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What are the scenarios in 2016 for advertising and its impact on newspaper production and readership in Australia and what are the strategic impacts these will have on Fairfax printed newspaper? 

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  • Australia has one of the highest rates of mobile phone ownership in the world. State-of-the-art network coverage is available to more than 98 per cent of the population (DFAT 2008);Using mobiles for just calls and texting is a thing of the past, as a third of Australians now check emails on their handsets and more than 70 per cent access mobile entertainment and information services.In spite of the global financial crisis, the use of mobile phone services has continued to grow in the past year as more Australians buy internet-enabled smartphones, the 2009 Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index reveals.
  • Trends in Publishing Industry

    2. 2. Focal issueChange of the advertising and its impact on printed newspaper
    3. 3. framing questionWhat are the scenarios in 2016 for advertising and its impact on newspaper production and readership in Australia and what are the strategic impacts these will have on Fairfax printed newspaper?
    4. 4. Australian Newspaper printing and publishing industry In which, metropolitan news paper account for 86%
    5. 5. Australian Newspaper printing and publishing industry
    6. 6. Australian metropolitan Newspaper marketThe market are under ATTACK!!!!!
    7. 7. Fairfax media limitedAustralian company that publishes 330 newspapers andagricultural and business publicationsBoth printed and online newspapers
    8. 8. Fairfax media limitedNet advertising and other revenues of Fairfax in 2011 Source: Fairfax Annual Report 2011
    9. 9. Fairfax media limited Fairfax Earnings Diversification in 2011Printed newspapers still have important contribution in Fairfax in 2011
    10. 10. Trend 1: The growth of internet broadband
    11. 11. Trend 1: The growth of internet broadband
    12. 12. Trend 1: The growth of internet broadband
    13. 13. Trend 1 – pre conditionsTechnology GovernmentInnovation InvestmentIncrease of High demand online of high speedtransaction Internet
    14. 14. Trend 1 – post conditions Increase number of Continuation of Internet Government providers Investment Increase Increase ofnumber of online online activitiesbusinesses
    15. 15. Trend 2 – social media
    16. 16. Trend 2 – social media2008 : 7 % of respondents accessed social networking sites from their handsets, 2009:32%, with half of those accessing the sites daily
    17. 17. Trend 2 – pre conditions Human need of Need of two wayconnecting together communication PC’s price is Internet more Broadband affordable
    18. 18. Trend 2 – Post conditions More userMore security friendly policiesIncrease number of More advertising on Increase number ofnew social networks social network users
    19. 19. Trend 3 – mobile computing
    20. 20. Trend 3 – mobile computing The highest rates of mobile phone ownership in the world (DFAT 2008) 35% access information services such as news, weather and movie times at least once a month 8.2 million mobile handset subscribers in Australia – increasing 21% in 6 months until December 2010 (ABS 2011)
    21. 21. Trend 3 – pre conditionsWireless Technology Appearance of Apple’s Ipad Technology Need of flexible Innovation communication
    22. 22. Trend 3 – post conditionsCloud Computing More capable devices Increase of The shift from newspapermarket share readership to online Technology readership Innovation
    23. 23. Impacts of the trends on fairfax Improve The shift from newspaper internet readership and advertisingaccessibility to online and social media Provide 2 waycommunication Fairfax revenue in with low cost advertising is significantly going down Provide Fairfax started focusing andconveniences investing in online business for online activities
    24. 24. Scenariosdevelopment
    25. 25. Uncertainties gridTechnological Innovation Continuation of Government Investment The shift from newspapers to online readership More security policies for social media More advertising on social network Increase number of social Investment of companies on 4G network users Technology Increase number of new social networks Increase number of Internet providers Increase of online activities Cloud Computing Social media is more user friendlyIncrease of market share Increase number of online businesses
    26. 26. Scenario matrix High Continuation of Government Investment in Internet Broadband Happy together Online readership – The 15% winner 30%Low The shift from newspaper readership to online readership High The Revival of News-tablets newspaper 40% 15% Low
    27. 27. Scenario 1: Happy togetherPrinted newspaper and online newspaper have their own audiences…
    28. 28. Scenario 1: happy togetherPrinted newspaper sales Online readership will will be decreased then keep increasing remain stable
    29. 29. Scenario 1: happy togetherAdvertising will benefit from both online and newspaper platform… Online advertising Low cost Large coverage Quick response Easy to know advertising effectiveness Easy to get customer’s profiles
    30. 30. Scenario 1: happy together Printed newspaper Gift VoucherProduct sampling
    31. 31. Scenario 1: strategic implementation for fairfaxMake big difference in content between online newspaper and printed metropolitan newspapers
    32. 32. Scenario 1: strategic implementation for fairfaxImprove mobile More active on page social media Upgrade website server
    33. 33. Scenario 2: the death of metropolitan newspaper There’s no moremetropolitan newspaper in the market!!!!!
    34. 34. Scenario 2: the death of metropolitan newspaperOnly free and government Online readership will newspapers still survive keep extremely increasing
    35. 35. Scenario 2: happy together Scenario 2: the death of metropolitan newspaperOnline advertising will dominateadvertising industrySocial network, especially YouTube, willbe most popularPC tablets will be more affordable andeasy to useThere will be information madness
    36. 36. Scenario 3: retroPrinted newspaper will become mainstream again… Low growth of Technolog New lifestyle Government involvemen
    37. 37. Scenario 3: retro Online readership willPrinted newspaper sales takes off go down to minimum
    38. 38. Scenario 3: retroNewspaper advertising willbecome popular again because:Newspaper readership takes offthanks to Retro lifestyleGovernment involvementto save printing industry makesonline advertising expensiveLimited technology to produce andapproach online information
    39. 39. Scenario 3: retro Competition in printed newspaper market will be fierce as there will be many new competitors
    40. 40. Scenario 4: the new comersBoth online and printed newspaper advertisingare declining and there will be new advertising platforms
    41. 41. Scenario 4: the new comers Creative billboardTheatreadvertising Real life advertising