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Dell 30th Birthday, Here's to 30 More!


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To celebrate Dell's 30th birthday, here are a few of the goals we’ve set for ourselves, and the work we’ve already done to achieve them...

Published in: Technology, Education
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Dell 30th Birthday, Here's to 30 More!

  1. 1. More Learning Dell empowers students and teachers to be their best by providing technology solutions that open up a world filled with promise, possibilities and potential. In fact, in the future, we see Dell connecting the next billion students worldwide with tools they need to succeed. Greener Planet From reducing our own footprint to helping customers achieve their green goals, Dell is committed to minimizing environmental impact. We believe by 2020, the good that will come from our technology will be 10 times greater than what it takes to create and use it. More Treatments Dell technology solutions help researchers identify medical treatments faster and allow doctors to focus their time on providing better care to their patients. We are committed to finding a better way to connect a billion patients with health care through the cloud. More Discoveries Scientists rely on extreme computing power from Dell to help them make groundbreaking discoveries. We believe that with the right technology in place, information born of big data will change our world for the better. Helping More People Dell is a force for positive change around the world. As a team, we make a difference by contributing our technology, time and know-how. By 2020, our goal is to provide 5 million cumulative hours of service to the communities in which we live and work. More Security Dell deploys security solutions that protect from the outside in and the inside out, ensuring assets and reputations are never compromised. In fact, we plan to prevent billions of dollars from ending up in the hands of cybercriminals. Improving education for children worldwide Shrinking the learning gap for millions of children through technology Over 10 million pounds of recycled plastics used in our products Greener design Reducing our products’ energy intensity by 80% in 2020 Energy-efficient use More than 1 billion pounds of e-waste has been taken back Easy recycling 60 terabytes of data generated daily by large-scale scientific projects Universities and labs worldwide are able to analyze data in real-time 57% of our global teams volunteered more than 739,000 hours in 2013 5 million hours of community service is our goal by 2020 Protecting from endpoint to data center to cloud Preventing 1.06 trillion intrusions in 249 countries 1 2 3 Cloud-based medical data grows 35% per year Genetic data is analyzed TGEN reduces the time for sharing genetic data from 10 days to 6 hours Thirty years of finding a better way for companies, communities and people everywhere to use technology to achieve their goals. Thirty years of entrepreneurial spirit and passion which we’ve harnessed to help our customers grow, thrive and do more. It’s a heritage we celebrate today but also a heritage that grounds us for the next 30 years and beyond. To our customers and all of those who have been part of this amazing journey – thank you for the last 30 years and here’s to 30 more!