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University of Washington PressMARK ET ING GU ID EWe in the University of Washington Press Marketing Department are very ex...
Fall/Winter catalog comes out in May and includes the books we expect to publish from Augustthrough January. The seasonal ...
attend and meet with booksellers and other publishers at regional, national, and international tradeshows.E V ENT SWe are ...
sites and you may be able to reach reviewers or store buyers if you join as an author. We can provideyou more information ...
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UW Press Marketing Guide


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UW Press Marketing Guide

  1. 1. University of Washington PressMARK ET ING GU ID EWe in the University of Washington Press Marketing Department are very excited to beworking with you! Alice Herbig, Marketing Manager Rachael Levay, Sales and Publicity Manager Phoebe Daniels, Assistant Marketing Manager Beth Fuget, Exhibits Kathleen Pike Jones, Website kpike@u.washington.eduAlthough every book we publish is unique and presents special opportunities and challenges for us aswe try to define and reach its market, we will use traditional and innovative marketing channels tosuccessfully launch your book. With your knowledge, reputation, and connections within yourspecialized field, you are our greatest marketing asset. By sharing this description of our procedures,we hope that you will better able to help us identify ways of promoting your book. We work closelywith the editorial and production departments and watch your book’s schedule as we begin ourmarketing plan. We hope that you’ll help us to promote and market your book in advance of itsexpected arrival date.The marketing questionnaire that accompanies this letter updates the information you provided in theacquisitions questionnaire and springboards our marketing effort. Please fill it out as thoroughly aspossible. The questions we ask are intended to get you to begin thinking about ways we can promoteand sell your book, but also to give us a starting place for our plans. We will be glad to discuss withyou any ideas or questions you might have at any time.What we doBOOK ANNOUNC EMENTWe announce each book in multiple ways to reach the widest possible audience, including in ourseasonal catalog, on our website, Facebook page, and on and other internet retailers, inaddition to brick-and-mortar bookstores.SEASONAL CA TALOGWe publish two seasonal catalogs a year in print and digital forms. The Spring/Summer edition isissued in December and contains all the books we plan to bring out between February and July. The
  2. 2. Fall/Winter catalog comes out in May and includes the books we expect to publish from Augustthrough January. The seasonal catalog is sent to libraries, booksellers, book reviewers, book jobbers,and individuals worldwide. Our domestic and foreign sales representatives also use the catalog topresent your book to booksellers.W EB S IT EOn our website we display our books with images and promote them with descriptions, digitalmaterials like videos and podcasts, quotes from specialists in your field, and review excerpts. The siteis linked to other social media sites and announces new titles as well as author events. Our website isupdated regularly to contain current information like new review excerpts and other marketingmaterials as we receive them. We also link to other websites when possible, and encourage ourauthors to link to our site as well.R EV IEW SWe take great care to develop the most appropriate list of media to receive a review copy of your book.We strongly encourage you to give us suggestions of appropriate review media, including electronicmedia, on your marketing questionnaire—this information is extremely valuable to us. If you havefriends or colleagues who are in the media, we will be happy to send them a review copy andencourage them to have the book reviewed in their publication. You will be sent a copy of your book’sreview list before review copies are made mailed. We will coordinate traditional media interviewswith you, as well as less traditional media, such as book blogs. We also supply text and images forexcerpts and/or reviews. When we receive them, we will send you print or electronic tear sheets ofyour reviews as soon as possible and recommend you forward reviews to us as you encounter them.D IR E C T MAR K ET IN GWe find the Internet is the most effective way to reach our targeted audiences and e-mail contacts aremore effective and efficient than mailing addresses. We have a strong e-mail contact programthrough which we send colorful, inviting announcements. We also send them to listservs and e-maillists (friends, family, colleagues, and other prospective buyers) that you provide and that are createdin our office specifically for your book. When necessary, we are happy to create a paper flyer for yourbook. We also print subject catalogs to distribute at scholarly meetings and other events. In addition,we publish a monthly e-newsletter; we’ll add you to the recipient list.INTER NET MARK ET IN GWe are constantly exploring new ways to reach and expand our audience via the Internet. OurInternet marketing efforts include our website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, podcasts, and othersocial media pages. We make a huge effort to see that our books are listed accurately with onlinebooksellers, but please e-mail us if you find any errors. To support the information that we provide toonline vendors, we recommend authors create author pages and add their photo, bio, and any otherpossible materials of interest (such as links to trailers, webpages, blogs, etc.). Author pages are notaccessible to your publicist.EXHIB ITS AND ADV ER T IS IN GWe attend a number of meetings of scholarly associations each year where we exhibit appropriatetitles. We also send books through Scholar’s Choice and other exhibit services to more than 100additional conferences. We place ads in the programs of all scholarly meetings we attend, andadvertise in appropriate media as our budget allows. In addition to scholarly meetings, we regularly
