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Presentation On Lrc


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Published in: Education, Business
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Presentation On Lrc

  2. 2. This is the LRC in Yale College
  3. 3. Going in the door to the LRC
  4. 4. Out Side the LRC
  5. 5. The door to the LRC
  6. 6. In side the LRC
  7. 7. The LRC desk
  8. 8. Chill Out Area
  9. 9. Up the Stairs
  10. 10. Books in LRC
  11. 11. The LRC desk from above
  12. 12. Sit on computer area
  13. 13. The way out of the LRC
  14. 14. The LRC means learning resource centre where people can go on the computers. They have all kinds of books that you can read. Also you can borrow a DVD or video, to watch but only for 4 days or 1 week. The LRC has an online catalogue.