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Production Support

  1. 1. Technosoft SAP Production Support
  2. 2. SAP Support is important because it is the missing link for long term SAP success. And, when the Support Team is strategically focused and aligned with business objectives, chances for long-term success drastically improve. Overall, SAP support is the foundation for driving functionality enhancements and SAP knowledge to the user community. It is never too late to take the necessary steps to optimize SAP and surrounding business processes, boost user satisfaction, and improve overall business results. This Production support project plan has been designed by TSC keeping in mind Small and Medium Business enterprises whose turnover falls between 50 to 100 million dollars. Partner with the right Consultancy is the key factor to build a successful support model. TSC not only focuses on Strategy, Plan for building the support model but also on support Optimization for long term SAP success. SAP Standard Support reduces your total cost of ownership and ensures a strong return on your IT investments. In fact, this support is far from standard – delivering the knowledge, tools, and functions you need to implement, manage, and enhance your SAP solutions. With TSC Production Support, you can keep systems up-to-date, resolve problems quickly, and prevent bottlenecks and system downtime. You can continuously improve your SAP solutions with software updates and the latest tools and methodologies for software change management and source code enhancements. TSC SAP Standard Support also delivers tools and methodologies, test administration and automation tools, tools for monitoring systems and core business processes, and proactive services. And you can benefit from support for mission-critical business processes, which includes message solving and escalation procedures around the clock – and around the world. The Project plan describes on global delivery framework, which is based on collaborative, and participative management and having thorough focus on engagement success according to the client’s changing requirements. It is a framework for distributed project co-ordination and management with multi-location project teams. The framework provides clearly defined processes focusing on the importance of information flow and communication.
  3. 3. TSC seven steps to a build a Offshore Production Support Model 1. Pre-sales 2. Preliminary Evaluation 3. Project Initiation 4. Project definition 5. Detailed Business Understanding 6. Project kick-off 7. Project review I. Pre-sales: Discussion with the Client about their requirement. Part of requirements analysis done at this stage. The information gathered at this stage is used for Project proposal to client with estimated time and cost. II. Preliminary Evaluation: Initial discussion Senior Project manager (TSC) with client Project manager to discuss on Scope Type of support Understanding the requirement Existing Ticketing system and SLA – If there is no ticketing system in place, TSC can provide one. Questionnaires to be filled up Point of contacts, escalation and problem resolution procedure III. Project Initiation: Based on the initial discussions in the preliminary evaluation phase a project proposal is submitted to the client covering the following details Project Approach Project Description Key Project Activities Specific technical Aspects Project resource matrix Project cost Estimate Project timeframe Project Deliverables Project Billing TSC and client’s responsibilities
  4. 4. IV. Project Definition: Client accepts the proposal. Meeting scheduled with the client to finalize Access to SAP systems Account creation in SAP and ticketing systems Set up Project portals for storing BPF, functional and technical specifications, testing documents and other project related documents VPN connectivity Ticket handling procedure defined Project communication – Telephone nos., email ids, IM Support timings and shifts Resource Matrix Introduction of Project manager, Onsite coordinator, functional consultants and technical consultants from TSC and clients team members V. Detailed Business Understanding: In this phase the onsite coordinator arranges Knowledge transfer sessions between the client’s business team and offshore support team. All modules are discussed in detail and standard templates are filled up. Standard implemented SAP functions as well as customized programs specific to business are discussed in detail. Pain areas are identified. VI. Project kick-off: Project kick-off meeting is held. Support is ON and tickets start flowing to the offshore support team. VII. Project Review: Weekly status report, list of pending/closed tickets and timesheets are prepared by the Project Manger (Offshore) and sent for approval of the client. Weekly status meetings are held to review the performance of the support team.
  5. 5. Project Schedule: Phase Project Phases Timeframe (days) 1 Pre-sales 1 2 Preliminary Evaluation 1 3 Project Initiation 2 4 Project definition 1 5 Detailed Business Understanding 5 6 Project kick-off 1 7 Project review Weekly FLEXIBLE SUPPORT MODEL – MANUFACTURING SMB • Combination of SAP support as well as development services such as Helpdesk support - Functional and Technical Basis/Security (job scheduling, role management hot pack applications) Level 2 & 3 support ABAP report development Upgrade Testing Services • The engagement can start with a minimal number of cross functional (SD/MM/FI/CO/QM/PM/BW/BASIS) resources which can be ramped up or down. These resources will “augment” to the clients’ existing SAP IT team • In actual conditions the number of resources available to the client will be in excess of the services signed up for. (i.e.) if the initial number of resources has been set to three (3), in actuality, the client will have access to 5/6 resources at any given time who will be performing various services such as upgrade support, installation of patches, ABAP report development for a fixed monthly fee
