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The future of Blockchain


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Introduction slide deck used at the CIONET conference on emergent technologies.

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The future of Blockchain

  1. 1. THE FUTURE OF BLOCKCHAIN CIONET September 27th, 2016
  2. 2. Bank Shipper Store Regulator Supplier Company
  3. 3. Bank Shipper Store Regulator Supplier Company
  4. 4. Bank Shipper Store Regulator Supplier Company Shared ledger
  5. 5. Hashing Input data of an arbitrary length Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet 16aba5393ad72c0041 f5600ad3c2c52ec437a2 f0c7fc08fadfc3c0fe9641d7a3 one way mathematical formula e.g. sha256 returns a short and almost unique string identifying the data
  6. 6. (Global) payments (Global) remi ance Financial instruments Trade Finance Mortgages
  7. 7. High value items Artwork Identity Parts & maintenance tracking Loyalty & Reputation programs
  8. 8. Diplomas Drivers licenses Land registration Healthcare records Accounting
  9. 9. More details
  10. 10. h p://
  11. 11. Thanks!