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faron restaurant

  1. 1.  You Will Need:* 2 lbs beef, cubed* 3-4 cups water* 1 medium onion, chopped* 1 garlic clove, crushed* 1 cup bell pepper, cut into strips* 1 cup tomato sauce* 1/2 cup tomato paste* 2/3 cup liver spread or grounded chicken liver (cooked)* 1 cup grated cheese* 1 cup unsweetened pineapple juice* 3 large bay leaves* 3 medium potatoes, sliced* 2 medium carrots, sliced* salt and pepper  How to Cook It:1. Boil the beef until tender to make a delicious beef broth in the water. Then you shouldadd pineapple juice and the onion.2. In a separate pan, you should sauté the garlic until almost brown then add it to the beefand broth. Add the tomato sauce & paste, allowing it to simmer for 10 minutes.3. Add bay leaves, carrots, liver, potatoes, carrots, and bell pepper. Simmer until the carrots& potatoes are tender. Add cheese and salt/pepper to taste.4. Cook until cheese is melted, stir.5. Remove bay leaves.6. Add water if the mixture is too thick.Serves 4 to 6 people.
  2. 2.  You Will Need: 3 lbs chicken (any cut will do) 1 tablespoon cooking oil 2 tablespoons fresh ginger, grated or powder 3 garlic cloves, diced 1 medium onion, diced 2 tablespoons fish sauce 1 teaspoon salt 5 cups water 1 medium raw papaya, pared, seeded and cut into 1-inch cubes (about 2-3 cups) 1/2 lb chili pepper leaves Here is How To Cook It! 1. Boil the chicken in water until cooked through. Take the chicken off the bone and set aside the broth. 2. In a pan, heat the oil over medium heat. 3. Saute the garlic, onion and garlic for about two minutes. 4. Add the chicken and saute for another two to three minutes. 5. Season with salt and fish sauce. 6. Add chicken stock and papaya, then bring it to a boil. 7. Add chili pepper leaves. Cover and remove from heat. 8. Let it stand 5 minutes to let the leaves from the soups heat.
  3. 3.  You Will Need:  * 1 kg pork, cut into chunk cubes * 12 pcs tamarind * 1 big onion, diced * 3 medium-sized taro roots, cut into quarters * 6 big tomatoes, quartered * 2 pcs horse radish, sliced * 1 bundle stringbeans (cut into 2 inches long) * 1 bundle swamp cabbage (cut into 2 inches long) or 1 cup spinach  Heres How to Cook Sinigang:1. Boil the tamarind until its soft. Pound and let all the juices strain...then set it aside.2. In a casserole, bring pork to a boil, lower fire and simmer until pork is tender.3. Add tomatoes, taro, radish, onion, and tamarind juice. Cook for ten minutes, withuncovered pot.4. Add the spinach or swamp cabbage, then turn off the fire. It will cook on theresidual heat.5. Season with salt to taste.TIP: You can add okra and eggplants to the soup, too. Just add them step 3.Serves 4 to 6.
  4. 4.  Ingredients: 125g spaghetti 2 slices of wafer thin ham 1 medium egg 1 dollop of half fat creme fraiche Half a cup of grated mature cheddar (or parmesan) Half a cup of frozen peas 1 tomato (optional) Costs £1 (sainsburys - mostly basics ingredients) Takes about 10 minutes Method: 1. Boil the kettle and then add the spaghetti and some salt to a pan. 2. Turn on the hob and pour the boiling water over the pasta. Cook for time instructed on the packet. 3. While its cooking, crack the egg into a bowl and whisk it with a fork. Season it the egg with salt and pepper and then mix in the grated cheese. 4. Pour the peas in with the pasta two minutes before the end of cooking time. 5. Slice the ham into thin strips and chop the tomato. 6. Drain the spaghetti and peas but not for too long because you want it to stay moist. 7. Pour the egg mix over the pasta and add the creme fraiche. Stir. 8. Garnish with the ham and tomato and enjoy!
