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Journey to poland


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journey to Poland

Published in: Education
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Journey to poland

  1. 1. A journey of ANELIYA, KRASSY and MITYA
  2. 2. *ON THE PLANE We turned the plane with wings down and did not stop to laugh According to you, our smiles are false or no?????
  3. 3. What are the most photogenic ???
  4. 4. *The school of Ola, Jacob and Igor was very interesting. *First we watched a performance with the participation of children from this school. *After that we had interviewed. They asked us about ecology of Bulgaria. *Then we went to lunch. We ate divinely tasty tomato soup. The second dish, which gave us was chop with salad and mashed potatoes. The most tasty tomato soup!!! МММММММММММММ ВКУСНООО!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MMM DELICIOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. 5. * This lake is so clean,that there are swimming ALIVE swans and ducks. This picture is of huge castle in Krakow
  6. 6. *
  7. 7. * This is a statue of a dragon from which spews fire …
  8. 8. *
  9. 9. *
  10. 10. Most interesting was the story of the dining room that said this: Those who feed on the first floor once looked up, saw large glass aquarium with fish, those who eat on the third floor and look down, they see the same aquarium.
  11. 11. Shooting with gun!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!
  12. 12. *Then we visited an old castle .A pianist was playing on the piano very well.
  14. 14. * One bison ran to the machine, where we were, and we thought it would crash into it!!! But he stopped right in front of us!!!
  15. 15. * Mitya was caught - but survived !!!
  16. 16. Igor was taken by the guillotine !!!
  17. 17. *
  18. 18. *The next day we did 9 km trek through a forest. Then we went to church. Near it was a restaurant. We ate traditional soup and chop with mashed. It was very, very tasty. After eating we went to a lake full of fish and frogs.
  19. 19. *Cherry on the cake, Krassy forgot his mobile in a taxi on the way to the airport !!! Looking for ... I would like to stay a little bit in Poland …