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SAP Testing Services


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SAP Testing Services

  1. 1. SAP Testing © 2007 Technosoft Corporation
  2. 2. Beyond Possible Why Structured Testing for SAP? SAP Systems:  Are always customized  Are always linked to other legacy systems and other software packages  Often require different local (customized) implementations  Often involve the migration of data between systems  Regularly require ‘changes’ due to legal requirements  Often require functional improvements  Regular Upgrades and Hot fixes, after deployment are a mandatory  Often control the complete business process
  3. 3. Beyond Possible SAP Testing Services Independent Functional Testing Test Consulting Te tingtoe uretha thep d t o s ftw re s ns t ro uc r o a He c ntsc a ate tings te y, p c s o lp lie re te s tra g ro e s r a p a n d e w t isit s p s dto p lic tio o s ha up o e . o a tio rg niza n. • SAP Life yc Te ting c le s • So a Qua ftw re lity • Inte ra n, Sys m& UAT Te ting g tio te s • Te t Stra g s te y • Re re s n Te ting g s io s • Te t P c s e s ro e s s • Do a Sp c P d t Te ting m in e ific ro uc s • To ls o • Se urity Te ting c s • Org niza n (MTC CQG) a tio , • C m lia eTe ting(SOX, Va a n) o p nc s lid tio Test Automation Performance Testing Se upa us o to lsto a m tete t e c n. t nd e f o uto a s xe utio • Lo dTe ting a s • Da Mig tio Ve a n us Auto a n to l ta ra n rific tio ing m tio o • Stre sTe ting s s • Re re s n a Func na Te t Auto a n g s io nd tio l s m tio • Vo eTe ting lum s • P c g dTe t Auto a n a ka e s m tio • End nc Te ting ura e s • SAP W bSe e Auto a n e rvic s m tio • Arc c hite tureBe hm rking nc a • Le a y Auto a n gc m tio • P rfo a eMo ring e rm nc nito • Auto a n Arc c m tio hite ture& Fra e o m w rks
  4. 4. Beyond Possible Key Facts ‘Independent Verification & Validation’ Services  Optimix – Technosoft’s V & V services established methodology (for optimum Coverage, Traceability and Automation)  Testing Centre of Excellence with competent resources  Successful engagements, for customers across the Globe  Elite expertise in testing SAP Applications  Testing Services across entire SDLC with Consulting experience  Test Automation capabilities with extending tools, being vendor neutral  Exclusive Test Lab for all Verification & Validation needs, in Chennai, India
  5. 5. Beyond Possible Testing, for Different SAP Solutions Implementation of SAP Solutions Integration of New Components and Business Scenarios  Customer Developments Major Upgrades | Regression Tests Roll outs Consolidations Maintenance  Hot Fixes  Change Requests
  6. 6. Beyond Possible V&V Services across SDLC Independent V & V Services SDLC Stages Business Requirements review System Requirements Architecture design review Software Requirements Functional Specifications review System Analysis Logical and Physical design review Design Unit testing Coding | Implementation Functional | Regression testing Testing & Test automation UAT & System Testing Before Go-Live Maintenance testing Post Production
  7. 7. Beyond Possible V Model for SAP® Solutions Go-Live & Support Final Preparation Project Preparation Acceptance Testing Cross-Stream Testing In-Stream Testing Business Blueprint Transaction Testing Realization Developer Testing
  8. 8. Beyond Possible Different Testing Types Transaction Testing Testing a single transaction (e.g.VA01 Create Sales Order). Transaction testing shall be conducted to confirm the operation of transactions + configuration checks (e.g. default values, mandatory fields etc.) In-Stream Testing Testing of a flow within 1 single process. In-Stream Testing is testing chains of transactions that flow together and which reflect important business process and scenarios. Cross Stream Testing End-to-end testing of integrated processes through execution of predefined business flows (within SAP or collaboration between SAP and legacy systems). Regression Testing To ensure that previously working system functionality is not adversely affected by the introduction of new system changes. Production support teams will plan, design, and execute regression test cases. Acceptance Testing In-Stream or Cross-Stream Tests by user community with objective of formal acceptance. In some cases, and for practical reasons, the Acceptance Tests are combined with Cross- or even In-Stream Tests.
