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  1. 1. February 2011 Cheryl Hicks SustainabilityInvestment PartnerQuadia SA Impact Finance | 34 Rue de Candolle | CH-1205 Geneva | T +41 22 888 1200 | F +41 22 888 1201 |
  2. 2. Our Investment ThemesSmart water use EducationEnergy-efficient water purification and Education can be improved withsmart irrigation development can improve the provision of accessible formalwater management. or informal education. Providing loans to university level students can be a way to democratiseOrganic nutrition higher education.Organic agriculture and aquaculturedevelopment and other types of Smart Watersustainable food production such as Education Use Inequalityresponsible fishery are drivers of Appropriate economic integration of thesustainable food production. base of the socio-economic pyramid can Organic Inequality be achieved through provision of high NutritionHealthcare access quality financial goods and services. SocialInvestments aiming to provide healthcare inequalities related to gender, origin oraccess will concentrate on the provision belief system can be addressed throughof affordable goods and services to the Healthcare Clean Energy specific projects. Access Supplybase of the socio-economic pyramid. Clean energy supplyBiodiversity Energy production infrastructure can be ResponsiblePreservation of biodiversity is achieved Biodiversity improved with implementation of Goodsthrough conservation of ecosystem Social centralised or decentralized renewableservices and ecosystem restoration. Housing energy production units.Social housing Responsible consumer goodsDevelopment of social and green Production and distribution ofbuildings and the provision of affordable quality goods specificallyand resource-efficient housing solutions designed to have a reducedfor the base of the pyramid contribute to impact on the environment.sustainability. 2
  3. 3. ImpactInvestments in EnergyWindfall Windmill Parks SICSA 3