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“doesn’t really          “weird          look attractive      atmosphere                                                  ...
“got attracted to get             in but would not        “Many deco                                                      ...
“mixing a bit coffee and                                                      tea...should there be a mix or          “see...
“Looks attractive to              “looks similar from      enter because I wanted              outside as from the      to...
“hard to see everything             “attractive from outside      “still it doesnt look     cos so much stuff stands      ...
“looks super cute and                                                    “looks a bit crappy from               personal f...
“building            “store itself                                                               in my feeling         loo...
Conclusion                                                            “appearance of   “outside is                        ...
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In Store Customer Research


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Paying attention is important for customer research - this is one way of doing it, by including your senses.

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In Store Customer Research

  1. 1. InStOREObservationsObservations
  2. 2. “doesn’t really “weird look attractive atmosphere “confusing/cha for me cos it is for me - maybe otic - no not my style” cos it is not my order” style” “hard to see logo on Freaky Cowboy StORE window with all the shoes in “need to touch the products to background of find prices” the window” CONCLUSION CONCLUSION musty “store for cowboy “store for cowboy style lovers”?? style lovers”?? OLD fabric weird music DARK leather Nature Colors dull people incowboy clothes not many people speaking people
  3. 3. “got attracted to get in but would not “Many deco “who s the know what to buy?” articles” TARGET group?” Oriental STUFF StORE “REAL STUFF -what do you use it for?” foggy taste toch to find CONCLUSION CONCLUSION price “smell- “smell- overloaded overloaded STUFF store”?? STUFF store”?? a lot of stuff to touch foggy smell LIGHT people speaking smoke soft musicnot many people (5) but store is people speaking filled
  4. 4. “mixing a bit coffee and tea...should there be a mix or “see more tools “too expensive for focus on one or the other?” from outside than me...” tea” “I REALLY wanna taste “looks like a TEA House StORE what I am smelling” chain” “would be nice CONCLUSION CONCLUSION to taste tea” “well-balanced “well-balanced sensed tea store” sensed tea store”which could better which could bettermarket its focus on market its focus ontea or/and coffee?? tea or/and coffee?? “would be nice to touch the tea instead of only tools” soft pretty cool display of tea tea boxes opening tea/herbal smell symmetry people speaking cool & design tea tools
  5. 5. “Looks attractive to “looks similar from enter because I wanted outside as from the to try out some cheese - inside - fitting to a unfortunately I could cheese store image” not try when not buying it” “the smell makesCONCLUSION “very CONCLUSION “very DUTCH CHEESE StORE you wanna taste Dutch cheese store it” Dutch cheese store that attracts already that attracts alreadyfrom passing by from from passing by fromsmell --style is fitting smell style is fitting and similar from in- and similar from in- and outside” and outside” “the cheese looks nice to touch” “looks like a really Dutch store -fitting “many customers” image of a cheese store” “symmetry of “only people speaking” “smells sooo putting cheese much like cheese - next to each other you can almost looks good” taste it”
  6. 6. “hard to see everything “attractive from outside “still it doesnt look cos so much stuff stands cos the designs look different from any other around - not really clean awesome” design store” “expensive!!” designed from the inside” “different floors look dry different cos there is different lightning” the DESIGN StORE try out thing CONCLUSION CONCLUSION and usability “every-day design “every-day design store which is cool store which is cool to look around to to look around to explore when explore when having time...” having time...” need to touch cos you wanna feel whether touch you like different material materials people and tissues many colors design looks talkingcool thing to explore attractive with eyes dull smells dry
  7. 7. “looks super cute and “looks a bit crappy from personal from outside - the inside” especially the bench” “You can seeinstruments with which The Town Bakery Yes I want to eat the bread and try out things the are making the bread” - maybe gives a good feeling of super Unfortunately you local entrepreneurs cannot try out things CONCLUSION CONCLUSION “attracting through “attracting through it smell, it looks a it smell, it looks a bit crappy inside bit crappy inside but local and cute -- but local and cute like you are buying like you are buying from a family” from a family” pretty crowded with “smells so good already customers but also a from the outside - you small store really wanna taste it”
  8. 8. “building “store itself in my feeling looks looks not “low quality clothes are attractive” fitting to the clothing” pretty ugly building ” CONCLUSION CONCLUSION “mainstream low- “mainstream low- quality clothing store quality clothing store tastes a bit dryattracting through the attracting through the building outside but building outside but not fitting to this not fitting to thisimage from the inside. image from the inside. touching clothes - females like that ;) confusion about inside soft Pop music vs. outside look smells dry people speaking
  9. 9. Conclusion “appearance of “outside is other customers mostly NOT as “how to might influence include all “too extreme inside store - whether you sense into one sense enter/leave the how to make sensations into (too extreme store” both fitting?” outside store smell f.i.) can appearance?” be “outside unattractive”important to I learned a lot attract from this “smell of smell “let people try exercise to customers” products out/getting closely related paying them closer to to taste and products might attention - stimulates influence future thanks for ACTION” buying behaviour” that!!