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Book discoverability template - everything you need to do to get found!


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The definitive book discoverability template. For any author looking to get found by more readers!

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Book discoverability template - everything you need to do to get found!

  3. 3. AND THE LIFE OF A PROFESSIONAL AUTHOR DOESN’T ALWAYS JIBE WITH THE LIFE OF A PROFESSIONAL MARKETER Professional Writer • Wake up • Eat Breakfast • Write • Take a Walk • Write • Eat Lunch • Write • Take a nap • Write • Exercise • Write • Eat Dinner • Write Professional Book Marketer • Wake up • Tweet • Post on Facebook • Check sales • Eat Breakfast • Tweet • Pin on Pinterest • Reply to discussions on Facebook and Goodreads • Blog • Reply to blog comments • Check sales • Tweet • Check Amazon rank
  4. 4. WHAT ARE YOUR PUBLISHING GOALS? Build a writing Career? Satisfy a lifelong ambition? Live off your book sales?
  6. 6. 4 TENETS OF AUTHOR DISCOVERY Author discovery Get found Get feedback Get fans Get Famous
  7. 7. TO BE FOUND DIGITALLY, YOU MUST BE EVERYWHERE YOUR READERS ARE Author Discovery E-mail inbox Search engines Book distribution channels Niche /genre- specific sites Social media channels
  8. 8. WHILE AT THE SAME TIME ATTRACTING THEM INTO YOUR WEB LIKE A SPIDER TO A FLY Your book’s buy page Product, price, promotions Website Blog E-mail marketing Advertising
  9. 9. IS YOUR DISCOVERABILITY WEB STRONG ENOUGH TO PULL PROSPECTIVE READERS TO YOUR BUY PAGE? Your Book’s buy page Great Product, price, promotion Optimized Website Search Engine Optimization Blogging E-mail marketing Available on eBook distribution channels Presence on Niche /genre- specific sites Effective Advertising Compelling social media activity
  10. 10. GET FOUND TOPICS Your Story Reason to Believe Discoverability Pricing and Promotions
  11. 11. GETTING FOUND Your Story Reason to Believe Discoverability Pricing and Promotions
  12. 12. YOUR BOOK: WHAT’S YOUR STORY? • What you are selling • Yourself • Your book • What is the link between your personal story and your book?
  13. 13. YOUR AUTHOR PROFILE • Who are you? • What activities are you involved in? • What are you passionate about? Sum yourself up in three words Your Picture goes here
  14. 14. YOUR BOOK’S PROFILE Use single words to describe your book: • Provacative • Titillating • Amazing • Page-turner • Thrilling Sum your book up in 5 words – this is like your pitch Your Book cover goes here
  15. 15. THE STORY: WHAT LED YOU TO WRITE THIS BOOK? Interview yourself • What made you write the book? • Why are you the best person to tell this story? • Why should others read the book? • What makes this book/story unique? • How does it compare to other books like it in the genre? • Who do you look up to in the genre? Why?
  16. 16. GETTING FOUND Your Story Reason to Believe Discoverability Pricing and Promotion
  17. 17. YOUR BOOK: WHY SHOULD ANYONE BUY IT? Positioning defined: A unique place for your book in customer’s mind, relative to the competition • Who are your readers? • Who is the competition (other books)? • What’s unique about your book? • How do you break-through?
  18. 18. READER ANALYSIS • Who are they? Who would you like them to be? Why? • Where are they located? • Who are they reading? • Why do they read? • How will you position the book for each customer group you are targeting? • Does your cover and back cover copy speak to them? • Are your blurbs from writer’s they buy?
  19. 19. DEVELOPING A PITCH FOR YOUR BOOK For readers who love Stephen King and Anne Rice <Target Audience> My book is a supernatural suspense novel (genre) <Summary Statement> that will provoke, titillate, and thrill <Customer Benefit> [because] there is an ending they will never see coming <Reason to Believe>
  20. 20. GETTING FOUND Your Story Reason to Believe Discoverability Pricing and Promotion
  21. 21. YOUR BOOK: WHERE WILL READERS FIND IT? Authordiscovery fact: There is no clear format preference between ebooks and print, although younger readers are leaning towards digital reading more than older readers. Regardless of whether reader preference is ebooks, print, or both, Amazon is the clear leader in book procurement with over 65% of the book market.
