma’an sh’mo b’a’ha’vah. .mi¦I©g mi¦l¡` L§p ©r©n§l ,mi¦I©g©d x¤t«¥q§A Ep«¥a§z¨k§e ,mi¦I©g©A u¥t¨g K¤l«¤n ,mi¦I©g§l Ep «¥x§k¨f Zach’rai’noo l’chayim, me’lech cha’fetz ba’chayim, v’kat’vai’noo b’sai’fer ha’chayim, l’ma’an’cha Elohim chayim. :m¨d ¨x§a©` o¥b¨n ,¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A :o¥b¨nE ©ri«¦WFnE x¥fFr K¤l«¤n Melech o’zair oo’mo’she’yah oo’ma’gain. Baruch atah Adonai magain Avraham. mi¦I©g l¥M§l©k§n : ©ri«¦WFd§l a ©x ,d¨Y«©` mi¦z¥n d¥I©g§n ,i¨pc£` m¨lFr§l xFA¦B d¨Y©` xi¦Y©nE ,mi¦lFg `¥tFx§e ,mi¦l§tFp K¥nFq ,mi¦A ©x mi¦n£g ©x§A mi¦z¥n d¥I©g§n ,c¤q«¤g§A ,K¨N d¤nF «C i¦nE zFxEa§B l ©r«©A LF «n¨k i¦n ,x¨t ¨r i¥p¥Wi¦l Fz¨pEn¡` m¥I©w§nE ,mi ¦xEq£` :d ¨rEW§i ©gi«¦n§v©nE d¤I©g§nE zi¦n¥n K¤l«¤n Atah gibor l’o’’lam Adonai, m’cha’yai mai’teem atah rav l’ho’she’yah. M’chal’kal chayim b’chesed, m’cha’yai mai’teem b’ra’cha’mim ra’bim. So’maich nof’lim, v’ro’fai cholim, oo’ma’tir a’soo,rim, oo’m’ka’yaim e’moo’na’to lee’shai’nai a’far, mi cha’mo’cha ba’al g’voo’rot oo’mee do’meh lach, melech mai’meet oo’m’cha’yeh oo’matz’mee’ach y’shoo’ah. :mi¦n£g ©x§A mi¦I©g§l ei ¨xEv§i x¥kFf ,mi¦n£g ©x¨d a©` LFn¨k i¦n Mi cha’mo’cha av ha’ra’cha’mim, zo’chair y’tzoo’rav l’chayim b’ra’cha’mim. :mi¦z¥O©d d¥I©g§n ,¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A .mi¦z¥n zFi£g©d§l d¨Y©` o¨n¡`¤p§e V’ne’e’man atah l’ha’cha’yot mai’teem. Ba’ruch atah Adonai m’cha’yeh ha’mai’teem. Blessed are you, Lord our God and God of our fathers and mothers, God of Abraham and Sarah, God of Isaac and Rebeccah, and God of Jacob and Rachel, great and mighty God who gives lovingkindness to all of His creations. You remember the good deeds of our fathers and mothers and You will bring comfort to our children for the sake of Your glory. Remember us in life, O King who desires life. And may we be inscribed in the Book of Life, for Your sake, O living God. You are the King who helps and saves and shields. Blessed are You, O God, the shield of our fathers and mothers. Your might, O God, is forever. Your kindness sustains the living; You support the falling, heal those who are sick and free those in chains. You keep the faith to those in greatest need. Whose power can compare to Yours? You are the King who gives life and death and salvation. Whose mercy can compare with Yours? Blessed are You, O God, the Master of life and death. - 27 -
  31. 31. K'du-shah i¥n§W¦A FzF` mi¦Wi¦C§w©O¤W m¥W§M ,m¨lFr¨A L§n¦W z¤` W¥C©w§p :x©n¨`§e d¤f l¤` d¤f ` ¨x¨w§e ,L¤«`i¦a§p c©i l ©r aEz¨M©M ,mFx¨n N'kadaish et Sheem'chah bah'olam c'shaim she'mak'dee'sheem oa'toa besh'mai mahroam. Ka'katoov ahl yad n'vee'echah, v'karah zeh el zeh v'ahmar. .FcFa§M u ¤x«¨`¨d l¨k `l§n ,zF`¨a§v ¨i§i WFc¨w WFc¨w WFc¨w Ka-dosh, ka-dosh, ka-dosh, A-do-nai Ts'va-ot, m'lo chol ha-a-rets k'vo-do. ,lFw mi¦ri¦n§W©n w¨f¨g§e xi¦C©` lFc¨B W ©r «©x lFw§A f¨` :Ex«¥n`i KEx¨A m¨z¨O ªr§l ,mi¦t ¨x§U z©O ªr§l mi¦`§V©p§z¦n Ahz b'kol, ra'ash gadol, adeer v'chazak mahsh'mee'eem kol meet'nah'a'seem l'oomat s'rah'fim, l'oo'mah'tan baruch yo'mai'roo .FnFw§O¦n ,¨i§i cFa§M KEx¨A Baruch k'vod Adonai meem'koa'moa. .K¨l Ep§g«©p£` mi¦M©g§n i¦M ,Epi«¥l ¨r Kl§n¦z§e , ©ri«¦tFz Ep«¥M§l©n L§nFw§O¦n .oFM§W¦Y c ¤r¨e m¨lFr§l ,Epi«¥n¨i§A aFx¨w§A ,oFI¦v§A Kl§n¦Y i©z¨n ,L §xi¦r m¦i«©l¨WEx§i KFz§A W©C©w§z¦z§e l©C©B§z¦Y .mi¦g¨v§p g©v«¥p§lE xFc¨e xFc§l ,L«¤G ªr i ¥xi¦W§A xEn¨`¨d x¨a¨C©M ,L«¤zEk§l©n d¨pi«¤` §x¦z Epi«¥pi ¥r§e :L«¤w§c¦v ©gi«¦W§n c¦e¨c i¥c§i l ©r Meem'koam'cha mahl'kaynu toa'fee'ya, v'teem'loach ah'laynu kee m'chah'keem ah'nach'nu lach. Mah'tai teem'loach b'tziyon, b'karoav b'yah'mai'noo l'olam va'ed teesh'koan. Teet'gadal, v'teet'kadash b'toach Y'rooshalayim eer'cha, l'dor vador oo'l'netzach n'tzachim. V'ai'nai'noo teer'eh'nah mahl'choo'techa cah'davar ha'ah'moor b'she'rai oozecha, ahl y'dai Daveed m'she'ach tzed'ke'chah. .D¨iEl§l©d ,xc¨e xc§l oFI¦v K¦i«© l¡` ,m¨lFr§l ¨i§i Kl§n¦i Yeem'loach Adonai l'olam, Elohayich tzion, l'dor vador Halleluyah! - 28 -
  32. 32. §l¥`oi¦C K ¥xFr l§laoi¦C mFi§A zFa¨a§l o¥gF §lb.oi¦C©A zFTªn £r d¤lF§lcoi¦C mFi§A mi ¦x¨Wi¥n x¥aF §ld.oi¦C©A zFr¥c d¤bF§l¨eoi¦C mFi§A c¤q«¤g d¤UFre wi¦z §lf.oi¦C©A Fzi ¦x§A x¥kF§lgoi¦C mFi§A ei¨U £r©n l¥nF §l©h.oi¦C©A ei¨qFg x¥d§lioi¦C mFi§A zFa¨W£g©n r¥cF §lM.oi¦C©A Fq £r©M W¥aF§lloi¦C mFi§A zFw¨c§v W¥aF §ln.oi¦C©A zFpF £r l¥gF§lpoi¦C mFi§A zFN¦d§z ` ¨xF §lq.oi¦C©A ei¨qEn £r©l ©g«¥lF§lroi¦C mFi§A ei¨` §xFw§l d¤pF §lt.oi¦C©A ei¨n£g ©x l ¥rF§lvoi¦C mFi§A zFx¨Y§q¦p d¤tF §lw.oi¦C©A ei¨c¨a £r d¤pF§l©xoi¦C mFi§A FO ©r m¥g §lW.oi¦C©A ei¨a£dF` x¥nF§lz.oi¦C mFi§A ei¨ni¦n§Y K¥nF .K¤l«¤n Epi¥l¡` d¨Y©` i¦M ,d¨Xªc§w d¤l £r©z L§lE o¥k§aE ,¨z` «¨x¨A¤W d©n l¨M l ©r L§z¨ni¥`§e ,Li«¤U £r©n l¨M l ©r ,Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i L§C§g©t o¥Y o¥k§a§E z©g©` d¨Cªb£` m¨Nªk EU ¨r¥i§e ,mi¦`Ex§A©d l¨M Li«¤p¨t§l Ee£g©Y§W¦i§e mi¦U £r©O©d l¨M LE` ¨xi¦i§e r ,Li«¤p¨t§l o¨h§l¨X©d¤W ,Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i Ep§r«©c¨I¤W Fn§M ,m¥l¨W a¨a¥l§A L§pFv §x zFU £r©l .¨z` «¨x¨A¤X d©n l¨M l ©r ` ¨xFp L§n¦W§e ,L«¤pi¦ni¦A d ¨xEa§bE L§c¨i§A L’eyl Orech Din- We now proclaim the Kingship of God who calls us to judgment. He searches all hearts on the Day of Judgment, He reveals the hidden things,in judgment. He decides righteously on the Day of Judgment, He knows our innermost secrets, in judgment. He bestows mercy on the Day of Judgment, He remembers His covenant, in judgment. He spares His creatures on the Day of Judgment, He clears those who trust Him, in judgment. He knows our thoughts on the Day of Judgment, He restrains His anger, in judgment. He is clothed in charity on the Day of Judgment, He pardons wrongdoing, in judgment. He is profoundly revered on the Day of Judgment, He forgives His people, in judgment. He answers their pleas on the Day of Judgment, He invokes His loving pity, in judgment. He understands all mysteries on the Day of Judgment, He accepts His faithful, in judgment. He shows mercy to His people on the Day of Judgment, He preserves those who love Him, in judgment. He sustains the upright on the Day of Judgment, it is He who calls us, in judgment. - 29 -
