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Order and progress

Artist presentation as given at the MIS, São Paulo.

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Order and progress

  1. 1. Definition of Glitch technological definition of glitch:A short lived fault or break from an expected flow of operation within a digital system. sometimes also referenced to as (digital) noise artifacts. glitch art:The metaphorical, conceptual or Aesthetic use of technological glitches. Serial Cosign. Broken Mac Screenshot. 2008. Still from Jodi. UNTITLED GAME: Ctrl-F6. 1996. Screenshot. Videogame Mod Executable. <>
  2. 2. Glitch Studies ManifestoThe dominant, continuing search for a noiseless channel has been — and will always be — no more than a regrettable, ill-fated dogma. Len Lye. A Colour Box, 1937. Nam June Paik, Magnet TV, 1965. Cory Arcangel. Panasonic TH42PV60EH Plasma Screen webcrash2800. %SCR2, May 16, 2009. Burn, 2007.
  3. 3. Glitch Studies ManifestoDispute the operating templates of creative practice; fight genres, interfaces and expectations.Get away from the established action scripts and join the avant- garde of the unknown. Become a nomad of noise artifacts!RyBN performing Monochrome, (Cimatics Still from registration of Botborg performance at Beflix. Glitch (12). 2001-2005, re-colored 2007. FujiFestival, Brussels: 28 November 2008). TransAcoustic, Auckland, New Zealand, December Crystal Archive prints from hi-res digital images. 2005.
  4. 4. GLITCH STUDIES MANIFESTO Celebrate the critical trans-media aesthetics of glitch artifacts. * Glitches can show any medium in a critical state (ruined, unwanted, not recognized, accidental and horrendous state); a state of hypetrophy.In images, this leads to the exposure of and exoskeleton or the Vernacular of the File Format * Glitches can be used to criticize the inherent politics of the medium (genre, interface, norms and expectations)Libeskind, Daniel. Jewish Museum Berlin (Blitz or Between the Lines). 1989-1999. PIXACAO close to Republica, São Paulo, 2010. The pixação, is just like Libeskinds sliced facade adds new information, while showing the building in a ‘ruined’ state.
  6. 6. Glitch Studies Manifesto Employ bends and breaks as a metaphor for différance. Use the glitch as an exoskeleton for progress.Realize that the gospel of glitch art also tells about new standards implemented by corruption.Takeshi Murata. Monster Movie, 2005. Nabil Elderkin. KANYE WEST "Welcome To Heartbreak”. Directed by Nabil, 2009.
  7. 7. GLITCH STUDIES MANIFESTO From glitch artifact to filter, plugin or effect.Glitches are inevitably connected to the development of new standards.   noteNdo. 2001. Circuitbent Nes Console. no-carrier. GlitchNES. March 2009. Dan Winckler, Anton Marini. OPEN EMU. Jan. 2009.plugin for Quartz Rosa Menkman. Romscape. July 2008. Composer.<>
  8. 8. GLITCH STUDIES MANIFESTO From Cool to Hot glitches (McLuhan):A hot medium allows of less participation on the part of the viewer to determine meaning (than a cool one).Title Credits America’s Next top Model. 2009. Title Credits America’s Next top Model. 2010. A Perfect model grows out of glitched images.Cool glitches are the glitches that do not just focus on a static end product, but (also) on a process, a personal exploration or a narrativeelement (that often reflects critically on a medium).
  9. 9. 28th Bienal São Paulo 200840 protestors invade thesecond floor of the Bienal,which is supposed to beempty.Caroline Pivetta, makesPixação and is send toprison.29th Bienal São Paulo 2010Documentation Shock Photos,Crypt Djan and RafaelPixobomb.
  10. 10. MONGLOT Mongrel:Animal from a mixed background, bastard, crossbreed, illegitimate. Monoglot: (person) knowing one language only, or written in one language only
  11. 11. ORDER AND PROGRESSForce the audience to voyage the acousmatic videoscape  Still from Order and Progress; the video based on the Glitch Studies Manifesto, 2010/2011.
  12. 12. MARIA ROSA MENKMAN The unlikely story of why I have a Latin nameFriedrich, Caspar David. The wanderer above the sea of fog. 1818. (Orignal and BMP bend).