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Be a witness


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Be a witness

  1. 1. BE A WITNESS WAKEFULNESS .. Is the way to life, says Buddha. You are alive only in the proportion that you are aware. Awareness is the difference between death and life. You are not alive just because you are breathing, you are not alive just because your heart is beating.Physiological you can be kept alive in a hospital, without any consciousness.
  2. 2. There are now many peoplearound the world in advancedcountries who are just vegetatingin the hospitals , becauseadvanced technology has made itpossible for your death to bepostponed indefinitely .. For yearsyou can be kept alive. If this is life,then you can be kept alive. But thisis not life at all. Just to vegetate isnot life.
  3. 3. Buddhas have a differentdefinition. Their definition consistsof AWARENESS . They don’t say youare alive because you can breathe,they don ‘t say you are alive becauseyour blood circulates; they say youare alive if you are awake. So, exceptfor the awakened ones, nobody isreally alive. You are corpses..Walking, talking, doing things.. Youare robots.
  4. 4. WAKEFULNESS .. Is the way to life,says Buddha. Become more wakefuland you will become more alive. Andlife is GOD.. There is no other GOD.Hence Buddha talks about life andawareness. Life is the goal andAWARENESS is the methodology thetechnique to attain it.. Watch your life.. Everything that yougo on doing is so confused and soconfusing.
  5. 5. Buddha says : “ The fool sleeps as if he were already dead, but the master is awake and he lives forever. AWARENESS.. Is eternal, it knows no death. Only unawareness dies. So, if you remain unconscious, asleep , you will have to die again. If you want to get rid of this whole misery o being born and dying again and again, if you want to get rid of the wheel of birth and death, you will have to become absolutely alert. You will have to reach higher and higher into consciousness.
  6. 6. And these things are not to beaccepted on intellectual grounds; thesethings have too become experiential ,these things have to becomeexistential.“ He watches .. He is clear .” Simple and beautiful statements.Truth is always simple and alwaysbeautiful. Just to see the simplicity ofthese two statements but how muchthey contain. Worlds within worlds,infinite worlds.
  7. 7. The only thing that has to be learnedis watchfulness. Watch ! Watch everyact that you do . Watch every thoughtthat passes in your mind. Watch everydesire that takes possession of you.Watch even small gestures.. Walking,talking, eating, taking a bath. Go on watching. Let everythingbecome an opportunity to watch. Don’teat mechanically, don’t just go onstuffing yourself. Be very watchful.
  8. 8. smell, touch, feel thebreeze and the sun rays.Look at the moon andbecome just a silent pool ofwatchfulness, and the moonwill be reflected in you withtremendous beauty.
  9. 9. Move in life remaining continuouslywatchful. Again and again you will forget.Don’t become miserable because of that; it isnatural. For millions of lives you have nevertried watchfulness.. So, it is natural that yougo on forgetting again and again . But themoment you remember, again watch. Never repent for the past ! Live in themoment. If you had forgotten, so what ? So, if you can remain watchful even for afew moments, feel thankful. Even those fewmoments are more than can be expected .
  10. 10. And when you watch, a clarity arises.Why does clarity arise out ofwatchfulness ? Because the morewatchful you become the more all yourhastiness slow down. You become moregraceful. As you watch, your chattering mindchatters less, because the energy thatwas becoming chattering is turning andbecoming watchfulness.. It is the sameenergy !
  11. 11. Now more and more energy willbe transformed intowatchfulness, and the mind willnot get its nourishment.Thoughts will start becomingthinner, they will start losingweight. Slowly, slowly they willstart dying. And as thoughts startdying, clarity arises. Now yourmind becomes a mirror.
  12. 12. And when one is clear,one is blissful. Confusion isthe root cause of misery; it isclarity that is the foundationof blissfulness.
  13. 13. And now he knows there isno death, because wakefulnesscan never be destroyed. Whendeath comes, you will watch ittoo. You will die watching..Watching will not die. Yourbody will disappear, dust untodust, but your watchfulness willremain; it will become part ofthe cosmic whole. It willbecome cosmic consciousness.