  33. 33. THERE ARE TWO SEAS There are two seas in the Land of Israel. One is fresh, and fish are in it. Splashes of green adorn its banks. Trees spread their branches over it, and stretch out their thirsty roots to sip of its healing waters. Along its shore children play. The River Jordan makes this sea with sparkling water from the hills. So it laughs in the sunshine. And people build their homes near to it, and birds their nests; and every form of life is happier because it is here. The River Jordan flows on south into another sea. Here there is no splash of fish, no fluttering leaf, no song of birds, no children’s laughter. The air hangs heavy above its waters and neither people nor animals will drink here. What accounts for the mighty difference between these seas? Not the River Jordan. It empties the same good water into both. Not the soil in which they lie; not the country ‘round about. This is the difference: The Sea of Galilee receives but does not keep the Jordan’s water. For every drop that flows into it another drop flows out. The giving and receiving go on in equal measure. The other sea is shrewder, hoarding its income jealously. It will not be tempted into any generous impulse. Every drop it gets, it keeps. The Sea of Galilee gives and lives. This other sea cannot sustain life. It is named the Dead Sea. There are two seas in the Land of Israel. There are two kinds of people in the world. Bruce Barton Photo by Dr. Bruce Metzger d¨e§w¦z§e Li«¤` ¥xi¦l d¨N¦d§Y ,L«¤O ©r§l ¨i§i ,cFa¨k o¥Y o¥k§aE L «¤xi¦r§l oFU¨U§e L«¤v §x©`§l d¨g§n¦U ,K¨l mi¦l£g©i§n©l d¤R oFg§z¦tE ,Li«¤W §xFc§l Grant glory to Your people Israel, joy to its land, gladness to Jerusalem. May those who revere You be filled with renewed hope and unfailing confidence. ,Eli«¦b¨i d¨P ¦x§A mi¦ci¦q£g©e ,Ef«l £r©i mi ¦x¨Wi¦e ,Eg«¨n§U¦i§e E` §x¦i mi¦wi¦C©v o¥k§aE xi¦a £r©z i¦M ,d¤l§k¦Y o¨W ¨r§M D¨NªM d ¨r§W ¦x¨d l¨k§e ,¨di«¦RÎu¨R§w¦Y d¨z«¨lFr§e .u ¤x«¨`¨d o¦n oFc¨f z¤l«¤W§n¤n Bring near the day O God when there will be reason for the good people to be glad, the day when suffering will be turned to song and tyranny shall vanish like smoke. - 30 -
  34. 34. ¨i§i D©A§b¦I©e :aEz¨M©M ,Li¤c ¨r§l©A¦n ©DF«l¡` oi¥`§e ,L«¤n§W ` ¨xFp§e d¨Y©` WFc¨w ,¨i§i ,d¨Y©` KEx¨A .d¨w¨c§v¦A W©C§w¦p WFc¨T©d l¥`¨d§e ,h¨R§W¦O©A zF`¨a§v .WFc¨T©d K¤l«¤O©d You are holy. Even Your name should be spoken with reverence. There is no God besides You. aFz§kE .c ¤r¨e m¨lFr§l ci¦n¨Y ,Ep«¥M§l©n ,L§n¦W m©nFx§z¦i§e K ©x¨A§z¦i m¨NªM l ©r§e z¤` El§l©di¦e ,d¨l«¤Q LE «cFi mi¦I©g©d lk§e .L«¤zi ¦x§a i¥p§A l¨M mi¦aFh mi¦I©g§l aFH©d ,¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A .d¨l«¤q Ep«¥z ¨x§f ¤r§e Ep«¥z ¨rEW§i l¥`¨d ,z¤n¡`¤A L§n¦W .zFcFd§l d¤`¨p L§lE L§n¦W l¥` ¨x§U¦i l¨M l ©r§e Epi«¥l ¨r ,mi¦n£g ©x§e c¤q«¤g¨e o¥g ,d¨k ¨x§aE d¨aFh mFl¨W mi¦U ¨Y«©z¨p Li«¤p¨R xF`a i¦M ,Li«¤p¨R xF`§A c¨g¤`§M Ep«¨NªM ,Epi«¦a¨` ,Ep«¥k §x¨A .L«¤O ©r mi¦n£g ©x§e d¨k ¨x§aE d¨w¨c§vE ,c¤q«¤g z©a£d«©`§e mi¦I©g z ©xFY ,Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i ,Ep«¨N l¨k§aE z ¥r l¨k§A l¥` ¨x§U¦i L§O ©r z¤` K ¥x¨a§l Li«¤pi ¥r§A aFh§e ,mFl¨W§e mi¦I©g§e .L«¤nFl§W¦A d ¨r¨W Sim shalom to’vah oov’ra’cha chaeyn va’chesed v’ra’cha’mim ,aleynu v’al chal Yisrael a’meh’chah. Bar’chay’nu a’vinu koo’la’noo k’echad b’ohr pa’ne’chah, ki, v’ohr pa’ne’chah na’ta’tah la’nu, Adonai Elohainu, Torat Chayim v’’a’ha’vat chesed, ootz’da’kah oov’ra’chah v’ra’cha’mim v’chayim v’shalom, v’tov b’ai’ne’chah l’va’raich et ahm’chah Yisrael b’chal ait oov’chal sha’ah be’shlom’e’chah. ,Li«¤p¨t§l a¥z¨M¦p§e x¥k¨G¦p ,d¨aFh d¨q¨p §x©tE ,mFl¨W§e ,d¨k ¨x§A ,mi¦I©g x¤t«¥q§A ,d¨Y©` KEx¨A .mFl¨W§lE mi¦aFh mi¦I©g§l ,l¥` ¨x§U¦i zi¥A L§O ©r l¨k§e Ep§g«©p£` .mFl¨X©d d¥UFr ,¨i§i B’saifer chayim, b’ra’chah, v’shalom, oo’par’na’sah tovah, nee’za’chayr,v’nee’ka’taiv l’fa’ne’chah, a’ v’chal am’chah bait Yisrael, l’chayim tovim oo’l’shalom. Baruch atah Adonai oh’seh ha’shalom. The Arch of Peace in the Old City of Jerusalem, rebuilt Hulda Synagogue - 31 -
  35. 35. The following verses are omitted on Sabbath. epkln epia`AVINU MALKAYNU .Li«¤p¨t§l Ep`«¨h¨g !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨`... cha'tah'nu l'fah'neh'cha. .d¨Y«¨` `¨N¤` K¤l«¤n Ep«¨l oi¥` !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨`... ain la'nu meh'lech eh'lah ah'tah. .L«¤n§W o ©r«©n§l Ep«¨O¦r d¥U £r !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨`... ah'say ee'mah'nu l'mah'an sh'meh'cha. .d¨aFh d¨p¨W Epi«¥l ¨r W¥C©g !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨`... cha'daysh ah'lay'nu sha'nah to'vah. .zFW¨w zFx¥G§B l¨M Epi«¥l ¨r¥n l¥H©A !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` ... bah'tayl may'ah'lay'nu cal n'zay'rot ka'shot. .Epi«¥`§pFU zFa§W§g©n l¥H©A !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨`... bah'tayl mach'sh'vot son'ay'nu. .Epi«¥a§iF` z©v £r x¥t¨d !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨`... hah'fayr ah'tzat oy'vay'nu. .Epi«¥l ¨r¥n oi¦¦h§U©nE x©v l¨M d¥N©M !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .Ep«¥bi ¦x§h©w§nE Ep«¥pi¦h§U©n zFi¦R mFz§q !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .L«¤zi ¦x§a i¥p§A¦n c©n§WE oF ¨r§e zi¦g§W©nE i¦a§WE a ¨r ¨x§e a ¤x«¤g§e x¤a«¤C d¥N©M !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .L«¤z¨l£g©P¦n d¨t¥B©n r©p§n !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .Epi«¥zFpF £r l¨k§l l©g§nE g©l§q !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .Li«¤pi ¥r c¤b«¤P¦n Epi«¥z`H©g§e Epi «¥r¨W§R x¥a £r©d§e d¥g§n !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .Epi«¥zFaFg i ¥x§h¦W l¨M Li«¤n£g ©x§A wFg§n !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .Li«¤p¨t§l d¨n¥l§W d¨aEW§z¦A Ep «¥xi¦f£g©d !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .L«¤O ©r i¥lFg§l d¨n¥l§W d¨`Et §x g©l§W !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .Ep«¥pi¦C x©f§B ©rF «x r ©x§w !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .Li«¤p¨t§l aFh oFx¨M¦f§A Ep «¥x§k¨f !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` AVINU MALKAYNU .mi¦aFh mi¦I©g x¤t«¥q§A Ep«¥a§z¨M !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨`inscribe us in the Book of happiness. .d ¨rEWi¦e d¨Nª`§b x¤t«¥q§A Ep«¥a§z¨M !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨`inscribe us in the Book of deliverance. .d¨l¨M§l©k§e d¨q¨p §x©R x¤t«¥q§A Ep«¥a§z¨M !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨`inscribe us in the Book of prosperity. .zFiªk§f x¤t«¥q§A Ep«¥a§z¨M !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨`inscribe us in the Book of merit. .d¨li¦g§nE d¨gi¦l§q x¤t«¥q§A Ep«¥a§z¨M !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨`inscribe us in the Book of forgiveness. .aFx¨w§A d ¨rEW§i Ep¨l g©n§v©d !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .L¤O ©r l¥` ¨x§U¦i o ¤x «¥¤w m ¥x¨d !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .L«¤gi¦W§n o ¤x«¤w m ¥x¨d !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .Li«¤zFk §x¦A¦n Epi«¥c¨i `¥N©n !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .r¨a¨U Epi«¥n¨q£` `¥N©n !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .Epi«¥l ¨r m¥g ©x§e qEg Ep«¥lFw r©n§W !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` - 32 -
