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How to critique a photo 2


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How to critique a photo 2

  1. 1. How to Critique a photo By: Rachel Ahlmeyer
  2. 2. What is in the background? You want to be careful with what is in the background. You don’t want to have your background in focus, to have pixels or for it to be irrelevant.
  3. 3. You always want to follow the rule of thirds when taking photographs. You want to try and get something in each section. But at the same time you want to balance out the photo and make sure the image isn’t over powering. Rule of thirds
  4. 4. Color Accuracy When taking photographs indoors without using a flash you need something to balance the light our or it will take out and all white drawing for light
  5. 5. Is the photo different or standout A common photograph is taken of flowers, sunsets or other basic photographs. You want your photograph to be different, unique and memorable.
  6. 6. What is added or taken away from the photo? Is the photograph something you could have done something better or different. You also don’t want an over whelming photo. Less is more, cluttered takes away from the photo.
  7. 7. Do you know what the subject Is it easy to know or see what your subject is, can you is? the subject. Is your look at the photo quickly and see eye drawn to the main point of your photo
  8. 8. Does the photograph tell a story? Does the photograph tell a story? Does it keep you interested or intrigued?
  9. 9. Clarity Do you need a sharp Is the picture or subject in focus? or soft focus? Soft focus is when the lens forms the images to be blurry. Sharp focus describes the elements in the scene at the best quality. You want a smaller aperture.
  10. 10. Cropping Is there open and plain unused wasted space? Does the photo need to be cropped or should you zoom out more on the photograph.
  11. 11. Exposure Is the picture exposed or not? If your photo is exposed you did something wrong, how can you do something differently for the next time?
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