Pre The Sixth Branch Lpf 30 Nov05


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Presentation to senior staff about the roles and responsibilities of staff in web team

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Pre The Sixth Branch Lpf 30 Nov05

  1. 1. QUT Library as Place and Space QUT Library Division of Technology Information and Learning Support CRICOS N0. 00213J CRICOS No.00213J
  2. 2. The Web Site - Our Sixth Branch • Physical • Virtual – Print Collection – eResources – Reference Services – Ask-A-Lib (chat, email) – Guides/Brochures – Subject/Help Guides – Tutorials/Classes – Pilot Tutorial – OPAC – WebOPAC – Look & feel of buildings – Look & feel of site design – Accessible – Accessible QUT Library
  3. 3. Client Usage Branches Website Virtual 2004 Physical 2004 Millennium searches per month 4,960,899 Loans 768,059 2,390,616 Home page hits Re-shelving 1,358,951 8,178,734 Total pages viewed Fulltext downloads for Traffic 2,406,694 ProQuest 983 951 Is resource allocation (people and funding) equitable based on client usage? QUT Library
  4. 4. Web Site Management Public Site Content User Interface/ Technical Database Management Experience Development Access
  5. 5. Content Management • Coordination of content development • Writing new content • Maintenance - updates; removing content • Content reviews • Compliance to page design, accessibility & usability and web writing guidelines • Development of policies, procedures and guidelines • Content publishing • Strategic planning QUT Library
  6. 6. Public Site Content User Interface/ Technical Database Management Experience Development Access • Strategic planning •Overall Site • Compliance to •Project Planning • Coordination of Usability Standards - corporate •Technical/ content development •Accessibility standards Implementation • Writing new •Page Design (templates), Web •Customisation - content; updates standards (W3C), •Site Design Input for service • Content reviews Library guidelines customisation etc., and removal •Site Structure, creating help guides •Develop Library • Compliance to page Navigation etc. Guidelines - design, accessibility •Reviews/ Page styles, •Maintenance - & usability and web Redesign/ client Page design, Incl. updating help writing guidelines feedback editing, Nav, guides, FAQ’s etc. • Dev of policies, Accessibility • Strategic procedures and •Maintain Web Planning guidelines Server • Content publishing
  7. 7. Publications Management Model – what lessons? Publication Management Content Publication Management Admin Printing & Design •Various Library •Comms & Ext. •Comms & Ext. •QPS Staff Rel. Manager Rel. Manager • QUT •Publications • Library • QUT Creative Creative Coordination Communications Publications Publications Officer Team • TALSS Media Development Reference Material; Borrowing Information Corporate; Services; Branch Literacy Other etc RSM’s LSC & ILC & ILAT CERM LSDDG
  8. 8. Issues with Content Management • Who is responsible for the web site content? • What priority is given to ongoing content maintenance (not redevelopment, database access or projects) in workforce planning, resource allocation and workload management? • Is ongoing content maintenance accepted as a duty of library staff, just like writing publications and help guides? • Where are our heads at? In buildings or on the web? • How many BLMs have read their branch library’s web pages recently? QUT Library