  3. 3. attend and meet with booksellers and other publishers at regional, national, and international tradeshows.E V ENT SWe are happy to set up events at bookstores and can also help provide book sales and order forms forevents in other settings such as lectures, library talks, community group meetings, and book fairs. Weencourage you to provide us with details on venues that might be appropriate for book events both inyour local communities and in cities you will be visiting.A WARDSPlease let us know on your marketing questionnaire what awards you feel are appropriate for yourbook. Deadlines vary greatly for these and we require significant advance notice to submit your book,so the earlier we can get that information, the better we’ll be able to handle your award submissions.TRA D E SELLIN GWe are very proud of our strong sales force that calls on booksellers throughout the world at leasttwice a year. All of our books are presented to independent bookstores, chain stores (such as Barnes& Noble), Internet retailers (like Amazon), and wholesalers. Although we can’t guarantee that everybook we publish will be stocked in every bookstore, we make a great effort to see that booksellersknow about our books, and we try to find and nurture outlets that specialize in the kinds of books wepublish.What you can do in addition tofilling out the Marketing QuestionnaireMany of these things will greatly improve your book’s chance of reaching interested readers, so pleaseconsider trying some of these ideas:Join online listservs (e.g., H-Net), newsgroups, or forums in your field to become part of thediscussion/community. When your book is published, post information about your book on thelistservs. A posting should contain a brief description of the book and a link to the book’s page on ourwebsite. It is always best to check the etiquette of such forums to be sure they allow for bookannouncements—some do not. For example, authors, but not publishers, can submit notices abouttheir book publication to H-Net.Contact your university news bureau and your alumni associations to encourage them toinclude information about your new book on their websites and in their publications.Write op-ed pieces relating to your book’s subject matter for your school paper, local paper, theChronicle of Higher Education, online newsletters like Inside Higher Education, and blogs that dealwith your book’s subject matter. Or consider an essay in an appropriate magazine or journal.Social media is a good way to share your book with your friends, family, and colleagues andrequires little technological know-how or maintenance. The Press uses Facebook, Twitter, andYouTube and linking to us can increase traffic to your book page on our site. Some other sites includeShelfari, Goodreads, and Library Thing. Many publications and bookstores have accounts on these
  4. 4. sites and you may be able to reach reviewers or store buyers if you join as an author. We can provideyou more information and guidance if you want help joining any of these sites.We also recommend creating a book trailer or podcast for use online. These needn’t be as complexas movie trailers, and we can use them in many ways (in our digital catalog, on, ourwebsite, your website or blog,, and other sites). See our YouTube site for examples Asked QuestionsSHOULD I STAR T A WEBSITE OR B L O G T O P R OM OT E MY B O OK?Of course a website for your book would be wonderful, but not everyone has the ability to create andmaintain a site, or hire a webmaster to do so. Blogs can be very beneficial to your book’s success, butthis is only true if you are already part of an online community or have access to one. Additionally,blogs require regular updates. Readers must come to your blog and, while we will gladly add yourblog to your book’s webpage and include it any electronic announcements we make, you would stillneed to connect to other online readers (whether academics, general readers, media writers, etc.).SHOULD I DIR ECT BUY ERS TO THE PR ESS, AMAZON, OR A BOOKSTORE?You can direct buyers to our website or any retail bookseller, whether online or brick-and-mortar. Notall local bookstores will carry your book, but customers asking about it can encourage stores to keepit stocked. If you have a webpage or blog, please be sure to add links to your book’s page on thePress’s website,,, and, a website for independentbookstores.CAN THE PRESS MAK E USE OF PODCASTS?Absolutely! If you already have podcasts concerning your work or related to the book, or have theability to create one, we can use it in many places throughout our website and in our promotions.W HA T ELS E C A N I D O TO H EL P MY B O OK?Any attention to your book will help, so please alert the listservs of which you’re a member, tellcolleagues, consider it for your own course use, and keep us informed about the academic meetingsyou’ll be attending so we can do our best to get your book there.There are hundreds of thousands of books published every year and university press titles sometimeshave particular niches. We hope this basic description of marketing activities gives you an idea ofwhat we do to reach the audiences for the books we publish. By no means do we limit ourselves to theareas discussed, and we welcome your suggestions for promoting your book because we believe thatthe publishing process is not complete until the book is in the hands of the interested reader.