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Life after school conference


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Life after school conference

  1. 1. Social MediaHow big is your circle?
  2. 2. Where and how you give up your privacy (anyone can badmouth you with the world and you may be helpless to stop it)1. Messaging and online communication2. Photo and video sharing sites3. Giving reviews and opinions4. Social bookmarking and tagging5. Communities and groups6. Virtual worlds and gaming7. Collaboration and sharing
  3. 3. Creepers Paradise ~Facebook has got your number for the world to see~How many “friends” is too many?
  4. 4. The Good and Bad of Location AnalysisFoursquare is a new social network where users can post their current location to up to 900 friends.
  5. 5. “Mark said that?=> &#*!%
  6. 6. Use this link to check your Facebook Privacy.
  7. 7. “Find out who is viewing your profile”
  8. 8. A word or two about passwords……• No birthdates or social security numbers• No mother’s maiden name• No universal password• Yes to long passwords (over eight characters)• Yes to random patterns – first letter of each word in your favorite song with your favorite number.• Yes to changing it frequently
  9. 9. What Family You Say May Hurt YOU! For a Long Time FRIEND S ROMANCE
  10. 10. Speaking of words….Text messages and Facebook comments gone wrong…..“I never said that she took my purse.”
  11. 11. Social Media and Employment Can Get You A Job! Re
  12. 12. And can cost you a job!
  14. 14. Dress Your Sunday’s Best
  15. 15. Don’t Be A Sucker for “Free”
  16. 16. Stay Legal!