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Chapter5: Listening & Responding Skill Rev 9-14


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Interpersonal Communications Listening and Responding Skills

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Chapter5: Listening & Responding Skill Rev 9-14

  1. 1. WWhhyy lliisstteenn?? TToo sspprreeaadd jjooyy!!!! OOtthheerr--ddiirreecctteedd ccoommmmuunniiccaattiioonn == ppeerrssoonnaall hhaappppiinneessss
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  4. 4. Bottom Line: ccoommmmuunniiccaattiioonn == hhaappppiinneessss
  5. 5. DDiinnnneerr ttiimmee:: CCoommmmuunniiccaattiioonn DDaannggeerr ZZoonnee??
  6. 6. MMoorree mmoonneeyy == mmoorree hhaappppiinneessss??
  7. 7. Does brain ddoommiinnaannccee aaffffeecctt tthhee wwaayy wwee ccoommmmuunniiccaattee?? TTaakkee tthhee qquuiizz bbeellooww aanndd sseellff--aasssseessss yyoouurr ddoommiinnaanntt ssiiddee..
  8. 8. LLiisstteenniinngg vveerrssuuss hheeaarriinngg Have you ever heard of the expression, “He’s all talk?” How many fights have you had wherein a significant person claims that you don’t know how to listen? Sometimes, you need to talk less and listen more. TTrryy iitt oouutt ffoorr tthhee sshhoocckk vvaalluuee! Imagine just how surprised people will be when you choose to listen to them this time around.
  9. 9. NNeeeedd pprrooooff??
  10. 10. The Way Your MMeessssaaggee iiss CCoonnvveeyyeedd..
  11. 11. EEffffeeccttiivvee LLiisstteenniinngg TTeecchhnniiqquueess • EEnnccoouurraaggiinngg • PPrreetteennddiinngg iiggnnoorraannccee • NNoottiinngg aanndd rreefflleeccttiinngg eemmoottiioonnss • PPaarraapphhrraassiinngg • SSuummmmaarriizziinngg
  12. 12. HHooww ttoo bbee aann AAccttiivvee LLiisstteenneerr CCoommee iinn ffrroomm tthhee ddaarrkk!! Don’t interrupt – average is 12 seconds. Ask questions ( but don’t overdo it) and acknowledge the other “ Aha”, “I see”, “I understand.” Respect the other by genuine interest and Repeat it! “Did I understand you to say?” Keep eye contact.
  13. 13. “Suffering and joy teach us, if we allow them, how to make the leap of empathy, which transports us into the soul and heart of another person. In those transparent ,moments we know other peoples joys and sorrows, and we care about their concerns as if they were our own.” ~ Fritz Williams
  14. 14. AAccttiivvee LLiisstteenniinngg AAccttiivviittyy