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Mother teresa by ella rose


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A Person from the Past by Ella Rose. Mother Teresa.

Published in: Spiritual, Health & Medicine
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Mother teresa by ella rose

  1. 1. Background InformationMother Teresa was born on the 26th of August 1910but is known to be born on the 27th because that wasthe day she was baptized. Mother Teresa was born inthe Skopje Republic of Macedonia. Mother Teresawas the youngest child in her family. Her parentswere Nikolle and Drana Dojaxhiu. Mother Teresa diedon the 5th of September 1997.
  2. 2. Early LifeMother Teresa or as some know, Anges Gonxha Dojaxhiu’sdad died when she was eight. He was involved in AlbanianPolitics. She was then raised by her Mum Drana, RomanCatholic. Teresa was convinced by the age of twelve thatshe should commit herself to a religious life. Mother Teresafinally decided on the 15th of August 1928 while praying atthe Shrine of the Black Madonna to take this step. Teresaleft home at the age of 18 to join the Sisters of Missionary.She never saw her mum or sister again.She took her first religious vows as a nun on the 24th ofMay 1931. In 1944 she became head mistress at the LoretoConvent School.
  3. 3. Life time Achievements and Influences:Mother Teresa was very blessed. Most people lookedup to her with great respect. She helped the poor andgave all of her money to people in need. Sick peoplewere blessed by Mother Teresa and taken out ofhospital. The Missionary’s of Charity grew andexpanded. By the end of all her work there were 517Missions in 100 countries, 450 different centres thatMother Teresa had helped.
  4. 4. What Mother Teresa is known for: Mother Teresa helped people with Leprosy. Most people wouldn’t go near people with leprosy let a lone help them. Mother Teresa went around people who deadly diseases and she did not catch them. She had great courage in the lord. Mother Teresa is also known for being head of Charity.
  5. 5. Major achievements and Awards:Mother Teresa was awarded the Pope John XXllPeace Prize for dealing with special and disabledchildren. Then again in 1979, she was awarded theNoble Peace Prize which brought the rich and poornations together. Instead of a formal dinner MotherTeresa asked for the money to be given to the poor.
  6. 6. Death Days:Mother Teresa suffered from poor health. As a resultof this, on the 13th of March 1997 she stepped downfrom head of Missionaries of Charity. Teresa died onthe 5th on September 1997. People respected MotherTeresa and her death was hard.
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