  36. 36. .Ep«¥z¨N¦t§Y z¤` oFv ¨x§aE mi¦n£g ©x§A l¥A©w !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .Ep«¥z¨l¦t§z¦l m¦i«©n¨W i ¥x £r©W g©z§R !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .Li«¤p¨t§l¦n m¨wi ¥x Ep«¥ai¦W§Y l©` `¨p !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .Ep§g«¨p£` x¨t ¨r i¦M xFk¨f !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .Li«¤p¨t§N¦n oFv ¨x z ¥r§e mi¦n£g ©x z ©r§W z`G©d d ¨r¨X©d `¥d§Y !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .Ep«¥R©h§e Ep«¥l¨lFr l ©r§e Epi«¥l ¨r lFn£g !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .L«¤W§c¨w m¥W l ©r mi¦bEx£d o ©r«©n§l d¥U £r !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .L«¤cEg¦i l ©r mi¦gEa§h o ©r«©n§l d¥U £r !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .L«¤n§W WEc¦T l ©r m¦i«©O©aE W¥`¨a i¥`¨A o ©r«©n§l d¥U £r !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .KEt¨W©d Li«¤c¨a £r m©C z©n§w¦p mFw§p !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .Ep«¥p £r©n§l `l m¦` L§p ©r©n§l d¥U £r !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .Ep «¥ri¦WFd§e L§p ©r©n§l d¥U £r !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .mi¦A ©x¨d Li«¤n£g ©x o ©r«©n§l d¥U £r !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .Epi«¥l ¨r ` ¨x§w¦p¤W ` ¨xFp©d§e xFA¦B©d ,lFc¨B©d L§n¦W o ©r«©n§l d¥U £r !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` ,mi¦U £r©n Ep«¨A oi¥` i¦M ,Ep«¥p £r©e Ep«¥P¨g !Ep«¥M§l©n Epi«¦a¨` .Ep «¥ri¦WFd§e c¤q¤g¨e d¨w¨c§v Ep¨O¦r d¥U £r A-vee-nu mal-kay-nu! Cha-nay-nu Va-ah-nay-nu, key ain ba-nu ma-ah-seem, ah-say ee-ma-nu tzi-da-kah va-che-sed v'ho-shee-ay-nu. Our Father, our King, we have sinned before You. Our Father, our King, we have no king except You. Our Father, our King, deal with us kindly for the sake of Your name. Our Father, our King, renew unto us a year of good. Our Father, our King, annul every evil decree against us. Our Father, our King, send a perfect healing to the sick among Your people. Our Father, our King, repeal the evil sentence that may be decreed against us. Our Father, our King, remember us for our well-being. Our Father, our King, inscribe us in the book of happy life. Our Father, our King, inscribe us in the book of freedom and salvation. Our Father, our King, inscribe us in the book of sustenance. Our Father, our King, inscribe us for a meritorious life. Our Father, our King, inscribe us in the book of forgiveness and reconciliation. Our Father, our King, cause salvation speedily to spring forth for us. Our Father, our King, bring glory to Israel, Your people. Our Father, our King, be gracious unto us and answer us; for we are unworthy; deal with us in charity and loving-kindness and save us. - 33 -
  37. 37. ` ¨x§a i¦C `¨n§l ¨r§A .`¨A ©x D¥n§W W©C©w§z¦i§e l©C©B§z¦i oFki¥nFi§aE oFki¥I©g§A Di¥zEk§l©n Ki¦l§n©i§e ,Di¥zEr §x¦k ai ¦x¨w o©n§f¦aE `¨l¨b £r©A .l¥` ¨x§U¦i zi¥A l¨k§c i¥I©g§aE :o¥n¨` Ex§n¦`§e Yit-ga-dal v'yit-ka-dash sh'may ra-ba. B'al-ma dee v'rah cheer-u-tay. V'yam-leech mal-chu-tay b'cha-yay-chon uv-yo-may-chon uv-cha-yay d'chal bayt yis-ra-el ba-a-ga-la u-viz-man ka-reev. V'eem-ru a-men. Congregation and Hazzan: :`¨I©n§l ¨r i¥n§l ¨r§lE m©l ¨r§l K ©x¨a§n `¨A ©x D¥n§W `¥d§i Y'hay sh'may ra-ba m'va-rach l'a'lam ul-al-may al-ma-ya. Hazzan: `¥V©p§z¦i§e m©nFx§z¦i§e x©`¨R§z¦i§e g©A©Y§W¦i§e K ©x¨A§z¦i Ki ¦x§A `¨W§cªw§C D¥n§W l¨N©d§z¦i§e d¤N ©r§z¦i§e x¨C©d§z¦i§e `¨z ¨xi¦W§e `¨z¨k §x¦A l¨M¦n `¨N ¥r§lE `¨N «¥r§l `Ed Ex§n¦`§e ,`¨n§l ¨r§A o ¨xi¦n£`©C ,`¨z¨n¡g¤p§e `¨z¨g§A§W ªY :o¥n¨` l¥` ¨x§U¦i (zi¥A) l¨k§C oFd§zEr¨aE oFd§zFl§v l¥A©w§z¦Y :o¥n¨` Ex§n¦`§e `¨I©n§W¦a i¦C oFdEa£` m¨c¢w l ©r§e Epi«¥l ¨r mi¦I©g§e `¨I©n§W o¦n `¨A ©x `¨n¨l§W `¥d§i :o¥n¨` Ex§n¦`§e ,l¥` ¨x§U¦i l¨M Epi«¥l ¨r mFl¨W d¤U £r©i `Ed ei¨nFx§n¦A mFl¨W d¤ r :o¥n¨` Ex§n¦`§e ,l¥` ¨x§U¦i l¨M l ©r§e - 34 -
  38. 38. AMIDAH - AN ALTERNATIVE VERSION Help me, O God, to pray. Our ancestors worshipped You. Abraham and Sarah, Rebecca and Isaac, Jacob, Rachel, and Leah stood in awe before You. We too reach for You, infinite, awesome, transcendent God, source of all being whose truth shines through our ancestors’lives. We, their distant descendants, draw strength from their lives and from Your redeeming love. Be our help and our shield, as You were theirs. We praise You, God, Friend of Abraham. Your power sustains the universe. You breathe life into dead matter. With compassion You care for those who live. Your limitless love lets life triumph over death, heals the sick, upholds the exhausted, frees the enslaved, keeps faith even with the dead. Who is like You, God of splendor and power incomparable? You govern both life and death, Your Presence brings our souls to blossom. We praise You, God who wrests like from death. Sacred are You, sacred Your mystery. Seekers of holiness worship You all their lives. We praise You, God, ultimate sacred mystery. The mind is Your gift, wisdom a spark from You. May we grow in knowledge, insight, and understanding. We praise You, God, Gracious giver of awareness. Help us to find our way to Your truth again, to obey You with trusting faith, to attain wholeness in Your Presence. We praise You, God who is always ready to help us start anew. Forgive our failures with a parent’s love, overlook our shortcomings with regal generosity, for You are gentle and gracious. We praise You, God of mercy and forgiveness. See our suffering, sustain us in our struggles, save us soon. We praise You, God, our people’s hope of redemption. Heal us, O God, and keep us in health. Help us, that we might help ourselves, praising You always. Send true healing for all our pains, for You are the source of healing and compassion. We praise You, God from whom all healing comes. Bless this year for us with prosperity. May the wealth of the earth and the rhythms of the seasons yield us a good harvest in abundance. We praise You, God whose blessings are as certain as the seasons. Let freedom resound like a mighty ram’s horn. Let our spirits soar, sustained by Your promise. May the scattered Jewish people find wholeness and renewal. We praise You, God who brings home the lost Jew. May our ancient sense of justice be renewed, our classic sources of wisdom rediscovered. May sorrow and sighing vanish from our midst. May Your tenderness and pity, justice and compassion govern our lives always. We praise You, God of kindness and justice. - 35 -
