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CDIA - City Creditworthiness by Yu Zhang at GIB Summit


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Presented at the 4th Global Infrastructure Basel Summit 21 & 22 May 2014.
Read more about the world leading platform for Sustainable Infrastructure Finance at
Next Summit: 27 & 28 May 2015 in Switzerland

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CDIA - City Creditworthiness by Yu Zhang at GIB Summit

  1. 1. Cities Development Initiative for Asia Investing in Asia's urban future Enhancement of Project Creditworthiness 2014 GIB Summit Zhang Yu, Senior Programme Manager, 21 May 2014
  2. 2. What is CDIA? CDIA is an international partnership initiative, established in 2007, by the Asian Development Bank and the Government of Germany, with additional core funding support from the governments of Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, and the Shanghai Municipal Government.
  3. 3. CDIA supports the identification and development of urban investment projects and links them with potential financiers. CDIA provides assistance to Asian cities to bridge the gap between their development plans and the implementation of their infrastructure investments. Mandate
  4. 4. Alternative financing sources for urban infrastructure projects Linking to Finance Capital Markets Private Institutional Investors Multilateral, Bilateral & Export Credit Agencies Domestic Financial Institutions Asset Leverage (land) Private-sector Participation & Joint Ventures Source: KPMG Analysis We enhance the creditworthiness of PROJECTS
  5. 5. CDIA Focus Areas INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTMENT PROJECT CYCLE Infrastructure Investment Prioritization Pre-feasibility Studies Linking Projects to Financing UPSTREAM DOWNSTREAM BRIDGING THE INSTITUTIONAL GAP Strengthen CDIA as a catalyst for innovation BRIDGING THE CAPACITY GAP Strengthening mechanisms to develop city capacities to prepare environmentally responsible, pro-poor, and gender sensitive infrastructure investment projects BRIDGING THE PLANNING-FINANCING GAP Moving from planning to prioritized sustainable infrastructure investments to securing financing FEASIBILITY STUDY FINANCING ARRANGEMENTS PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION OPERATION & MAINTENANCE CITY DEVELOPMENT PLAN/STRATEGY
  6. 6. Pre-feasibility Study Sectors
  7. 7. CDIA City Interventions 57 Cities 85 PFS 59 PFS completed 38 PFS linked to finance
  8. 8. Infrastructure Investment Value (Expected) 7.3 Billion US$ CONSTRUCTION 4.6Billion US$ Enhancement of • Technical Quality • Financial Quality Enhanced Creditworthiness
  9. 9. Cities Development Initiative for Asia Investing in Asia's urban future Thank You