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workshop DMC_r2b


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workshop DMC_r2b

  1. 1. Design management.Managing innovationfor the enterpriseCarlo BranzagliaDesign Management CenterA
  2. 2. A general approachDesign, business, strategy- Design between practice and theory- Design as a methodology: discipline or tool?- Strategic design: B2C and B2B- Design and business- Design leadership- Enterprise and design
  3. 3. Design & InnovationThe role of design- Design thinking- Envisionising of the future- Manifesting strategic intent- Directing design investment- Managing corporate reputation- Creating and nurturing an environment of innovation- Training for design leadership
  4. 4. What we can do / 1Measuring design awarenessin companies The Design Ladder
  5. 5. What we can do / 2Design as a strategic tool The DM Staircase
  6. 6. What we can do / 3Design as culture:some points to move towards- A sensible interface with final user- Open specialization- Responsability- Day by day learning- Continuous redifinition of the goals- Maintaining its own reputation- No standard format- Transforming problems in opportunities- No barriers- Motivation / participation
  7. 7. What we can do / 4Enterprise: some crucial point- Production or service- B2B or B2C- Cluster (which part of)- Tradition- Specialization- Core business (core value)- Identity- Positioning- Internal organization- Low availability of resources
  8. 8. What we can do / 5A set of tools- Conferences- Concept design workshops- Brainstorming- Unconventional surveys- Visual facilitation- Contacting university- Educational activities for managers- Internal workgroups- Guided tours- Wide-spectrum benchmarking- Capsule collection