  39. 39. May malice abate and ill will perish, may hatred cease and arrogance quickly wither in our lifetime. We praise You, god whose awesome power helps good to triumph over evil. For the loving and the righteous, for the learned and the wise, for the stranger and for our own selves as well, may Your mercy appear and Your justice be made manifest. May we be counted among the good, may we never regret having trusted in You. We praise You, God, strength of the just, root of our confidence. Let Your love once more shine from Jerusalem. Let Your Presence abide there as in days of David. Let Zion rebuilt soon stand firm, the hub of Jewish hope forever. We praise You, God, builder of Jerusalem. May our people flourish, all of them and soon. Help us to hold our heads high, celebrating Your deliverance and ours. Every day and all day long we yearn for Your deliverance. We praise You, God by whose will we survive and flourish. When we cry out, hear us with compassion; take our prayers gently and lovingly. Listen to Your people when we reach toward You with love. Let us not turn away from You empty. We praise You, God who cherishes prayer. Would that Your people at prayer gained delight in You. Would that we were aflame with the passionate piety of our ancestors’worship. Would that You found our worship acceptable and forever cherished Your people. If only our eyes could see Your glory perennially renewed in Jerusalem. We praise You, God whose Presence forever radiates from Zion. You are our God today as You were our ancestors’God throughout the ages; firm foundation of our lives, we are Yours in gratitude and love. Our lives are safe in Your hand, our souls entrusted to Your care. Our sense of wonder and our praise of Your miracles and kindnesses, greet You daily at dawn, dusk, and noon. O Gentle One, Your caring is endless; O Compassionate One, Your love is eternal. You are forever our hope. Let all life confront You with thankfulness, delight, and truth. Help us, O God; sustain us. We praise You God whose touchstone is goodness. To pray to You is joy. O God, from whom all peace flows, grant serenity to Your Jewish people, with love and mercy, life and goodness for all. Consider us kindly, bless us with tranquility at all times and all seasons. We praise You, God whose blessing is peace. May my tongue be innocent of malice and my lips free from lies. When confronted by enemies may my soul stay calm, truly humble to all. Open my heart with Your teachings, that I may be guided by You. May all who plan evil against me abandon their schemes. Hear my words and help me, God, because You are compassionate, because You are almighty, because You are holy, because You are loving, because You reveal Your Torah. May You find delight in the words of my mouth and in the emotions of my heart, God, my strength and my salvation. As You maintain harmony in the heavens, give peace to us and to the whole Jewish people. Amen. - 36 -
  40. 40. And I tell you And I tell you the good in man will win Over all his wickedness, over all the wrongs he has done. He will look at the pages of written history and be amazed, and then he will laugh and sing. And the good that is in man, children in their cradles, will have won. Here I stand, the Jew, marked by history, for who can count how long? Wrapped in compassion as in a Tallit, staring every storm in the face. Write songs of pain, sing prayers of torment, refresh yourself with suffering. Too much for one people, small and weak - it is enough to share our among the whole human race. But God has planted in me goodness, compassion, as a father loves his children. So I writhe with pain, weep and sing, sing and weep, For the blood knows the heart of the world is not made of stone; The wonderful light of God’s face is for all eternity stamped on it firm and deep; And the heart feels that there is a day and an hour, and a mountain called Zion; And then all the sufferings will gather there and will all become song. Ringing out into every corner of the earth, from end to end, And the nations will hear it, and like caravans in the desert will all to that mountain throng. Yad Vashem, Israel, photo by Joyce Sugarman - 37 -
  41. 41. Torah Service l¨M zEk§l©n L§zEk§l©n .Li«¤U £r©n§M oi¥`§e ,¨i§i ,mi¦ l¡`¨a LF «n¨M oi¥` l§n¦i ¨i§i ,K¨l¨n ¨i§i ,K¤l«¤n ¨i§i .xc¨e xC l¨k§A L§Y§l©W§n¤nE ,mi¦n¨lr .mFl¨X©a FO ©r z¤` K ¥x¨a§i ¨i§i o¥Y¦i FO ©r§l fr ¨i§i .c ¤r¨e m¨lr§l Ayn Ka'mochah va'Ehlohim Adonai, v'ain k'mah'ah'se'chah. Mahl'choot't'chah mahl'choot, kahl olamim, oo'mem'shal't'chah b'chal dor vador. Adonai Melech, Adonai Mahlach, Adonai Yim'loach l'olam va'ed. Adonai oz l'ah'moa yeetain, Adonai y'vah'raich et ahmo va'shalom. zFnFg d¤p§a¦Y ,oFI¦v z¤` L§pF «v §x¦a d¨ai«¦hi¥d ,mi¦n£g ©x¨d a©` oFc£` ,`¨V¦p§e m ¨x l¥` K¤l«¤n ,Ep§g«¨h¨A c©a§l L§a i¦M .m¦i«¨l¨WEx§i .mi¦n¨lFr Av ha'ra'cha'mim hai'tee'vah veer'tzon'chah et tzion. Teev'neh chomot Y'roo'sha'la'yim. Ki v'chah l'vad vah'tach'noo Melech Ail rahm v'mee'sah Adon O'la'mim. None can compare to You, O Lord, none can match Your wondrous deeds. Merciful Father, deal kindly with Zion and with Jerusalem. Give strength to Your people. Bless them with peace. Open Ark Eq«ªp¨i§e ,Li«¤a§i` Ev«ªt¨i§e ,¨i§i | d¨nEw :d¤Wn x¤n`«I©e ox¨`¨d © «q§p¦A i¦d§i©e :Li«¤p¨R¦n Li«¤`§p©U§n :m¦i«¨l¨yExi¦n ¨i§i x©a§cE , d ¨xFz `¥v¥Y oFI¦S¦n i¦M V'y'hee been'so'ah Ah'roan, va'yomer Mo'sheh. Koo'mah Adonai v'yah'foo'tsoo oi'vehchah, v'yah'noo'soo m'sahn'e'chah mee'pah'neh'chah. Ki mi'tzi'yon tai'tzeh torah (2) oo'd'var Adonai mee'y'roo'sha'la'yim. On Sabbath the following until xryi is omitted. x¥p :z¤n¤`§e c¤q«¤g a ©x§e ,m¦i«©R©` K ¤x«¤` ,oEP©g§e mEg ©x l¥` ,¨i§i ,¨i§i i¦z¨N¦t§z i¦p£`©e :d¥T©p§e ,d¨`¨H©g§e r©W«¤t¨e oF ¨r `¥ p ,mi¦t¨l£`¨l c¤q«¤g .L «¤r§W¦i z¤n¡`¤A i¦p«¥p £r ,L«¤C§q©g-a ¨x§A mi¦ l¡` ;oFv ¨x z ¥r ,¨i§i ,L§l Adonai, Adonai Ail Ra'choom v'cha'noon, e'rech apayim v'rav chesed v'emet. Noatzair chesed lah'a'la'fim, no'sai ah'voan va'fe'shah v'chah'tah'ah v'na'kai. (3) Va'a'nee t'fee'lah'tee, l'chah Adonai ait ra'tzoan Elohim b'rav chas'deh'chah a'nai'nee beh'emet yish'echah. :Fz¨Xªc§w¦A l¥` ¨x§U¦i FO ©r§l d ¨xFY o©z¨P¤W KEx¨A Baruch she'natan Torah l'ah'moa Yisrael beek'doo'shah'toa. - 38 -