  22. 22. SORRY, BUT OPRAH CAN’T HELP YOU There are nearly 300,000 books published a year in the US Oprah has picked a total of 68books since her book club’s inception in 1996
  23. 23. BOOK-SIGNINGS CAN BE HIT OR MISS Average sales at an in-person book-signing is 4 books
  24. 24. BUT FIRST, YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE Independent publishing “Assisted” self-publishing
  25. 25. SOME PROS AND CONS OF INDEPENDENT PUBLISHING Independent Publishing Pros Cons • More control over the publishing process • Need for strategic outsourcing: cover-design, typesetting, content-editing, copyediting, proofreading, printing & distribution • Ability to set own prices and therefore control profit margins • Marketing/promotion is 100% dependent on you • 100% royalties • Have to manage inventory, process orders, and pay taxes • Control of production and distribution • Costs of start-up
  26. 26. SOME PROS AND CONS OF “ASSISTED” SELF-PUBLISHING “Assisted” Self-Publishing Pros Cons • Speed to start-up: just write the book and write the check! • There is a cost for convenience: you could do most of what they will do for less • No inventory management, order processing, and tax payments required • Marketing/promotion is still 100% dependent on you • Higher royalties than “traditional” publishing • You will have no clue how many books you are selling until you get the report from your publisher • Get to rely on people with industry expertise • You give up significant control over the process or have to pay the price tag for the better options
  27. 27. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ROYALTIES AND PROFIT MARGINS • Royalties are a percentage of net book sales paid by the publisher to the author after subtracting printing and shipping costs and discounts to wholesalers. • If you have a contract for 20% royalties on a 200 page book that retails for $10.00 with a wholesale cost of $5.00 your royalty per book will be around .30 cents. • Profit is the percentage a publisher makes after all costs (printing & shipping, discounts, royalties) are accounted for. • In the above example, the publishers profit is $1.20/book or roughly 4x what the author makes
  28. 28. THE (NOT SO) NEW PUBLISHING MODEL • Bookstore/booksnore: To sell your book in a bookstore you have to give away 40-60% discounts, accept consignment conditions, and lose control of your pricing • No Inventory Allowed: With print on demand technology you as the publisher never need to hold inventory unless you are sending out signed copies of your books to readers. • Demand is The Man: Your job is to drive traffic to your online retailers so your book can be found. • There is an Imbalance in the Force: Ebooks are fast overtaking print books in online bookstores. This is a great thing! Embrace this trend. It means more money for you at the end of the day!
  29. 29. PERSONAL WEBSITE SELLING FALLACIES • I will drive a tremendous amount of traffic to my website • People will spend hours everyday perusing my awesome content • My promotions will catch everyone’s eyes and will motivate them to buy my book on my site
  30. 30. SOCIAL MEDIA SELLING FALLACIES • People care about my status updates and/or tweets • They care enough to pull out their wallets and buy my book before the latest youtube video of dancing cats distracts them • All of my 3,000 or so “friends” will surely buy my new book and I will be an instant best-seller
  33. 33. PRINT DISTRIBUTOR RECOMMENDATIONS (FROM WILLIAMSWRITING.COM): CreateSpace, Pros: No setup costs. No costs to upload revised files. No annual catalog fee. Amazon availability will be “In Stock.” Cons: Independent bookstores may refuse to order from them. E-book distribution is a separate service. Returns aren’t permitted. IngramSpark, Pros: Automatic entry to Ingram catalog; CoreSource distribution available for e- books. Publisher may opt to accept returns. Cons: Setup fee of $49 per book. Annual catalog fee of $12 per book. Fee of $25 to upload revised files. Amazon availability may be “Usually ships within 2 to 3 weeks.” Lightning Source, Pros: Automatic entry to Ingram catalog; CoreSource distribution available for e- books. Ability to set discount as low as 20%. Publisher may opt to accept returns. Cons: Setup fee of $75 per book. Annual catalog fee of $12 per book. Fee of $40 to upload revised files. Amazon availability may be “Usually ships within 2 to 3 weeks.” Note: Ingram is the major book wholesaler. CoreSource e-book distribution makes e- books available to more than 150 online bookstores.
