Creating a Brand


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The purpose of this presentation is to create a new brand of Vietnamese fastfood restaurant from the beginning till the end including market research, gap identification, positioning and communication strategy.

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Creating a Brand

  1. 1. DEVELOPING A BRAND Quyen Nguyen !7239084 !" !
  2. 2. Agenda "•  Market Analysis•  Gap Analysis •  Mood-Board •  Exploratory Research•  Target Market •  Positioning Strategy •  Product/Store Concept •  Branding•  Communication Strategy•  Final Thoughts
  3. 3. Market Overview"
  4. 4. Fast food Industry" Products and Services
  5. 5. Fast food Industry" CompetitorsThe fast food market is considered maturewith high concentration and competitionlevels with Yum! Restaurant being themarket leader
  6. 6. Fast food Industry"Demand for healthy fast food is increasing
  7. 7. Gap Analysis"•  Potential to introduce a Niche fast food based on one of the ethnic groups that represents healthy food.•  Vietnamese, being the fifth largest immigration group in Australia. Australia has a population of approx. 160,000 Vietnamese with 36.8% living in Victoria (Australia Bureau Statistics)•  Melbourne has a wide range of Vietnamese restaurants, with the majority being in hot-spots such as Richmond, Footscray, Sunshine and St. Albans.•  People are familiar with the Vietnamese cuisine and flavours.•  No dominating Vietnamese fast food chain existing, An opportunity to introduce a Modern uptake of Vietnamese Cuisine in a Fast Food Setting
  8. 8. FindingsInterested in Vietnamese fast food concept Preferred Price : 6-8$/course Channel: take away and dine-in Identify the target market Branding including: VietRoll – Purify your tasteCommunication channels
  9. 9. Target Market •  Males and Females around 18-35years old•  Either working or studying aroundCBD area •  Professional and Students •  Looking for affordable meals and yet,cool place to ‘hang-out’ with theirfriends/colleagues.•  Used to using internet, especiallySocial network: Facebook and YouTube.
  10. 10. Positioning strategy
  11. 11. Product Concept"
  12. 12. Product Concept Asian Herb Healthy Healthy Fast Affordable food Fast Delivery Superior Customer Services
  13. 13. MenuRolls"Spring rolls $6.00 Rice paper rolls $6.00 Rice cakes $7.00 Pancakes $7.00 Salad Choice"Vietnamese salad $7.00 Modern salad $7.00 Mixed salad $7.00 Rice and noodles"Home-made fried rice $5.50 Stir-fried noodles $5.50 Stir-fried pasta $5.50 Special"Vary every week $10.00
  14. 14. Branding"
  15. 15. Logo and Tagline
  16. 16. Uniforms
  17. 17. Mood Board
  18. 18. Communication Strategy "
  19. 19. Launch CampaignMass Social PromotionMedia Media GiftMagazine YouTube Vouchers Online Tasting Facebook Review events
  20. 20. Mass Media• Magazine: Gourmet December2001 issue, Australian GoodFood, Inflight Qantas• Local news and UniversityNews• Advertising will be done inform of Editorial• Restaurant Review websites
  22. 22. Social Media - YouTube• Weekly “How to makeit” - Recipe Video• Tips for making rolls
  23. 23. Social Media - Facebook• Update on weekly specialdishes• Promotion program• Registration of Gift Voucher• Weekly “How to make it” -Recipe Video• Tips for making rolls• Small quiz• Answer questions about thefood and the restaurant
  24. 24. Promotion – Gift Voucher500 Free Gift Vouchers valued $5.00 for the firstmonths Gift Voucher" For every Monday and Wednesday Offer valid until 31/12/2011 Monday-Friday: 9AM-9PM Saturday-Sunday: 9PM-12AM Value $5.00
  25. 25. Hand out Gift Vouchers • Central locations • Universities • Train Stations • Facebook page
  26. 26. Promotion - Tasting Daysat Universities• Universities in thelocation (CBD area)• Every weekend in thefirst month• Get students familiarwith the brand• Hand out Gift Vouchers
  27. 27. Communication StrategyStage Objective TacticsAwareness Awareness of the products Print Media, Tasting events existence by the consumer. Knowledge Understanding the product and Social Media including its benefits Facebook and YouTubeLiking If consumers know the product, Get customers involved to the how do they feel about it? brand’s activitiesPreference Consumers preference over Sales promotions, loyalty competing products program, superior customer services.Conviction Its suitability to be purchased by Social Media the consumerPurchase Consumers may have conviction Have different special dish about the product but might not every week, stimulate actually get around to buying it, customers by regular posts on Social media and special meal deals
  28. 28. Budget$15,000 PRE-TAX PROFIT/LOSS ↑$98,000$10,000 10% of the expected $5,000 revenue will be allocated for $- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 marketing related $(5,000) activities$(10,000) PRE-TAX PROFIT/LOSS
  29. 29. Final Thoughts•  Fast food Industry is potential for VietRoll to enter•  There’s a gap in the market which is the lack of healthy and affordable fast food. This is an opportunity for VietRoll•  Making good use of social media will help saving time and money for communication•  VietRoll has an unique personality which is the first fast food restaurant specializing in rolls in Australia, giving the brand an advantage of being easy to remember and recall. •  Marketing communications should be aligned with brand personality of healthy, fresh and Asian authentic•  Further research required.
  30. 30. Thank you! " Q&A "