  42. 42. MEDITATION FOR THE NEW YEAR The solemn advent of the New Year calls me, to the quiet of Your sanctuary to commune with You in fellowship with my brothers and sisters. Here, under the inspiration of our sacred tradition, I would open my innermost self to those deeper thoughts and feelings which I have only, too often, shut from mind and heart in my day by day preoccupation with worldly pursuits and pleasures. May a real responsiveness of spirit be stirred within me and may I be enabled to consecrate my mood of the moment by influences and sentiments that will outlast the moment. Please God, help me to this end. Quicken my memory that I may draw lessons from the past before the old year is wholly gone. Give me Your light that I may see my varied experiences in their true meaning. As I look backward, may there be revealed to me how much richer, how much more abundant were my blessings than my privations, and how even my losses, my trials, my sorrows have within themselves the possibilities of higher good. And even more, I pray, teach me how small and insignificant were many of the things which at the time seemed all important, and how needlessly I permitted my soul to be troubled sorely and my heart to be fretted by cares which proved to be of no moment. Bring home to me the folly and futility of all this, and the need of ever holding before myself the standard of true values. Let no self deception hide from me the record of sin and shortcoming, of opportunities neglected, of time misspent, of abilities and powers perverted to lower purposes against my own better impulses and knowledge. And O that I may also be enabled by Your divine grace to turn into blessing the possibilities of the New Year which stretches out before me in solemn mystery. Let its message of time and eternity make me indeed mindful of the uncertainty of human life and the passing nature of all things earthly.... but let not the thought of my frailty awaken unwholesome fear of death or unworthy thoughts of life. Trustfully I confide myself and those dear to me to Your keeping for the year upon which we are now entering. We are strangers to it and know not the way which we should go. We need Your light and leading. Please guide us in paths of safety for Your name's sake. Bless us in our home and in all our wider relationships, sanctifying our affections, strengthening our loyalties and enlarging our power of helpfulness. As I implore You to inscribe me in the Book of Life, help me to understand that life is to be measured in terms of character and usefulness, and that more than mere length of days are breadth of sympathies, loftiness of ideals and greatness of service. Aid me to utilize rightly whatever added span of time You, in Your grace and goodness, shall accord to me ... Amen - 39 -
  43. 43. Ellis Island, 1904 Almighty God, reverently we stand before the Torah, Your most precious gift to us - the sacred Scriptures which our ancestors learned and taught, preserved for us, a heritage unto all generations. May we, their children's children, ponder its every word; may we find, as did they, new evidence of You in its precepts, enriching wisdom in its teachings. As we begin a New Year, may the Torah be our tree of life, our shield and guide; may we take its teachings to our hearts, and thus draw nearer to You in loyalty, in truth and in love. Amen Jonathan D. Levine - 40 -
  44. 44. Two Scrolls of the Law are taken from the Ark. Leader and then Congregation. .c¨g¤` ¨i§i ,Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i ,l¥` ¨x§U¦i r©n§W SH'MA YISRAEL, ADONAI ELOHAINU, ADONAI ECHOD. .Fn§W ` ¨xFp§e WFc¨w ,Ep«¥pFc£` lFc¨B ,Epi«¥l¡` c¨g¤` Echod elohainu, gadol ado-neinu, kadosh v'norah sh'mo. Leader. .e¨C§g©i Fn§W d¨n§nFx§pE ,i¦Y¦` ¨i§i©l El §C©b Gad'lu la'Adonai eetee. Oo'n'roam'mah sh'mo yachdov. Leader and Congregation together: ,cFd©d§e g©v«¥P©d§e z ¤x«¤`§t¦Y©d§e d ¨xEa§B©d§e d¨N ªc§B©d ¨i§i L§l :W`x§l lk§l `¥V©p§z¦O©d§e d¨k¨l§n©O©d ¨i§i L§l :u ¤x«¨`¨aE m¦i«©n¨X©A lk i¦M L'cha Adonai ha'g'doolah v'ha'g'voorah v'ha'tiferet v'ha'netach v'ha'hod. Ki chol ba'sha'mayim oo'va'aretz l'cha Adonai ha'mam'lachah v'ha'mitnaseh l'chol l'rosh. :`Ed WFc¨w ei¨l§b ©x mFc£d©l Ee£g©Y§W¦d§e Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i En§nFx :Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i WFc¨w i¦M ,FW§c¨w x©d§l Ee£g©Y§W¦d§e ,Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i En§nFx Ro’m’mu Adonai Elohaynu v’hesh’ta’cha’vu la’ha’dom rag’lav kadosh hu. Ro’m’mu Adonai Elohaynu, v’hesh’ta’cha’vu l’har kad’sho, ki kadosh Elohaynu. The person called to the Torah says: :K ¨xFa§O©d ¨i§i z¤` Ek §x¨A Barchu et Adonai ha'm'vorach. Congregation :c ¤r¨e m¨lFr§l K ¨xFa§O©d ¨i§i KEx¨A Baruch Adonai ha'm'vorach l'olam va'ed. The person called to the Torah repeats the above and then continues: mi¦n ©r¨d l¨M¦n Ep«¨A x©g«¨A x¤W¤` ,m¨lFr¨d K¤l«¤n Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A :d ¨xFY©d o¥zFp ,¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A :Fz ¨xFY z¤` Ep¨l o©z«¨p§e Baruch atah Adonai elohainu melech ha'olam asher bachar banoo mical ha'amim v'natan lanu et toah'toa. Baruch atah Adonai no'tain hatorah. After a section of the Torah has been read, the following blessing is said by the person called to the Torah: ,z¤n¡` z ©xFY Ep«¨l o©z«¨p x¤W£` ,m¨lFr¨d K¤l«¤n Epi«¥l¡` ¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A :d ¨xFY©d o¥zFp ,¨i§i d¨Y©` KEx¨A :Ep«¥kFz§A r©h¨p m¨lFr i¥I©g§e Baruch atah Adonai elohainu melech ha'olam asher natan lanu torat emet, v'chayai olam natah b'tochainu. Baruch atah Adonai no'tain hatorah. - 41 -