  34. 34. 2 TYPES OF EBOOK DISTRIBUTORS Description Formatting Channel Distribution Single Channel Format for a single device Distribute to a single channel (i.e. Amazon or Barnes and Noble) Multi-Channel Format for multiple devices Distribute to most or all ebook retailer (except Amazon)
  36. 36. THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE UPLOADING YOUR BOOK TO AN EBOOK DISTRIBUTION PLATFORM 1. Rights: do you retain your copyright once you sign the distribution agreement? 2. Royalties and Pricing: do you set your own pricing? What are the royalty implications of different price points. How often do you get paid? How can you track sales? 3. Requirements: each ebook distributor has their own set of criteria for inclusion into their digital catologue…read this information clearly or your book may never see the light of day. 4. Reach: each ebook distributor has their own marketplace and reaches thousands if not millions of potential readers, understand the reach and contemplate this in your marketing plans. 5. Resources: what tools are available to interact with readers on the ebook distributors site ? do they enable social media integration?
  37. 37. KDP SELECT HAS MADE THIS A MUCH HARDER CHOICE • Amazon owns >60% of ebook market • Barnes and Noble and Apple troubles • Provides an additional revenue stream for authors – pay for lending • Built in promotional mechanism with free days • 90 day exclusivity required
  38. 38. GETTING FOUND Your Story Reason to Believe Discoverability Pricing and Promotion
  39. 39. YOUR BOOK: HOW MUCH WILL READERS PAY FOR IT? Authordiscovery fact: Those who prefer ebooks appear to be more price sensitive or conscious than those who prefer other formats (could be reflective of diversity of ebook price points).
  40. 40. FINDING THE RIGHT PRICE Format Sales Channel Researched Average List Price (top 10) Average sales price (top 10) – discount free books My book’s price (less than previous column) Paperback Amazon, BN.Com $23.29 $15.00 12.99 E-Book Amazon, goodreads $9.99 $6.99 4.99 Take the top 10 selling books in your genre by format and complete the following table. Your books price should be in line with or slightly less than the overall average.
  41. 41. INTRO TO AMAZON EBOOK PRICING Description Implication Set your own price Prices below $1.99 • Amazon takes 65% of each sale Prices above $1.99 • Amazon takes 35% of each sale Control* your price Takes 2-3 days for Amazon to adjust your price on the buy page Lowest price matching Amazon will reset your books price to the lowest available ebook price for your book on the web
  42. 42. INTRO TO SMASHWORDS EBOOK PRICING Description Implication Set your own price Smashwords takes 40% of sales through iBooks, BN.Com, and other e-retailers Smashwords takes 15% of sales through Control your price Prices adjust immediately on smashwords but can take weeks to reflect across all other retailers Lowest price matching N/A
  43. 43. YOUR PROFIT/EBOOK - AMAZON 8.99 65% $5.84/book Example:
  44. 44. YOUR PROFIT/EBOOK – APPLE, BN, OTHER 8.99 40% $3.59/book Example:
  45. 45. YOUR PROFIT/EBOOK – SMASHWORDS 8.99 85% $7.64/book Example:
  47. 47. WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT ONLINE AWARENESS? Your Website (s): how many visitors/month? Your Blog: how many visitors/month? Social Media: • How many Facebook friends do you have? • Do you have a FB page for your author brand or book? • How many likes do you have? • Do you have a pinterest page for your author brand or book? • How many followers do you have? • Do you have a twitter account? • How many followers do you have? • Do you have a Google + account? • How many in your circles? • Do you have a youtube page? • How many followers do you have? E-mail lists: • How many e-mails do you have? • Have all these people opted-in to receive promotional e-mails from you Social Reader communities: • Are you on Goodreads/Librarything/Shelfari/Scribd? • How many total friends do you have? • How many groups are you in? • How many people in the groups you are in? Online forums: • How many online forums are you a part of? • How many people in these forums?