  6. 6. • The team will be based at Technosoft India office and will be connected to client network via VPN Resource and Cost Calculation The sample spreadsheet provides a fair idea as per different modules, the total number of resources required as well as total cost (sample) for a typical production support model for manufacturing SMB. Technosoft SAP Flexible Support Model Scorecard SMB - Manufacturing Sector Sr Client Client No Module / Function Type Answer Score Resource Rate/Hr Total/Hr Industry Type Select from Discrete Range 1 Offshore 25 25 Line of Business Select from Automotive Range 0 Offshore 15 6 1 Material Management Yes/No Yes 0 Offshore 25 9 Procurement Process Yes Inventory Management Yes Material Valuation Yes Product Catalog Yes 2 Sales and Distribution Yes/No Yes 0 Offshore 25 9 Quotation and Order Management Yes Contract Management Yes Sales Planning/Forecast Yes Sales/Customer Order Processing No Sales Promotion Yes Pricing/taxation processing Yes Sales Delivery and Shipping Yes Transmission of document e.g. Yes Invoice Transportation Yes Billing/Invoicing Yes Batch determination/tracking for Yes delivery/shipment Credit Management Yes Foreign Trade/Customs Yes Supply Chain Management Yes/No Yes 3 (Warehouse Management) 0 Offshore 10 3 Inbound Processing Yes Outbound Processing Yes 4 Finance Yes/No Yes 0 Offshore 25 9
  7. 7. Balance Sheet Yes Profit & Loss Statement Yes General Ledger Yes Accounts Receivable Yes Accounts Payable Yes Investment Management and Yes Approval Management Reporting/Special Yes Purpose Ledger Consolidation of Financial Yes Accounting Data VAT, GAAP Requirements Yes Work-Flow / Approval Process Yes Bank Accounting Yes Tax Accounting Yes Treasury Management Yes Corporate Finance Management Yes (CFM) 5 Controlling Yes/No Yes 0 Offshore 25 9 Cost Object Controlling Yes Cost Center Accounting Yes Profit Center Accounting Yes Product Costing Yes Profitability Analysis Yes Activity-Based Costing (ABC) Yes 6 Production Planning Yes/No Yes 0 Offshore 25 9 Planning and Manufacturing Yes Strategy Long Term Planning for Simulation Yes Sales and Operations Planning Yes Distribution Resource Planning Yes Materials Resource Planning Yes (MRP) / Master Production Schedule (MPS) Process Industry specific Yes processes Shop-floor Control Yes Capacity Planning Yes KANBAN Yes Configurator/Engineer to Order Yes Process Engineering Change Management Yes (ECM) Document Management system Yes (DMS) Yes 7 Plant Maintenance Yes/No Yes 0 Offshore 25 6 Volume of Business Yes Maintenance Processing Yes
  8. 8. Preventive Maintenance Yes Warranty Management (Inbound) Yes Processing Resource Planning for Yes Maintenance Maintenance Order Yes Work Clearance Management Yes Serial Numbering Yes Call Logging Yes Environment, Health & Safety Yes Communication for Yes malfunctions/failures 8 Quality Management Yes/No Yes 0 Offshore 18 5 Quality Planning Yes Quality Inspection Yes Inspection Results/lots Yes Quality Certificates Yes Quality Notification Yes Quality Control Yes Cost of Quality Yes Stability & Sample Management Yes Test Equipment Management Yes 9 Project Systems Yes/No Yes 0 Offshore 25 9 Type of Projects Yes Project Scheduling/Network Yes Investment Management Yes Project Costing Yes Revenue Budgeting Yes Resource Planning Yes 10 Human Resource Yes/No Yes 0 Offshore 25 9 Personnel Management Yes Personnel Administration Yes Recruitment Yes Personnel Development Yes Career/Succession Planning Yes Appraisals Yes Performance Management Yes Benefits Yes Compensation Management Yes HR Budget Management Yes Time Management Yes Organization Management Yes Training & Event Management Yes Employee Expense Management Yes Payroll Yes
  9. 9. 11 Basis/System Administration Yes/No Yes 0 Offshore 25 9 Client/Server Technology Yes Network Integration Yes Change and Transport system Yes Database Interface, Database Yes Platforms Frontend services Yes Security Yes Business Intelligence and Data Yes/No Yes 12 Warehousing 0 Offshore 35 11 Management Reporting Yes Operational Reporting Yes Sales Management Yes Inventory Management Yes Financial/Cost Management Yes Purchasing Yes Manufacturing Yes Other areas-Kindly indicate Yes medium for output Advance Planner and Optimizer Yes/No Yes 13 (APO) 0 Offshore 35 11 SCM Business Scenarios Yes Supply Chain Monitoring Yes Supply Chain Collaboration Yes Network Design Yes Demand Planning Yes Supply Network Planning Yes Multi-Level Supply and Demand Yes Matching Global ATP Yes Production Planning and Detailed Yes Scheduling Transportation Planning & Vehicle Yes Scheduling APO Master data Yes Customer Relationship Yes/No Yes 14 Management 0 Offshore 35 11 People-Centric UI Yes CRM Enterprise Yes Field Applications Yes E-Commerce Yes Interaction Center Yes Channel Management Yes Industry-Specific CRM Yes Supplier Relationship Yes/No Yes 15 Management 0 Offshore 35 11
  10. 10. Self-Service Procurement Yes Service Procurement Yes Plant Driven Procurement Yes Spend Analysis Yes Strategic Sourcing Yes Catalog Content Management Yes Contract Management Yes Application Services Yes Master Data Yes 16 ABAP Yes/No Yes 0 Offshore 20 6 Sap Scripts Yes SAP Smart forms Yes ALV reports Yes EDI, ALE, IDOC & RFC Yes BDC, LSMW Yes Module pool Programming Yes Reports Yes ABAP objects Yes 17 Solution Manager Yes/No Yes 0 Offshore 18 5 Basic setting Yes Implementing and Upgrading SAP Yes Solutions Solution Monitoring Yes Services and Support Yes Service Desk Yes Change management Yes TOTAL COST TOTAL ESTIMATE 6.70 PER HOUR 166.75