  5. 5.  Ingredients: all measurements are for two people as thats how i make it so double it up for 4. - one tin of tuna ( i go for the spring water over brine or oil, as it is less salty and doesnt make a huge mess). - 1 cup of dried pasta per person - half a yellow, green and red pepper - 4 spring onions - lettuce and any side salad you desire -black pepper -salt - 2-3 desert spoons of mayonnaise depending on how thick you want it Method: 1. Stick your dried pasta in a pan with boiling water and a little salt. (most brands cook for about 10-13 mins). 2. While the pasta is cooking start to finely chop the spring onions. Also cut the peppers into cubes, entirely depending on how you prefer them to be. 2x2cm is fine. Chop up a side salad of your choice ready. 3. Drain the tin of tuna easiest way is to take the lid off and use the lid to press down and squeeze all the water out. Once it is drained put in a bowl and use your fingers to separate the chunks into small pieces, if you dont want to get your hands dirty just use a spoon. Make sure its fine and separated. 4.Once the pasta is cooked drain it off and keep warm. 5. In a large bowl stick about half your pasta in along with half the tuna and onions and peppers. Mix. 6. Put the next half of all your ingredients in and mix well. 7. Next it is time to bind the mixture together with mayonnaise, 2-3 desert spoons may seem like a lot but it is needed and is not overly strong. 8. Season with a little salt and a fair amount of pepper, mix again and serve with salad. Doesnt take long and is fairly inexpensive and healthy.
  6. 6.  Ingredients: Pasta Cheese 100g or as much as you want Milk half a pint Cornflower or plain flour 2 tblsp Butter 2 tblsp Sides ( optional ) Vegetables Salad Rice Potatoes Method: Boil pasta for 11 minutes or until cooked cook side dish ( optional ) put butter into a pan and melt then add 2 tblsp of cornflower or plain flour to make a rue then add little bits of milk at a time until youve made a white sauce then add cheese add the the pasta to the cheese sauce ( make sure you turn off your hob or cooker before you add the pasta to the cheese sauce ) serve with side dish or on its own enjoy!
  7. 7.  Ingredients: - Sweetened red beans - Sweetened garbanzos - Sweetened saba banana - Sweetened kamote - Sweetened jackfruit - Sweetened kaong - Cooked sago - Pinipig - Macapuno - Shaved/Crushed ice - Ice cream - Ube haleya - Leche flan - Milk - White sugar Procedure: - Half-fill a tall glass with your choice of sweets. Fill with shaved/crushed ice. Top with ice cream, ube haleya or leche flan. Serve with milk and sugar.
  8. 8.  Ingredients: 12 egg yolks 2 cans condensed milk (14 oz.) 5 cans small evaporated milk 2 cups fine white sugar 2 tablespoon vanilla or ¼ teaspoon grated dayap rind (optional) You will also need the following: Llanera Steamer Strainer Procedure: In a mixing bowl, combine all the egg yolk, condensed milk, evaporated milk, sugar and vanilla. Use a whisk to mix thoroughly but gently to prevent bubbles from forming. Remove any solids by using a strainer. Pour the mixture in the llanera and cover it with an aluminum foil, so that the moisture from the steam wont come in the pan as it will become watery. Steam Cook for 40-45 minutes, or until knife inserted in the center comes out clean. Remove the llanera and let it cool at room temperature. Then refrigerate for several hours before serving. To unmold the leche flan- run a sharp knife around the edge and carefully invert it unto a platter or serving dish, let the caramelized sugar flow over the leche flan. This recipes makes 4- 5 llanera of Leche Flan.
  9. 9.  Ingredients: 8 leaves of Pandan – (must be cleaned well) 5 Boko (Coconut)not too hard, not too soft- Grated to strips Water approx. 10 cups 3 small cans of Nestle Cream 1 medium can of Condensed Milk 2 bars of Green Gulaman 1 3/4 Cups Sugar (more if you want it sweeter) Procedure: Boil water together with 8 pandan leaves that are individually twisted to break the fibers and expose the juice. Simmer for 20 minutes. Before adding 2 bars of Gulaman, make sure you remove the pandan leaves and check if the remaining water is equal to 8 cups – 1 bar of Gulaman is good for 4 cups of liquid. If it is not 8 cups, less will mean hard Gulaman and more than 8 cups will result in mushy soft Gulaman. Ensuring Gulaman is well-dissolved stir well. Add sugar while mixing. Do this for 5 minutes. Pour through a strainer into cooling trays. Wait till it cools and hardens, then put in fridge. Meanwhile, mix the grated boko with the 3 cans of cream and 1 can of condensed milk. Add kaong if you prefer. Get Gulaman from ref and cut into 1 cm cubes. Mix with boko mixture. Served with Vanilla Ice Cream on top for a more delectable treat.
  10. 10.  Ingredients: 2 cups vanilla ice cream 1/2 cup whole milk 1/4 cup powdered chocolate drink mix 1 teaspoon powdered egg whites Directions: In a blender, combine the ice cream, milk, chocolate drink mix and powdered egg whites. Cover, and blend until smooth. You may need to stop and stir once or twice to get it evenly mixed. The shake will be very thick.