  48. 48. PROVEN WAYS TO AUGMENT ONLINE AWARENESS OF YOUR BOOK  Make sure your website is Optimized for Search Engines  Set a regular blogging and posting schedule and communicate via social media, e-mail marketing, etc.  Distribute a free preview of a section of your e-book (Scribd, Smashwords)  Send out e-mail blasts to friends and family  Conduct a blog tour on genre-specific sites  Hold a Book Giveaway on goodreads  Connect with Indie author communities (web, google +, linkedin, facebook, twitter, goodreads) and let other authors know you have a book coming out  Send out a press release to local media outlets
  49. 49. PROVEN WAYS TO AUGMENT ONLINE AWARENESS OF YOUR BOOK CONT.  Request and conduct author interviews on genre-specific sites  Promote your author or book page on Facebook to drive up your “likes”  Begin tweeting book or subject matter related tweets on a regular basis  Advertise on goodreads, genre-specific blogs, and websites with good reader traffic  Begin collecting opt-in e-mails and send out regular updates on your book  Integrate video and pictures into everything you do (video interviews, book trailers, Pinterest pins, Vlogs)  Win book awards and contests
  50. 50. TURNING A SAMPLER INTO A BUYER • Deliver irresistible content • Your website, blogs, pins, tweets, book cover, and book descriptions on e-book buy pages should make readers itch to press the buy button • Leverage the power of “social currency” • Garner positive reviews from readers, bloggers, genre-websites • Continually increase the number of Likers/followers on social media sites • Earn blog followers, opt-in e-mail addresses, and loyal fans • Price strategically • Reference the top 25 books in your given genre/category and consider pricing your book at a discount either temporarily or full-time • Incentivize the purchase • Give to get incentives such as, the first 100 buyers get something of value or advertise bulk discounts to book clubs
  51. 51. WHY (GOOD) BOOK REVIEWS MATTER • Only non-sales way to boost visibility on Amazon (the Average customer review filter) • Reviews get shared (goodreads, facebook, blogs, genre-specific websites, etc) • Reviews provide “social currency” • The more people who “like” something, the better it must be
  52. 52. MAKE BUYING YOUR BOOK EASY • Targeted advertising linked to buy pages • Creation of buy pages on social media sites and your own blog or website • Buy links on author profiles and genre-specific websites and blogs • Leverage pricing promotions across your sales platforms to drive sales
  54. 54. TAP INTO THE INFLUENCE CASCADE Power Readers* Book bloggers and genre-websites** Book clubs, Social reader communities*** StartfromBookClubsandmoveyourwayup IdentifyPowerreadersandworkyourwaydown * Read 90-100 books a year ** Review hundreds of books *** Read a book or 2 a month as a collective
  55. 55. WHY YOU SHOULD GIVE AWAY YOUR E-BOOK (TO THE RIGHT INFLUENCERS) • Puts your book on their radar • If they like the book, chances are they will share it with others • Depending on their level of influence, this sharing could be with 10’s or thousands of readers who rely on their recommendations • Those readers know other readers and so on and so forth
  56. 56. WHY YOU SHOULD CONSIDER AMAZON’S KDP SELECT PROGRAM AND USE THE FREE PROMOTIONAL DAYS With an effective free promotion on Amazon: • Noise level around your book goes up • Engagement with your book goes up • Amazon rankings go up • Likes on FB go up • Followers on Twitter go up • Goodreads bookshelves with your book increase • Reviews go up • Social currency goes up • Sales go up (post promotion)
  57. 57. CHECK OUT THESE GREAT ONLINE RESOURCES ON BOOK MARKETING AND PROMOTION Author Discovery World Literary Café The Creative Penn The Pantheon Collective Book Book Marketing Maven Be the Media The Book Marketing Network
  62. 62. EDITING IS NOT OPTIONAL Readers don’t recommend books they don’t finish and they don’t finish mostly due to dull storyline, slow pace, and typos • Read this blog for some basics on editing
  63. 63. FORMAT FLEXIBILITY IS KEY Consider offering print versions of your titles in addition to ebook 18% ebook only 32% print only read in both formats 50%
  64. 64. MANIPULATE AMAZON’S GRAVITY IN YOUR FAVOR Having an optimized Amazon presence and using their best in class discovery tools like KDP Select are essential to your success • Read this blog to find out what you need to do and how
  65. 65. STRIKE THE WRITE BALANCE Don’t overpromote a single title. Get back to writing and keep feeding your readers more content • Read this smashwords survey for the latest trends in selling more ebooks
  66. 66. USE THE POWER OF FREE Readers complete over 50% of free e-books they download • Maximize your free promotions by using this approach
  67. 67. MAKE IT EASY TO PASS IT ON 8 ways of recommending books (in person, social media, writing reviews are the top 3) • Encourage sharing by using some of these tactics
  68. 68. DON’T SWEAT THE GENRE All genre’s sell – your job is to write the best book you can. • The Top 10 questions you need to answer are here
  69. 69. FINAL MESSAGES 1. If you find this content valuable, please pass this information on • Discuss, like, share, tweet, e-mail, text, pin 2. Follow • Blog, Twitter, Facebook 3. Subscribe to the newsletter
  70. 70. CONTACT • Website: • E-mail: • Twitter: