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Storytelling and the Semantic Web at the BBC

A presentation given to PhD students at Queen Mary University, London, about the BBC's activities on the Semantic Web, and how we could utilise this strategy for narrative content.

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Storytelling and the Semantic Web at the BBC

  1. 1. Storytelling and the Semantic Web <ul><li>Paul Rissen </li></ul>
  2. 2. I work here.
  3. 3. Well, actually, I work here.
  4. 4. On this.
  5. 5. This site aims to ensure that every TV & Radio programme the BBC broadcasts has a permanent, findable web presence.
  6. 6. So we can avoid this. 404 - Page not found
  7. 14. Hold on, but you’re the BBC, not Google...
  8. 16. “ The medium is the message”
  9. 17. Medium or Distribution Channel?
  10. 18. Swallows & Amazons Book adaption TV adaption Film adaption Radio adaption Web adaption?
  11. 19. There then follows a 5 minute clip from ‘Utopia’, an episode of Doctor Who (I’ve left the video off to avoid rights trouble)
  12. 20. A separate plot shows that Yana has been hearing a constant drumbeat inside his head — a condition he reports having had all his life, with the drums getting louder of late. Words such as &quot; regeneration &quot; and &quot;TARDIS&quot; — elements of Time Lord lore — exacerbate the problem. When Martha expresses concern over the Professor's uneasiness, he reveals a long-standing concern with time , and shows Martha a broken fob watch he's had since obtaining it as a child, identical in design to John Smith 's watch in &quot; Human Nature &quot; and &quot; The Family of Blood &quot;. Concerned about the implications, Martha rushes to inform the Doctor. When the Doctor hears about Yana's timepiece, a flashback sequence inter-cut with the letters of the Professor's name makes clear that &quot;Yana&quot; is an acronym of &quot; You are not alone &quot;, the Face of Boe 's last words to the Doctor. At the same time, Yana opens the watch, releasing his Time Lord essence.
  13. 21. TV = audience is passive, explore the story only one way Web = audience is interactive, explore the story any way
  14. 22. A Web Adaption?
  15. 23. Professor Yana has a Fobwatch
  16. 24. The Doctor has a Fobwatch
  17. 25. Martha asks Professor Yana
  18. 26. Martha tells The Doctor
  19. 27. Professor Yana opens Fobwatch
  20. 28. Martha remembers Boe’s Final Words
  21. 29. Boe’s Final Words were You Are Not Alone
  22. 30. Professor Yana becomes The Master
  23. 31. Resource Description Framework Subject - Predicate - Object Noun - Verb - Noun URI - Hyperlink - URI
  24. 33. One URL per... - Programme - Character - Object - Event and give the links meaning ...
  25. 34. No-one cares about Peggy Mitchell. They care if she has a fight with Pat Butcher.
  26. 36. The Time-Traveller’s Perspective
  27. 38. Creating a Web of Meaning
  28. 39. ....and then?
  29. 40. Thank You