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Communication plan

  1. 1. Léman C.T Plaza NDC Project Focus on Vietnamese living abroad
  2. 2. Léman C.T Plaza NDC Project Objectives: • To introduce Léman C.T Plaza NDC project to Vietnamese living abroad • To provide sales support to Leman C.T Plaza team• To show continuation in communicating with potential customers
  3. 3. C.T Plaza TSN Project •  To intro duce the features most outs of C.T Pl tanding aza TSN customer to s. • To look f or potent through t ial his comm customers unication plan quarter of 2012Expected date: the first 200MEstimated budget: VND
  4. 4. articles about C.T Group’sChairman in 10 famousmagazinesObjectives: To show strong potentiality ofC.T Group as well as the Chairman.Expected date: spread throughout 2012Estimated budget: VND 100M
  5. 5. C.T Sphinx Golf Field ProjectObjectives:To havemagazine articlesabout C.T Sphinx GolfField, the mostbeautiful golf field inthe world and designedby Smith Curley.Expected date: Firstquarter of 2012Estimated time: VND247M
  6. 6. MVM & MGM Restaurants Objectives: To promote MVM & MGM restaurants to the customers. To have magazine articles about special features and cuisines of the restaurants. Expected date: First quarter of 2012 Estimated budget: 100M VND
  7. 7. MoonBay Resort Objectives: To attract more visitors who have long-term stay at Moonbay Resort Expected date: Second quarter of 2012 Estimated budget: 250M VND
  8. 8. Construction Ceremony of Ben Chuong Duong Project Objectives: To introduce Ben Chuong Duong Project, a smart and modern office building, to potential customers and the Government. Expected date: Second quarter of 2012 Estimated budget: 300M VND
  9. 9. Announcement of Objectives: To introduce outstanding features of BeeHome project to potential customers Expected date: second quarter of 2012 Estimated budget: 300M VND
  10. 10. Announcement Ceremony of Vietnam-Korea Union Objectives: To show potentiality and good reputation of C.T Group, in order to open new business opportunities with Korean partners. Expected date: second quarter of 2012 Estimated budget: 50M VND
  11. 11. Moon Festival 2012Objectives: This is the Group’s annual event toshow how it cares about its employees’ childrenand other unlucky kids.Expected date: second quarter of 2012Chi phí d! ki"n: 30M VND
  12. 12. Halloween 2012Objectives:To bring an interestingevent to young customersin Halloween 2012To Promote C.T PlazaTan Son NhatExpected date: secondquarter of 2012Estimated budget: 40MVND
  13. 13. Christmas 2012 Objectives: To be the leading social responsible organization in Ho Chi Minh City. Expected date: last quarter of 2012. Chi phí d! ki"n: 40M VND