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Smart Management of urban green areas on the example of Pisa


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Presentation at the workshop I-Cities 2015 in October 2015.

Published in: Environment
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Smart Management of urban green areas on the example of Pisa

  1. 1. Smart Management of urban green areas on the example of Pisa Luca Inzaina Damiano Remorini Andrea Vecchi Paolo Viskanic
  2. 2. Content •  Introduction •  Issues in management of public green areas •  Factsheet of Pisa •  Details on green area management •  Stakeholder •  Management of green areas and all it‘s assets •  Workflows of activities •  Quality control •  Public Partecipation •  Conclusions 2
  3. 3. Importance of urban green areas Urban green areas bring physical, economical, aesthetical, cultural, psychological and social benefits and increase resilience of urban environments. •  An adult tree absorbs 55-110Kg of PM10 and other pollutants (Centre for Urban Horticulture –Univ. of Washington) •  An adult beech absorbs 2,35 kg CO2/hour and produces 1,7 kg of O2/hour •  Trees around buildings absorb heat during summer months by 10-15% reducing the need for air conditioning by 80% •  There are many more benefits by trees and green areas. 3
  4. 4. Legal Context •  Law 10/2013 applies to all cities over 15.000 inhabitants: –  One tree for each new-born (or adopted) child –  Information of citizen about extent of green areas and trees planted –  Tree inventory –  Inventory and protection of natural monuments –  Promotion of new ways of planning, implementing and maintaining green areas 4
  5. 5. Pisa Factsheet 5 Pisa has 90.000 inhabitants and over 3 Mio. tourists. The green areas are managed by an external company. Some data on the City of Pisa Urban green areas 1.050.000 m2 Green areas/ci?zen 11 m2 Urban public trees (n.) 15.000 Playgrounds (n.) 42 Play equipment (n.) 170 Yearly management budget 2,1 M.€ Living fences/hedges 21.000 m Budget/m2 2 €
  6. 6. Why smart management? Smart Green Safety of public green areas Traceability accountability Efficiency in management Public par?cipa?on 6
  7. 7. Components of smart management WORKFLOW OPERATORS & PUBLIC SOFTWARE INVENTORY For an efficient management of green areas you need an inventory, software for data management, adequate workflows, qualified staff and public participation The software allows all stakeholders to participate
  8. 8. A communica?on pla_orm All stakeholders access a central database
  9. 9. Map Interface
  10. 10. Tree inventory and security Visual Assessment Instrumental checks Prescrip?ons and jobs Risk class Approval New assessment planned Each tree is subject to periodic assessment to ensure public safety and quality of urban green spaces
  11. 11. Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) Visual Assessment Instrumental Analysis
  12. 12. Monitoring of playground safety •  Periodical inspections, •  Evaluation of safety, •  Planning and tracing maintenance activities
  13. 13. Monitoring of playground safety Inspections are associated to playground equipment through NFC Tags.
  14. 14. Planning of ac?vi?es 14 All maintenance activities are planned and managed on the plattform ensuring tracebility Ganc of all planned ac?vi?es Details of each job with costs and interested assets
  15. 15. CHECK in the field with smartphone Transfer of NON COMPLIANCES to server Iden?fica?on of OBJECTS and evalua?on of planned jobs Mainteinance JOB is planned and carried out Non compliance is SOLVED and quality ensured Quality control 15 Operators of the municipality and maintenance company have the possibility to report non compliances via smartphone in the field.
  16. 16. Quality control •  Non compliances are recorded in the field through Android smartphones with position, picture and attributes. •  All data is transferred to the server, where it is combined with the GIS and checked against open jobs and previous non- compliances •  After checks a job is created and assigned to the contractor responsible for the site
  17. 17. Public par?cipa?on There are different ways to report and monitor the problems reported: app for smartphone or web portal. 17
  18. 18. Public par?cipa?on As for non compliances recorded by operators of the municipality, there is a similar workflow for problems recorded by the public: 18 Problem registered by Municipality Non compliance created Job created and carried out Non complince solved and ci?zen informed Ci?zen reports problem
  19. 19. Conclusions The smart management of public green areas ensures brings a number of advantages to the city of Pisa: •  Efficient carrying out of maintenance ac?vi?es •  Accountability and traceability of all ac?vi?es carried out •  Safety for ci?zen enjoying the green areas. 19
  20. 20. Thank you for your interest 20 Luca Inzaina Damiano Remorini Andrea Vecchi Paolo Viskanic