Classroom Expectations


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We are courteous
We respect and value others
We communicate effectively
We are organized and prepared
We are positive and self-motivated

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Classroom Expectations

  1. 1. Classroom Expectations R.A. AMBUEHL
  2. 2. Classroom Expectations — We are courteous — We respect and value others — We communicate effectively — We are organized and prepared — We are positive and self-motivated
  3. 3. We are courteous — We always say thank you. ¡ When we visit someone, we remember t o thank them and compliment their place so they will know it is appreciated. ¡ We always say thank you when we are given something. ¡ When we ride with someone, we are respectful of their vehicle. When we exit the vehicle, we always thank the driver and tell him or her to have a good day. ¡ When we return from a t rip, we shake the teacher s and chaperone s hands and thank them. — We have good manne rs. ¡ If someone drop s something, we pick it up and hand it back to them. Even if they are closer, it is only polite to make the gesture of trying to retrieve the item. ¡ If someone bump s into us we say excuse me, even if we don t think it was our fault. ¡ Whenever we are offered food, we only take our fair s hare. ¡ When dining, we wait until everyone at our table is seated before beginning to eat. — We are clean and tidy.
  4. 4. We respect and value others — We respect and value each other. ¡ We always put safety first. ¡ If someone wins a game or does something well, we congratulate them. ¡ If we win or do well at something , we graciously accept recognition. ¡ When grading other students work, we try hard to give them the grade they deserve. ¡ We understand that everyone is unique. What works for one person may not be appropriate for another. — We respect each other s space. ¡ We leave other people s materials alone. ¡ If we need something and cannot reach it, we ask someone to pass it to us. ¡ We keep our hands, feet and objects to ourselves. — Our words, actions and gestures are always kind, helpful, and respectful. ¡ We respect other students' learning and avoid interrupting or distracting them. ¡ We remain calm and carefully consider our options before acting. ¡ We surprise others by performing random acts of kindness. ¡ We are a family. We treat one another with respect and kindness. ¡ If another student is being spoken to or disciplined, we do not look at them or get involved. We wouldn t want others looking at us or getting involved if we were in trouble or being reprimanded. — We respect and value our school. ¡ We treat school property (desk, computers, classroom materials, etc.) with care. ¡ We treat all staff with respect and kindness, especially those who are responsible for cleaning up after us. ¡ When we are done, we clean up after ourselves. — We continue to fulfill all of these expectations for other teachers and substitutes.
  5. 5. We communicate effectively We make eye contact with the people we are communicating with. — We quickly learn the name of others and greet them appropriat ely. — When responding to any adult, we answer by saying Yes ma am or No sir. ¡ We greet visitors by shaking their hands, telling them who we are, welcoming them to our school. ¡ We remember people s names and use them as often as possible. ¡ When we leave, we shake people s hands and thank them by name. ¡ We are responsive and thoughtful. — We remain quiet and listen to the person that is talking. ¡ When asked a question ,we respond with appropriate answers, and follow-up questions. ¡ When we are offered selections or are unsure we ask: What are my options? ¡ When we are upset, we choose our words carefully and avoid making the problem worse. ¡ We communicate appropriately using electronic media (phone, email, text, etc.). ¡ We know how to communicate our needs — We speak clearly in complete sentences. ¡ If we have questions, we ask the teacher. If the teacher is unavailable we leave a mes sage. ¡ If we have to go to the rest room, we stand up when allowed and say, Excuse me, as we leave. ¡ If anyone in the school bothers us, we let a teacher know so the school can deal with the problem. ¡ We know how to handle conflicts. — If we are upset, we take it up with the person that is responsible for the problem. ¡ We use I statements to describe our feelings on the subject calmly and reasonably. ¡ We listen to the other person and paraphrase what we heard to make sure we really understand. ¡ We engage in a give-and-take to discover options that will satisfy our mutual interests. ¡ We finish the disagreement and agree on a solution that we can all quot;live with. ¡ We are willing to say we are sorry, forgive, and move on. ¡
  6. 6. We are organized and prepared — We make every effort to arrive at the class ready to work ¡ We understand that homework is essential, do it every night, and turn it in on time. ¡ We arrive on time, have our material s ready to use, and begin working immediately. ¡ We finish working when the teacher says we can leave. ¡ We use the pencil sharpener and other class equipment during non-instructional time. — We are structured, efficient, and focused on our tasks in the classroom. ¡ We get quiet quickly when the quiet signal goes up. ¡ We stay in our seats unless we are given permission. Exception: If we are sick, we leave immediately. ¡ During class discussion, we participate and allow others to participate. We raise our hands and wait for the teacher to call on us. ÷ We wait for the person that is talking to finish before raising our hands. ÷ We listen to others when they are talking. ÷ We respect other students comments, opinions, and ideas. ÷ During group discussions, we talk quietly and cooperate with our group. ¡ We transition from one subject to another swiftly, quietly and orderly. ¡ — We are efficient and cooperative outside the classroom. ¡ We cooperate with and facilitate the safe and efficient flow of traffic between classes. ¡ When we go up stairs or escalators, we keep to the right so people can pass on the left. ¡ When we are going to enter an elevator or doorway, we allow others to exit before we enter. ¡ When we approach a door with someone following us, we hold the door open for them. ¡ When told to form a line, we walk single file, with our arms at our sides, facing forward, and do not talk. ¡ We never cut in line. If someone cuts in front of us, we let a teacher know so they can handle it.
  7. 7. We are positive and self-motivated — We strive to be the best people we can be. — We are positive and enjoy our lives. We keep everything in perspective and focus on the good in our lives. ¡ We do our best because we are trying to better ourselves. Doing our best is its own reward. ¡ We accept that we are going to make mistakes. We learn from them and move on. ¡ No matter what the circumstances, we are always honest. If we are not honest, we cannot ¡ learn from our mistakes. — We try to live without regrets. We stand up for what we believe in. ¡ If there is something we want, we fight for it with all of our heart. ¡ If there is something we want to do, we go for it and don t stop until we make it happen. ¡ If there is something we want to be, we do whatever is necessary in order to live that dream. ¡ We don t take no for an answer if our hearts and minds are leading us in a direction that we ¡ feel strongly about. — Carpe Diem. We only live today once, and we don t want to waste it.
  8. 8. Classroom Expectations I, _____________________ understand these expectations and will do my best to live up to them each and every day. I understand there will be consequences if I fail to live up to them. The expectations are: We are courteous ¡ We respect and value others ¡ We communicate effectively ¡ We are organized and prepared ¡ We are positive and self-motivated ¡