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Building medical education research community_about this project


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This presentation provides information about a Medical Education Research Community project set-up to promote engagement among medical education researchers at the Centre for Medical Education, University of Dundee.

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Building medical education research community_about this project

  1. 1. Building a Medical Education Research Community
  2. 2. Students report feelingisolated in distance learningand would like to havemore student-student andstudent-tutor interaction
  3. 3. Membership of a learningcommunity, grounds learners in asocial network to which they can return regardless of locationproviding opportunities to create sound knowledge syntheses (Wheeler et al 2008)Structured learning communities can lead to better student engagement, improved self- reported outcomes and overallsatisfaction (Zhao and Kuh 2004)
  4. 4. This project aims to build theresearch capacity of our researchstudents through the formation oflearning communities
  5. 5. Benefits• improve the overall quality of research outputs during the Masters• enhance the overall student experience• increase student engagement with peers and education• reduce feelings of isolation and reliance on supervisor• develop social networks of medical education researchers who share resources and support each other
  6. 6. Monthly synchronous webinars- Student selected topics- Active discussion & interactionWebsite with up to date resources & other students workAbility to link to student blogsLive twitter feed @r_ajjawi @CME_DundeeAbility to connect to othersVimeo channel CME Dundee
  7. 7. Acknowledgement• Funding: Higher Education Teaching Development Grant (£6944)
  8. 8. ContactsRola @r_ajjawi @CME_Dundee University of Dundee CME
  9. 9.
  10. 10. References• Wheeler S etal (2008). The good, the bad and the wiki: Evaluating student- generated content for collaborative learning. British Journal of Educational Technology, 39(6), 987-995.• Zhao CM & Kuh GD (2004). Adding value: Learning communities and student engagement. Research in Higher Education, 45(2), 115-138.
  11. 11. Questions &suggestions welcomed