  45. 45. oey`x meil d`ixwTorah Reading for the First Day of Rosh Hashanah `k wxt ziy`xa xtq Áx©dÁ©Y©e a :x«¥A ¦C x¬¤W£`«©M d ¨x ¨U§l d²¨Fd§i U©r¯©I©e x®¨n¨` x´¤W£`«©M d ¨x ¨UÎz¤` c¬©w ¨R d²¨Fdi«©e ` ` ¸¨x§w¦I©e b :mi«¦l¡` F ` x¬¤A ¦CÎx ¤W£` c ¾¥rFO©l ei®¨pªw§f¦l o¥A m²¨d ¨x§a©`§l d¯¨x ¨U c¤l ¸¥Y©e Æm¨d ¨x§a©` l¨n³¨I©e c :w«¨g§v¦i d ¨x ¨U F ¬NÎd ¨c§l«¨iÎx ¤W£` F ²lÎc©lF«P©d F¯p§AÎm ¤WÎz¤` m ¹¨d ¨x§a©` ¨d ¨x§a©`§e d [iying] :mi«¦l¡` F ` d¬¨E¦v x²¤W£`«©M mi®¦n¨i z©pn §WÎo¤A F½p§A w´¨g§v¦iÎz¤` mi®¦l¡` i¦l d ¨U ¬¨r w ¾g§v d ½¨x ¨U x¤n`´Y©e e :F«p§A w¬¨g§v¦i z ¥` F ½l c¤l´¨E¦d§A d®¨p ¨W z ´©`§nÎo¤A i¦Y §c¬©l¨iÎi«¦M d®¨x ¨U mi¦p¨a d¨wi¬¦pi¥d m ½¨d ¨x§a©`§l Æl¥N¦n i³¦n x¤n` ÀY©e f :i«¦lÎw©g£v«¦i © ¥X©dÎl¨M l¬¥n¨B¦d mFi§A lF ½c¨b d´¤Y §W¦n Æm¨d ¨x§a©` U©r³©I©e l®©n¨B¦I©e c¤¤I©d l¬©C§b¦I©e g :ei«¨pªw§f¦l o¥a :w«¥g©v§n m¨d ¨x§a©`§l d¬¨c§l«¨iÎx ¤W£` zi ²¦x§v¦O©d x¯¨b¨dÎo¤AÎz¤` d¹¨x ¨U ` ¤x ¸¥Y©e h :w«¨g§v¦iÎz¤` z`½G©d d´¨n¨`«¨dÎo¤A ÆW ©xi¦i ` ³l i´¦M D®¨p§AÎz¤`§e z`G©d d¬¨n¨`«¨d W²¥x¨B m ½¨d ¨x§a©`§l Æx¤n` ¸Y©e i x¤n`¸I©e ai :F«p§A z ¬cF` l ©r m®¨d ¨x§a©` i´¥pi¥r§A c`§n x²¨a ¨C©d r©x¯¥I©e `i :w«¨g§v¦iÎm¦r i¦p§AÎm¦r x¬©n`Y x ¸¤W£` ÁlM L ½¤z¨n£`Îl©r§e x©r´©P©dÎl©r ÆLi¸¤pi¥r§A r³©x¥iÎl©` m À¨d ¨x§a©`Îl¤` mi ¹¦l¡` iF´b§l d¨n¨`«¨dÎo¤AÎz¤` m¬©b§e bi :r©x«¨f L§l `¬¥x¨T¦i w ½¨g§v¦i§a i´¦M D®¨w§A r´©n §W d ¨x ¨U Li²¤l¥` o´¥Y¦I©e m¦i ¹©n z©n ¸¥g§e Ám¤gÁ ¤lÎg©T«¦I©e x¤ ¿A©A | m´¨d ¨x§a©` m´¥M §W©I©e ci :`E «d L£r §x«©f i¬¦M EP®¤ni ¦U£` :r©a«¨W x ¬¥`§A x©A §c¦n§A r©z ½¥Y©e K¤l´¥Y©e ¨d®¤g§N ©W§i«©e c¤¤I©dÎz¤`§e D²¨n§k ¦WÎl©r m¯¨U x ¨b¨ÂdÎl¤` a ¤W ¸¥Y©e ÁK¤lÁ¥Y©e fh :m«¦gi ¦V©d c¬©g©` z© ©Y c¤l½¤I©dÎz¤` K´¥l §W©Y©e z¤n®¥g©dÎo¦n m¦i©O©d E ¬l§k¦I©e eh c¤b½¤P¦n a ¤W´¥Y©e c¤l®¨I©d zF ´n§A d ¤` §x¤`Îl©` d ½¨x§n «¨` i´¦M z ¤W ½¤w i´¥e£g«©h§n¦M Æw¥g §x©d c¤bÀ¤P¦n D¹¨l | mi³¦l¡` K ¸©`§l©n Á` ¨x§w¦I©e ¼x©r¼©P©d lF´wÎz¤` »mi¦l¡` r´©n §W¦I©e fi :§J§a«¥Y©e D¨wÎz¤` `¬¨V¦Y©e mi²¦l¡` r¯©n ¨WÎi«¦M i ½¦` §xi´¦YÎl©` x®¨b¨d K´¨NÎd©n D¨l x¤n`¬I©e m¦i ½©n ¨X©dÎo¦n Æx¨b¨dÎl¤` F ®A K ¥c¨iÎz¤` i¦wi¬¦f£g«©d§e x©r½©P©dÎz¤` i ´¦` §U i¦nE µw gi :m«¨WÎ`Ed x¬¤W£`«©A x©©P©d lF¬wÎl¤` K¤l ¹¥Y©e m¦i®¨n x ´¥`§A ` ¤¥Y©e ¨di½¤pi¥rÎz¤` Æmi¦l¡` g³©w §t¦I©e hi :EP«¤ni ¦U£` lFc¨B iF¬b§lÎi«¦M Æa ¤W¸¥I©e l®¨C§b¦I©e x©©P©dÎz¤` mi²¦l¡` i¯¦d§i©e k :x©r«¨P©dÎz¤` §w § ©Y©e m¦i ½©n Æz¤n ¸¥g©dÎz¤` `³¥N©n§Y©e u ¤x ¬¤`¥n d ¨X¦` F ²O¦` F ¬lÎg©T«¦Y©e o®¨x` ¨R x´©A §c¦n§A a ¤¥I©e `k :z«¨X©w d¬¤x i¦d§i©e x ½¨A §c¦O©A F ½`¨a§vÎx ©U Ælki ¦tE K¤l À¤ni¦a£` x¤n`´I©e `e ½¦d©d z ´¥r¨A Æi¦d§i«©e ak [iyy] t :m¦i «¨x§v¦n i³¦N d¨r§a ¸¨X¦d d À¨Y©r§e bk :d«¤r d¨Y©`Îx ¤W£` l¬k§A ½L§O¦r mi´¦l¡` x ®n`¥l m¨d ¨x§a©`Îl¤` d´¤U£r«©Y ÆL§O¦r i¦zi³¦U¨rÎx ¤W£` c¤q ¹¤g©M i®¦C§k¤p§lE i¦pi¦p§lE i ½¦l x´w §W¦YÎm¦` d¨P ½¥d Æmi¦l`«¥a ©g¬¦kFd§e dk :©r«¥a ¨X¦` i¦p «¨` m ½¨d ¨x§a©` Æx¤n`¸I©e ck :D«¨A d¨Y §x¬©BÎx ¤W£` u ¤ ¨`¨dÎm¦r§e i ½¦c¨O¦r x¤n`´I©e ek :K¤l«¤ni¦a£` i¬¥c§a©r El§f«¨B x¬¤W£` m¦i ½©O©d x ´¥`§A ÆzFc`Îl©r K¤l®¤ni¦a£`Îz¤` m¨d ¨x§a©` i²¦p «¨` m¯©b§e iÀ¦N ¨Y §c´©B¦dÎ` «l dº¨Y©`Îm©b§e d®¤G©d x´¨a ¨C©dÎz¤` d ¨U¨r i¬¦n i¦Y§r ½©c¨i ` ´l K¤l ½¤ni¦a£` E¬z §x§k¦I©e K¤l®¤ni¦a£`«©l o¥Y¦I©e x ½¨w¨aE o`´v Æm¨d ¨x§a©` g³©T¦I©e fk :mF«I©d i¬¦Y§l¦A i¦Y§ ©n ¨W ` ¬l x¤n`¬I©e hk :o«¤d §C©a§l o`S©d z ¬U§a¦M r©a²¤WÎz¤` m À¨d ¨x§a©` a´¥S©I©e gk :zi «¦x§A m¤di¥p §W :d¨p «¨C©a§l ¨Y§ ©S¦d x¬¤W£` d¤N ½¥`¨d ÆzU¨a§M r©a³¤W d¨P À¥d d´¨n m®¨d ¨x§a©`Îl¤` K¤ ¤ni¦a£` i¦Y § ©t¨g i¬¦M d ½¨c¥r§l i´¦NÎd¤i§d«¦Y ÆxEa£r«©A i®¦c¨I¦n g ©T¦Y z ½U¨a§M r©a´¤WÎz¤` i¦µM x¤n`¾I©e l r§A §W¦p m¬¨W i²¦M r©a®¨W x ´¥`§A `Ed©d mF¬w¨O©l `²¨x¨w o À¥MÎl©r `l :z`«G©d x ¬¥`§A©dÎz¤` Ea ªW¨I©e F ½`¨a§vÎx ©U Ælki ¦tE K¤l À¤ni¦a£` m¨w´¨I©e r©a®¨W x ´¥`§a¦A zi ¦x§a E¬z §x§k¦I©e al :m«¤di¥p §W :m«¨lFr l ¬¥` d¨Fd§i m¬¥W§A m ½¨WÎ` ¨x§w¸¦I©e r©a®¨W x ´¥`§a¦A l ¤ ¥` r¬©H¦I©e bl :mi«¦Y §W¦l §R u ¤x ¬¤`Îl¤` t :mi«¦A ©x mi¬¦n¨i mi¦Y §W¦l §R u ¤x ¬¤`§A m²¨d ¨x§a©` x¨b¯¨I©e cl Congregation as the Sefer Torah is lifted. :d¤Wn c©i§A ¨i§i i¦R l ©r l¥` ¨x§U¦i i¥p§A i¥p§t¦l d¤Wn m¨U x¤W£` d ¨xFY©d z`f§e V'tzot ha'torah asher sam Mo'sheh lif'nay b'nay yis'ra'el al pee Adonai b'yad Mo'sheh. - 42 -
  46. 46. Book of Genesis - Chapter 21 TORAH READING FOR THE FIRST DAY OF ROSH HASHANAH 1. And ADONAI visited Sarah as he had said, and ADONAI did unto Sarah as he had spoken. 2. For Sarah conceived, and bore Abraham a son in his old age, at the set time of which ADONAI had spoken to him. 3. And Abraham called the name of his son that was born unto him, whom Sarah bore to him, Isaac. 4. And Abraham circumcised his son Isaac being eight days old, as ADONAI had commanded him. 5. And Abraham was a hundred years old, when his son Isaac was born unto him. 6. And Sarah said, ADONAI hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me. 7. And she said, Who would have said unto Abraham, that Sarah should nurse children for I have born him a son in his old age. 8. And the child grew, and was weaned: and Abraham made a great feast the same day that Isaac was weaned. 9. And Sarah saw the son of Hagar the Egyptian, which she had born unto Abraham, mocking. 10. Wherefore she said unto Abraham, Cast out this bondwoman and her son: for the son of this bondwoman shall not be heir with my son, even with Isaac. 11. And the thing was very grievous in Abraham's sight because of his son. 12. And ADONAI said unto Abraham, Let it not be grievous in thy sight because of the lad, and because of your bondwoman; in all that Sarah hath said to you, hearken unto her voice; for in Isaac shall thy seed be called. 13. And also of the son of the bondwoman will I make a nation, because he is thy seed. 14. And Abraham rose up early in the morning, and took bread, and a bottle of water, and gave it unto Hagar, putting it on her shoulder, and the child, and sent her away: and she departed, and wandered in the wilderness of Beersheba. 15. And the water was spent in the bottle, and she cast the child under one of the shrubs. 16. And she went, and sat her down over against him a good way off, as it were a bow shot: for she said, Let me not see the death of the child. And she sat over against him, and lift up her voice, and wept. 17. And ADONAI heard the voice of the lad; and the angel of ADONAI called Hagar out of heaven, and said unto her, What ails you, Hagar? fear not; for ADONAI has heard the voice of the lad where he is. 18. Arise, lift up the lad, and hold him in thine hand; for I will make him a great nation. 19. And ADONAI opened her eyes, and she saw a well of water; and she went, and filled the bottle with water, and gave the lad drink. 20. And ADONAI was with the lad; and he grew, and dwelt in the wilderness, and became an archer. 21. And he dwelt in the wilderness of Paran: and his mother took him a wife out of the land of Egypt. - 43 -
