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GE - Solid State Lighting Smart City by Ivan Hutter at GIB Summit


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Presented at the 4th Global Infrastructure Basel Summit 21 & 22 May 2014.
Read more about the world leading platform for Sustainable Infrastructure Finance at
Next Summit: 27 & 28 May 2015 in Switzerland

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GE - Solid State Lighting Smart City by Ivan Hutter at GIB Summit

  1. 1. Imagination at work. Solid State Lighting Infrastructure for SmartCity Basel, Switzerland May 21-22, 2014 Imagination at work. Ivan Hutter & Dario Liguti, GE Global Infrastructure Basel Summit
  2. 2. Hutter/Dario GE at GIB 2 Setting the course - GE ecoimagination GE ecomagination solutions in energy span from generation, renewables and distribution to energy savings via LED Lighting Systems
  3. 3. * European Commission Lighting the Cities Hutter/Dario GE at GIB 3 Solid State Lighting a new approach to sustainable city infrastructure upgrade • Lighting 60% of typical municipal electrical cost • SSL deliver 50-70% energy savings* cash flow at investment grade returns • Lift city appeal – natural colors at night The project: Upgrade urban lighting infrastructure with SSL After
  4. 4. * European Commission Lighting the Cities Hutter/Dario GE at GIB 4 Implementing innovation – cash flow from energy savings to spur smart tech SSL lighting today - CityLED • LED generate 60-80% operating cost savings* in public service • Quality of light lifting city attractiveness and security • Project stimulates local economy SSL tomorrow – SmartCity • Networked lighting - integral part of future SmartCity • Industrial internet, big data, analytics offer new innovative capabilities • Living outdoor labs testing concepts • CityLED technology ready for energy efficiency project funding • SmartCity will build on CityLED offering urban living benefits
  5. 5. * European Commission project ENIGMA Hutter/Dario GE at GIB 5 • Europe has 70MM streetlights older than 25 years • $40-50b investment to upgrade to SSL • Returns backed up by energy savings • Setting foundation for SmartCity digital backbone Accelerating sustainable infrastructure upgrade with SSL-LED • Leverage EU COM SSL initiatives • Focused pre-commercial procurement* • Industry to provide outcome value • Innovative financing • Promote to overcome fragmentation Hungary Spain Italy Germany UK
  6. 6. Hutter/Dario GE at GIB 6 • Traditional financing mechanisms (i.e. municipal finance, loans) almost disappeared • Still available for outsourced partnerships • New applications of simple schemes… leasing, renting • But residual value? Repossession? • Experimenting new schemes… ESCOs.. • Implies maximizing all available sources as scheme’s strength to long term risks still to be tested Financing – testing innovations
  7. 7. Hutter/Dario GE at GIB 7 Innovative financing Bank EPC Municipality Collaboration among stakeholders is KEY