  9. 9. Beyond Possible Test Methodology Test Project Preparation For every Iteration / Test Level / Test Type: Q T U E A S Detailed Test Planning L T I T M Y A Test Build | Release Build N M A A G N E A M G E ‘Test Execution’ E N M T Chosen Testing Scenarios E N T Test Project Closure
  10. 10. Beyond Possible Testing Deliverables Test Strategy Matrix per SAP module Test plan Unit test cases as applicable Automation scripts as applicable Integration test cases Business scenario test cases as applicable Defect reports with identified issues Re-execution, Re-testing for defect fixes Interim test summary report Final test summary report
  11. 11. Beyond Possible Technosoft’s Approach Our approach of Testing in SAP Environments features the best practices of Software Testing. ‘What needs to be tested … When, How, Where and with What tools?’ The aspects are classified in to four pillars: Test Preparation  List all SAP transactions in logical business/testing flow  Inventory of test scenarios and other artifacts  Develop and manage manual and automated test cases  Definition and management of test series Test Execution  Execution of mass tests using tools such as eCATT (Extended Computer Aided Test Tool) and CATT (Computer Aided Test Tool)  Integration of test cases and test scripts of non-SAP providers  Assignment of work lists (test packages) to individual testers
  12. 12. Beyond Possible Technosoft’s Approach … Contd. Test Automation  Develop automation routines to execute for data set-ups like creation of master data  Extract variable data from one application and pass it to a test to run in another module, ensuring interface integration  Scripts, which can be re-executed for various testing requests for critical business processes  Leverage in batch modes or at night unattended – to gain valued execution time  Develop and maintain Test scripts can run independently with minimal human intervention in multiple sessions  Reporting and critical defect detection inputs, for assistance in crucial impact analysis Test Evaluation  Permanent overview of test progress and test results  Complete documentation of test processes in the test plans (test cases, test case descriptions, test results, test case notes, error messages)  Detailed tabular and graphical evaluation of all test plans  Export of test results to Office applications  Message processing
  13. 13. Beyond Possible Automation Expertise Test Automation Tools HP-Mercury Suite Functional : QTP and BPT (Business Process Testing) Performance : Load Runner Test Management : Quality Centre, Test Director SAP Testing Tools eCATT : Extended Computer Aided Test Tool CATT : Computer Aided Test Tool Test Workbench Reverse Business Engineer Project Management Tools En-SURE (Internal Tool) & MS Project
  14. 14. Beyond Possible Engagement • Lo -ris m d l fo P C w k oe r o Pilot (P o o Co e t) ro f f nc p Engagement • Suita lefo firs b r t-time o ho o tio ffs re p n OTC / BOT Model Project Approach • De ic te te m/ Exte io to d a d a ns n • End -End e a e e -to ng g m nt Clie sTe m nt’ a • Le ra eo ho m d l fo ve g ffs re o e r • Co t b ne fo d m s e fit r yna ic ind p nd nt te ting ee e s ra p ne d m -up e s • Suita lefo s rte rm b r ho r-te • Suite fo lo e te tingne d d r ng r s es ne d (<1 ye r) es a (>1 ye r) a
  15. 15. Beyond Possible Our Value Accelerators Processes and Methodology Project Management  Optimix : Technosoft’s V & V  Internal Project Management via Methodology  Effort & Timesheets  Best Practices Repository  Bugs & Issues Tracking  Process Compliance  Dashboard Based Analysis  Offshoring experience  Communication and Co-ordination Optimix V & V Services CoE Key Metrics People  95% projects, On schedule  Over 80 person years of total  Effort variance < 10% experience  > 90% Requirements Coverage  Skilled professionals with  3 - 5 Test Cycles Technology & Domain  99% Test Coverage  Automation Expertise
  16. 16. Beyond Possible Contact Us Corporate Office New Jersey Office Offshore Development Center 28411 Northwestern Hwy 103 Carnegie Center Technosoft Global Services Suite 640 Suite 311 Unit 1, 4th Floor, Southfield, MI 48034 Princeton , NJ 08540 International Tech Park, Tel: (248) 603-2600 Tel: (609) 936-3770 Taramani CSIR Road, Fax: (248) 603-2599 Fax: (609) 936-7225 Taramani, Chennai 600 113 Ph:91-44-4226 9999 Fax:91-44-4226 9900