  47. 47. ipy meil d`ixwTorah Reading for the Second Day of Rosh Hashanah ak wxt ziy`xa xtq ¨d ¨x§a©` ei ½¨l¥` x¤n`´I©e m®¨d ¨x§a©`Îz¤` d¨Q¦p mi ½¦l¡`´¨d§e d¤N ½¥`¨d mi ´¦x¨a §C©d Æx©g©` i À¦d§i©e ` w ½¨g§v¦iÎz¤` ƨY§a ¸©d¨`Îx ¤W£` ³L §ci«¦g§iÎz¤` ¸L§p¦AÎz¤` `¨ÂpÎg©w x¤n`¿I©e a :i¦p«¥P¦d x¤n`¬I©e x¬© ` x ¤W£` mi ½¦x¨d«¤d c´©g©` l©µr d ½¨r§l Æm ¨W Ed³¥l£r«©d§e d®¨I ¦ «O©d u ¤ ¤`Îl¤` ½L§lÎK ¸¤l§e F ½Y¦` Æei ¨x¨r§p i³¥p §WÎz¤` gº©T¦I©e F ½ n£gÎz¤` ÆWa£g«©I«©e x¤ ÀA©A m ¹¨d ¨x§a©` m ¸¥M §W©I©e b :Li«¤l¥` F ¬lÎx©n«¨`Îx ¤W£` mFw¨O©dÎl¤` K¤l½¥I©e m¨w´¨I©e d ½¨r i´¥v£r Ær©T©a§i©e F®p§A w´¨g§v¦i z ¥`§e :w «g ¨x«¥n mFw¨O©dÎz¤` `§x¬©I©e ei²¨pi¥rÎz¤` m¯¨d ¨x§a©` ` ¸¨V¦I©e i À¦Wi¦l §X©d mF´I©A c :mi«¦l¡`«¨d ¨k§l«¥p x©r½©P©d§e i´¦p£`«©e xF ½n£g«©dÎm «¦r ÆdR m¬¤k¨lÎE «a §W eiÀ¨x¨r§pÎl¤` m ¹¨d ¨x§a©` x¤n`¸I©e d Æm ¤U¸¨I©e dÀ¨r«¨d i´¥v£rÎz¤` m ¹¨d ¨x§a©` g ¸©T¦I©e e :m«¤ki¥l£` d¨aE ¬W¨p§e d¤e£g«©Y §W«¦p§e d®MÎc©r :e «¨C§g©i m¤di¥p §W E¬k§l«¥I©e z¤l®¤k£`«©O«©dÎz¤`§e W ¥`¨dÎz¤` F ½c¨i§A g´©T¦I©e F½p§A w´¨g§v¦iÎl©r d³¥P¦d x¤n`ÀI©e i®¦p§a i¦P´¤P¦d x¤n`I©e i ½¦a¨` x¤n`´I©e Æei¦a¨` m³¨d ¨x§a©`Îl¤` w ¹¨g§v¦i x¤n`¸I©e f d²¤V©d F ¬NÎd¤` §x¦i mi¾¦l¡` m ½¨d ¨x§a©` Æx¤n`¸I©e g :d«¨r§l d ¤V©d d¬¥I©`§e mi ½¦v¥r´¨d§e ÆW¥`¨d ¼mi¦l¡`«¨d F ´lÎx©n«¨` x´¤W£` »mFw¨O©dÎl¤` E` Àa¨I©e h :e «¨C§g©i m¤di¥p §W E¬k§l«¥I©e i®¦p§A d¨r§l m ¤U³¨I©e F½p§A w´¨g§v¦iÎz¤` Æcw£r«©I«©e mi®¦v¥r«¨dÎz¤` Kx£r«©I«©e ©g ½¥A§f¦O©dÎz¤` Æm¨d ¨x§a©` m³¨W o¤a¸¦I©e z¤l®¤k£`«©O«©dÎz¤` g ©T¦I©e F ½c¨iÎz¤` Æm¨d ¨x§a©` g³©l §W¦I©e i :mi«¦v¥r«¨l l© ©O¦n ©g ½¥A§f¦O©dÎl©r ÆFz` | m´¨d ¨x§a©` x¤n`I©e m¦i ½©n ¨X©dÎo¦n Æd¨Fd§i K ³©`§l©n ei ¹¨l¥` ` ¸¨x§w¦I©e `i :F«p§AÎz¤` hg §W¦l l U©r¬©YÎl©`§e x©r½©P©dÎl¤` ÆL §c«¨i g³©l §W¦YÎl©` x¤n`ÀI©e ai :i¦p«¥P¦d x¤n`I©e m®¨d ¨x§a©` L §ci«¦g§iÎz¤` ¬L§p¦AÎz¤` ¨Y§k²©U¨g ` ¬l§e d¨Y ½©` Æmi¦l¡` `³¥x§iÎi«¦M i¦Y§r À©c¨i d´¨Y©r | i´¦M d¨nE ®`§n ei®¨p §x©w§A K©a§Q©A f¬©g¡`«¤p x ¾©g©` l¦i ½©`Îd¥P¦d§e Æ` §x©I©e eiÀ¨pi¥rÎz¤` m ¹¨d ¨x§a©` ` ¸¨V¦I©e bi :i¦P«¤O¦n m²¨d ¨x§a©` ` ¯¨x§w¦I©e ci :F«p§A z©g¬©Y d¨r§l Ed¬¥l£r«©I©e l¦i ½©`¨dÎz¤` g´©T¦I©e Æm¨d ¨x§a©` K¤l³¥I©e `²¨x§w¦I©e eh :d «¤`¨x«¥i d¨Fd§i x¬©d§A mF½I©d x´¥n¨`«¥i Æx ¤W£` d ®¤` §x¦i | d´¨Fd§i `Ed©d mF¬w¨O©dÎm ¥W d®¨Fd§iÎmª`§p i¦Y§ ©A §W¦p i¬¦A x¤n`¾I©e fh :m¦i«¨n ¨X©dÎo¦n zi¦p ¥W m®¨d ¨x§a©`Îl¤` d¨Fd§i K ¬©`§l©n :L «¤ci¦g§iÎz¤` ¬L§p¦AÎz¤` ¨Y§ ©U¨g ` ¬l§e d½¤G©d x´¨a ¨C©dÎz¤` ƨzi ¸¦U¨r x³¤W£` o©r©µi i À¦M ¤W£` lF¾g©k§e m¦i ½©n ¨X©d i´¥a§kF «k§M ÆL£r §x«©fÎz¤` d³¤A §x©` d ¸¨A §x©d§e ÀL§k ¤x«¨a£` K ´¥x¨aÎi«¦M fi i´¥iFB lM ½L£r §x«©f§a E´k £x«¨A§z¦d§e gi :ei«¨a§i «` x©r¬©W z ¥` ½L£r §x«©f W ´©x¦i§e m®¨I©d z´ ©t §UÎl©r ¨C§g©i E¬k§l«¥I©e En²ªw¨I©e ei ½¨x¨r§pÎl¤` Æm¨d ¨x§a©` a ¨W³¨I©e hi :i«¦w§A ¨Y§ ©n ¨W x¬¤W£` a¤w ¾¥r u ¤x ®¨`¨d Æi ¥x£g «©` i À¦d§i©e k [xihtn] t :r©a«¨W x ¬¥`§a¦A m¨d ¨x§a©` a ¤W¬¥I©e r©a®¨W x ´¥`§AÎl¤` xF¬g¨p§l mi¦p¨A `e²¦dÎm©b d¬¨M§l¦n d ¸¨c§l«¨i d Â¥P¦Âd x ®n`¥l m¨d ¨x§a©`§l c¬©BªI©e d¤N ½¥`¨d mi ´¦x¨a §C©d c ¤U´¤MÎz¤`§e ak :m «¨x£` i¬¦a£` l ¥`En§wÎz¤`§e ei®¦g¨` fE´AÎz¤`§e F k§A uE ¬rÎz¤` `k :Li«¦g¨` d®¨w§a ¦xÎz¤` c´©l¨i l ¥`Ez§aE bk :l «¥`Ez§A z ¥`§e s®¨l §c¦iÎz¤`§e W ¨C§l ¦RÎz¤`§e F½f£gÎz¤`§e d®¨nE` §x D´¨n §WE FW§b©li «¦tE ck :m«¨d ¨x§a©` i¬¦g£` xFg¨p§l d ½¨M§l¦n d´¨c§l«¨i Æd¤N ¸¥` d¬¨pn §W t t t :d«¨k£r«©nÎz «¤`§e W© ©YÎz¤`§e m©g½©BÎz¤`§e g©a´¤hÎz¤` Æ`e¦dÎm©B c¤l³¥Y©e Congregation as the Sefer Torah is lifted. c©i§A ¨i§i i¦R l ©r l¥` ¨x§U¦i i¥p§A i¥p§t¦l d¤Wn m¨U x¤W£` d ¨xFY©d z`f§e :d¤Wn V'tzot ha'torah asher sam Mo'sheh lif'nay b'nay yis'ra'el al pee Adonai b'yad Mo'sheh. - 44 -
  48. 48. Book of Genesis - Chapter 22 SECOND DAY OF ROSH HASHANAH 1. And it came to pass after these things, that ADONAI did tempt Abraham, and said to him, Abraham: and he said, Behold, here I am. 2. And he said, Take now your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love, and get you into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell you of. 3. And Abraham rose up early in the morning, and saddled his ass, and took two of his young men with him, and Isaac his son, and clave the wood for the burnt offering, and rose up, and went unto the place of which ADONAI had told him. 4. Then on the third day Abraham lifted up his eyes, and saw the place afar off. 5. And Abraham said unto his young men, Stay here with the ass; and I and the lad will go yonder and worship, and come again to you. 6. And Abraham took the wood of the burnt offering, and laid it upon Isaac his son; and he took the fire in his hand, and a knife; and they went both of them together. 7. And Isaac spoke to Abraham his father, and said, My father: and he said, Here am I, my son. And he said, Behold the fire and the wood: but where is the lamb for a burnt offering? 8. And Abraham said, My son, ADONAI will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering: so they went both of them together. 9. And they came to the place which ADONAI had told him of; and Abraham built an altar there, and laid the wood in order, and bound Isaac his son, and laid him on the altar upon the wood. 10. And Abraham stretched forth his hand, and took the knife to slay his son. 11. And the angel of ADONAI called unto him out of heaven, and said, Abraham, Abraham: and he said, Here am I. 12. And he said, Lay not your hand upon the lad, neither do any thing unto him: for now I know that you fear ADONAI, seeing you has not withheld your son, your only son from me. 13. And Abraham lifted up his eyes, and looked, and behold behind him a ram caught in a thicket by his horns: and Abraham went and took the ram, and offered him up for a burnt offering in the stead of his son. 14. And Abraham called the name of that place ADONAI-YIREH: as it is said to this day, In the mount of ADONAI it shall be seen. 15. And the angel of ADONAI called unto Abraham out of heaven the second time, 16. And said, By myself have I sworn, said ADONAI, for because you have done this thing, and has not withheld your son, your only son: 17. That in blessing I will bless you, and in multiplying I will multiply your seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the seashore; and your seed shall possess the gate of his enemies; 18. And in your seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because you have obeyed my voice. 19. So Abraham returned to his young men, and they rose up and went together to Beersheba; and Abraham dwelt at Beersheba. 20. And it came to pass after these things, that it was told Abraham, saying, Behold, Milcah, she has also born children unto your brother Nahor; 21. Huz his firstborn, and Buz his brother, and Kemuel the father of Aram, 22. And Chesed, and Hazo, and Pildash, and Jidlaph, and Bethuel. 23. And Bethuel begat Rebekah: these eight Milcah did bear to Nahor, Abraham's brother. 24. And his concubine, whose name was Reumah, she bare also Tebah, and Gaham, and Thahash, and Maachah. - 45 -
  49. 49. Mi she’be’rach a’vo’tai’nu M’kor ha’b’ra’cha l’emo’tai’nu May the source of strength Who blessed the ones before us Help us find the courage To make our lives a blessing And let us say, Amen. Mi she’be’rach a’vo’tai’nu M’kor ha’b’ra’cha l’a’vo’tai’nu Bless those in need of healing With r’fu’a sh’lai’mah The renewal of body The renewal of spirit And let us say, Amen. bnai jeshurun synagogue `Ed ,d l§WE c¦e¨C ox£d©` d¤ n ,aw £r©i§e w¨g§v¦i m¨d ¨x§a©` Epi«¥zFa£` K ©x¥A¤W i¦n o¥Y¦i (ipelt oa ipelt)¤W xEa £r©A ,(zipelt) o¤A (ipelt) d¤lFg©d z¤` K ¥x¨a§i ,ei¨l ¨r mi¦n£g ©x `¥l¨O¦i `Ed KEx¨A WFc¨T©d ,d¤f x©k§U¦A .FxEa £r©A d¨w¨c§v¦l d¨n¥l§W d¨`Et §x d ¨x¥d§n Fl g©l§W¦i§e ,FzFi£g©d§lE Fwi¦f£g©d§lE Fz`R ©x§lE Fni¦l£g©d§l ,l¥` ¨x§U¦i i¥lFg x¨`§W KFz§A ,ei¨ci¦b d"¨q§WE ,ei ¨x¨a¥` g"©n §x¦l ,m¦i«©n¨X©d o¦n .o¥n¨` x©n`p§e .ai ¦x¨w o©n§f¦aE `¨l¨b £r©A `¨Y§W©d ,sEB©d z©`Et §xE ,W¤t«¤P©d z©`Et §x - 46 -
  50. 50. ipy meile oey`x meil xihtnTorah Reading from the Second Sefer Torah Maftir - First and Second Days of Rosh Hashanah hk wxt xacna xtq z¤k`¬¤l§nÎl¨M m ½¤k¨l d´¤i§d¦i ÆW ¤¸wÎ` ¨x§w«¦n W ¤Àg©l c´¨g¤`§A i ¹¦ri¦a §X©d W ¤¸g©aE ` Æ© ¸gi¦p ©gi³¥x §l d ¹¨r m ¸¤zi ¦U£r«©e a :m«¤k¨l d¬¤i§d¦i d ¨rEx§Y mF¬i E ®U£r«©z ` ´l d ¨a£r :m«¦ni¦n§Y d ¨r§a ¦W d²¨p ¨WÎi«¥p§A mi ¯¦U¨a§M c®¨g¤` l¦i ´©` c¨g¤` x ²¨w¨AÎo¤A x ¯©R d½¨di«©l :l¦i «¨`¨l mi¦px §U¤r i¬¥p §W x ½¨R©l Æmi¦px §U¤r d³¨ l §W o ¤n®¨X©a d´¨lEl§A z ¤q m ½¨z¨g§p ¸¦nE b ¨g¤` mi¬¦G¦rÎxi¦r §UE d :mi «¦U¨a§M©d z ©r§a ¦W §l c®¨g¤`«¨d U¤ ¤M©l c ½¨g¤` oF ´x ¨V¦r§e c D ½¨z¨g§p¦nE Æci¦n¨Y©d z³©r§e D À¨z¨g§p¦nE W ¤¹g©d z ¸©r Ác©a§N¦n e :m«¤ki¥l£r x ¥R©k §l z`®¨H©g q :d«¨Fdi«©l d ¤X¦` © ½gi¦p ©gi ´¥x §l m®¨h ¨R §W¦n§M m¤di¥M§q¦p§e Numbers 29- Maftir ... BOTH DAYS OF ROSH HASHANAH 1. And in the seventh month, on the first day of the month, you shall have a holy convocation; you shall do no servile work: it is a day of blowing the trumpets to you. 2. And you shall offer a burnt offering for a sweet savour unto ADONAI; one young bullock, one ram, and seven lambs of the first year without blemish: 3. And their meat offering shall be of flour mingled with oil, three tenth deals for a bullock, and two tenth deals for a ram, 4. And one tenth deal for one lamb, throughout the seven lambs: 5. And one kid of the goats for a sin offering, to make an atonement for you: 6. Beside the burnt offering of the month, and his meat offering, and the daily burnt offering, and his meat offering, and their drink offerings, according unto their manner, for a sweet savour, a sacrifice made by fire unto ADONAI. - 47 -
  51. 51. d`ixwTorah Reading for Yom Kippur fh wxt `xwie xtq m¬¨z¨a §x¨w§A o ®x£d «©` i´¥p§A i¥p §W zF ½n i ´¥x£g«©` d ½¤nÎl¤` Æd¨Fd§i x³¥A ©c§i©e ` ¼Li¼¦g¨` o ´x£d «©`Îl¤` »x¥A ©C d À¤nÎl¤` d¹¨d§i x¤n`¸I©e a :Ez«ªn¨I©e d¨Fd§iÎi«¥p §t¦l z ¤¹R©M©d i¸¥p §RÎl¤` z¤ ®x ¨R©l zi¥A¦n W ¤½T©dÎl¤` Æz¥rÎl¨k§a ` ³a¨iÎl©`§e z`²f§A b :z ¤ «R©M©dÎl©r d ¤` ¨x «¥` o½¨p¨r«¤A i¦µM zE ½n¨i ` ´l§e Æox¨`«¨dÎl©r x³¤W£` :d«¨r§l l¦i ¬©`§e z`¨H©g§l x²¨w¨AÎo¤A x ¯©t§A W ¤®T©dÎl¤` ox£d «©` `¬a¨i Æc©A h¬¥p§a©`§aE ¼Fx ¨U§AÎl©r E´i§d¦i »c©aÎi¥q§p§k«¦nE W À¨A§l¦i W ¤¹w c ¸©AÎz¤p «z§M c x ¨U§AÎz¤` m¦i²©O©A u¬©g ¨x§e m ½¥d W ¤´wÎi ¥c§b¦A s®p§v¦i c©A z ¤t¬¤p§v¦n§aE x½B§g©i z`®¨H©g§l mi¦G¦r i¬¥xi¦r §UÎi«¥p §W g²©T¦i l ½¥` ¨x §U¦i i´¥p§A Æz ©c£r z À¥`¥nE d :m«¨W¥a§lE x¬ ¤R¦k§e F ®lÎx ¤W£` z`¨H©g«©d x¬ ©RÎz¤` o ²x£d «©` ai ¯¦x§w¦d§e e :d«¨r§l c¨g¤` l¦i ¬©`§e i´¥p §t¦l Æm¨` ci³¦n¡r«¤d§e m ®¦xi¦r §V©d i´¥p §WÎz¤` g ©w¨l§e f :F «zi¥A c ¬©r§aE Fc£r«©A zF ®l ¨«B m ¦xi¦r §V©d i¬¥p §WÎl©r o ²x£d «©` o¯©z¨p§e g :c «¥rFn l¤ ¬` g© ¤R d½¨d§i Æox£d «©` ai ³¦x§w¦d§e h :l«¥f`¨f£r«©l c¨g¤` l¬¨xFb§e d½¨di«©l Æc¨g¤` l³¨xFB :z`«¨H©g Ed ¨U¨r§e d®¨Fdi«©l l ¨xFB©d ei²¨l¨r d¬¨l¨r x ¸¤W£` xi ½¦r ¨V©dÎz¤` ¨Fd§i i¬¥p §t¦l i²©gÎc©n¢r«¨i l½¥f`¨f£r«©l Æl ¨xFB©d ei³¨l¨r d ¸¨l¨r Áx ¤W£` xi À¦r ¨V©d§e i ¹x£d «©` ai¸¦x§w¦d§e `i :d ¨x«¨A §c¦O©d l¥f`¨f£r«©l F ² ` g¬©N ©W§l ei®¨l¨r x´ ¥R©k§l x¬ ©RÎz¤` h²©g ¨W§e F®zi¥A c ´©r§aE Fc£r«©A x¬ ¤R¦k§e F ½lÎx ¤W£` Æz`¨H©g«©d x ³©RÎz¤` Æ©g ¸¥A§f¦O©d l ³©r¥n W º¥`Îi¥l£g«©B d ¨Y§g©O©ÂdÎ` «l§n g´©w¨l§e ai :F «lÎx ¤W£` z`¨H©g«©d :z¤ «x ¨R©l zi¬¥A¦n `i¦a¥d§e d®¨T ©C mi¦O©q z ¤¬h§w ei½¨p §t¨g ` ´l§nE d½¨d§i i´¥p §t¦N¦n z ¤Àh§T©d o´©p£r | d´¨Q¦k§e d®¨d§i i´¥p §t¦l W ¥`¨dÎl©r z ¤²h§T©dÎz¤` o¯©z¨p§e bi d¯¨G¦d§e x ½¨R©d m´©C¦n Æg©w¨l§e ci :zE «n¨i ` ¬l§e zEc¥r«¨dÎl©r x¬¤W£` z ¤ ²R©M©dÎz¤` mi²¦n¨r §RÎr©a«¤W d¯¤G©i z ¤ÀR©M©d i´¥p §t¦l§e d¨n §c®¥w z ¤R©M©d i¬¥p §RÎl©r F ²r¨A§v¤`§a Æ`i¦a¥d§e m ½¨r¨l x´¤W£` Æz`¨H©g«©d xi ³¦r §UÎz¤` hº©g ¨W§e eh :F «r¨A§v¤`§A m ¨C©dÎo¦n x ½¨R©d m´©c§l Æd ¨U¨r x³¤W£`«©M F Àn ¨CÎz¤` d´¨U¨r§e z¤ ®x ¨R©l zi¥A¦nÎl¤` F ½n ¨CÎz¤` Æz`§n ªH¦n W ¤ÀT©dÎl©r x´ ¤R¦k§e fh :z ¤ «R©M©d i¬¥p §t¦l§e z ¤R©M©dÎl©r F ² ` d¬¨G¦d§e c ½¥rFn l¤ ´`§l Æd ¤U£r«©i o³¥k§e m®¨z`H©gÎl¨k§l m¤di¥r §W ¦R¦nE l ½¥` ¨x §U¦i i´¥p§A c À¥rFn l¤ ´`§A | d´¤i§d«¦iÎ`l mº¨c¨`Îl¨k§e fi :m«¨`§n ªh KFz§A m ½¨Y¦` o´¥X©d ©r§aE F ½zi¥A c ´©r§aE ÆFc£r«©A x ³¤R¦k§e F®z`¥vÎc©r W ¤T©A x¬ ¥R©k§l F ² a§A x´ ¤R¦k§e d¨Fd§iÎi«¥p §t¦l x¬¤W£` ©g²¥A§f¦O©dÎl¤` ` À¨v¨i§e gi [ipy] :l«¥` ¨x §U¦i l¬©d§wÎl¨M :ai«¦a¨q © ¥A§f¦O©d zF¬p §x©wÎl©r o²©z¨p§e xi ½¦r ¨V©d m´©C¦nE Æx ¨R©d m³©C¦n gº©w¨l§e ei®¨l¨r F ½W §C¦w§e F ´x£d«¦h§e mi®¦n¨r §R r©a´¤W Fr¨A§v¤`§A m²¨C©dÎo¦n ei¯¨l¨r d¸¨G¦d§e hi :l«¥` ¨x §U¦i i¬¥p§A z`§n ªH¦n - 48 -